Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Anwar Ibrahim, pardoned and freed

Someone in the group asked last night, "Is there anything that Mahathir fears? What, apart from the Almighty? I don't know. Right now I guess IF there's anything or anyone that Mahathir Mohamad might fear, it'd be a free Anwar Ibrahim. I repeat: IF...  
KUALA LUMPUR: Jailed Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader Anwar Ibrahim on Wednesday (May 16) left the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital a free man after receiving a royal pardon from the Malaysian king.
The Pardons Board met at 11am to discuss Anwar's release and application for a pardon.
Smiling and looking spry in a tailored black suit, Anwar emerged from a Kuala Lumpur hospital where he had undergone surgery for a shoulder problem, giving a thumbs-up to a crowd of journalists before leaving in a car without comment.
Anwar and his wife, the nominated deputy prime minister, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, were earlier on Wednesday morning invited for an audience with the king, Sultan Muhammad V, at 12.30pm at the royal palace.
According to Anwar's lawyer, the king granted the PKR leader a full pardon, expunging all past convictions.
The 70-year-old began serving a five-year sentence in February 2015 after the Malaysian high court upheld his conviction and sentence on a charge of having sodomised a former personal aide.
Anwar was jailed in Sungai Buloh Prison, and was scheduled to be freed on Jun 8. He has spent the last few months in hospital recovering from a shoulder operation.
The royal pardon reverses Anwar's conviction and makes him eligible to actively participate in politics. His daughter Nurul Izzah told Channel NewsAsia on the eve of his release that the pardon "completely validate(s) his innocence".
Newly elected Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said he will hand over the reins to Anwar once the latter is elected as a Member of Parliament in a by-election or elected as a senator.
On Tuesday, Dr Mahathir told a Wall Street Journal conference that he will be prime minister for "one or two years".
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Dr Wan Azizah also said the appointment of her husband as Malaysia's new prime minister will not be made in haste.
The reversal of Anwar's conviction and his role as PM-in-waiting caps a roller coaster political career for the former deputy prime minister. In 1998, he was sacked by then-Prime Minister Dr Mahathir.
A year later, Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison - and then another nine years for corruption and sodomy.
In 2004, he was freed after the sodomy conviction was overturned. He became the de facto leader of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance and in the 2008 general election, led it to victory in the states of Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Perak.
In 2015, he was sent back to jail on the sodomy charge - a move he said was a bid by then-Prime Minister Najib Razak to end his political career.
He eventually teamed up with his former foe, Dr Mahathir, and watched his former boss sworn in as the country's seventh prime minister from his hospital bed.
- Channel News Asia


  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Add Daim too.

  2. well it is noble of dymm agong to do so..
    just that seems kinda easy procedure..
    or maybe dymm did a secret agreement with mathir?
    or mathir gave dymm ultimatum or something..?

  3. xnakdedak2:26 pm

    "Right now I guess IF there's anything or anyone that Mahathir Mohamad might fear, it'd be a free Anwar Ibrahim. I repeat: IF..."

    Latuk, Latuk, Latuk.

    You remember the good old days when Malaysians were gullible enough to fall for these blatant wedge-driving tactics? Sadly, we're smarter than that now.

    Party like it's 2008, Latuk!

    PS: Is there a future for mercenary soapy sopo flip-flop bloggers? As a Living Paragon of Malaysian Journalism, perhaps you can put in your 2 sen worth, Latuk?

  4. he was pardon,
    can some1 help to clear this please?
    is this mean ? he actually admit ? that..
    Anwar did sodomized and had abnormal sexual activities before?

  5. Anonymous4:49 pm

    He was initially found not guitly n only through some dubious appeal was found guilty...i mean it was funny that a sodomy victim was able to meet the PM in his house after the incident...

  6. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Lanchow lu lah DAtuk and keep on spinning

  7. Anonymous5:32 pm

    I think you should be banned from writing. Ini lah orang melayu bila tuan dia dah kalah maka dia tak dapat dedak. Jadi kau cuba nak laga2 kan mahathir dan anwar pulak supaya kau dapat dedak. memang dasar biawak hidup la kamu.
    kau mesti jeles tengok your ex colleague now in Mahathir's camp handling his PC's. So cool the guy with ponytail. sapa suroh kau ambik dedak dengan najib. PADAN MUKA BODOH!!!!!!

  8. TUN MAHATHIR dah buktikan KELUAR-BIASAANnya yg MENAKJUBKAN sampai kini masih jadi tajuk berita/perbualan di media2 sodial utama seluruh dunia.....

    1. Memerintah kembali pd usia 93 tahun.

    2. Megalahkan BN-umno buat pertama kali dalam sejarah negara sejak kemerdekaan.

    3. Satu2nya pemimpin negara dalam dunia yg berjaya dalam p/raya sama ada dalam parti pemerintah maupun dalam parti pembangkang.

    Tun Mahathir is the Leader who always successfully got the mandate to lead his party to win the country's general election (6 times, mind you)...whereby the flamboyant DS Anwar Ibrahim has none (not even once)......!!


  9. Anonymous2:15 pm

    anon 5.32pm..- spot on..hahahahaha

  10. Anonymous3:26 pm

    The charges were cooked up for that crook who is also a thief. If Anwar is that guilty, what was Najib doing calling him twice that night after the polls? Wishing him luck or trying to subvert Pakatan and the people's will. Najib's arse was already well done by the people. Now that Mahathir is in, he will no doubt use those gerrymandered seats to keep UMNO rubbish out. You can call it Karma.

  11. Anonymous12:53 am

    Eat your heart out latuk

    You and the rest of ‘dedak’ eaters can continue to spin and spin.....sooner than later you’ll be like Kalimullah. Remember him? The guy that rub you off the media mainstream during pak lah’ time. You really had a go at him and as they say what goes around comes around.

    You are just like Kalimullah, Opportunist!!! But at least Kalimullah makes couple of hundred million.You? Setakat dedak je lah. Padan muka!!!