Thursday, May 23, 2019

Maszlee gains friends in Cabinet, but not so for Khalid

TTDI, 23 May: Beleaguered Maszlee Malik does have friends in the Cabinet, after all.  
After weeks of coming under so-called friendly fire, which aggravated to angry demands for the PM sack Maszlee and get a new Education Minister, the Pribumi man is finally getting some support from his Cabinet colleagues, even if they are from fellow "newbies". Syed Saddiq, a first-time minister and Youth leader of Mahathir's Pribumi party, has lashed out at his counterparts in DAP, telling them to respect the Cabinet's decision. 
“Such matters should be discussed in the Cabinet because we are now in the government, we are not opposition parties ... and should not be accusing and attacking each other," he said.  
Another newbie Rina Harun, also from Pribumi, said Mazlee should not give in to demands by certain quarters, including the DAP. "He knows better, it's his ministry .. he does not need to apologise ," the Rural Development Minister said. 
Lucky Maszlee. 
I can't say the same for Khalid Samad. So far, none of his Cabinet colleagues have come out in the open to publicly support the FT Minister against DAP's Hannah Yeoh. Hannah Yeoh, the Deputy Mnister  for Women, Family and Community Development, has the support of some "pushy" people, including 99.9% of TTDI residents and the likes of Ambiga and Cynthia Gabriel over the Rimba Kiara issue. 

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  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    I noticed you've stopped posting your show of supports to your paymasters since they lost their government.

    Why? You'd finally realised you were supporting the biggest thieves in Malaysia's history?