Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Banking on the clear winner for GE14

These days when people ask me who'll win the May 9th general election, I'd tell then about the prediction made recently by Hong Leong Investment Bank. Why? Because banks usually don't predict who will win or lose an election. A bank has crystal balls for a lot of things - financial, the economy, stock market, the ringgit, consumer spending trends, etc - but not the balls for telling you if your favourite political faces certain defeat in the election.  
Hong Leong Investment Bank says it itself, its forte is not in predicting the outcome of political elections.  
But that didn't stop it from making one for the GE14: HLIB predicts a BN victory. 
So I reckon Hong Leong must be pretty certain about things to make the prediction. It's not even a government-linked company. Which makes me wonder if any of GLC banks (or any of the GLCs, for that matter) might come out with its own bold prediction for the GE. 
CIMB comes close, h e r e.

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  1. xnakdedak3:49 pm


    My only concern as a voter is to ensure that Over The Hill (And Far Away) ex-journalists continue to get a full trough of "Dedak Cap Kak Ros". (Amboi, sedapnya!)

    Hopefully in the next 5 years you will do your part to support the theft of our remaining money in KWSP and Khazanah, where the First Klepet have only made a "few withdrawals" so far.

    Baru "warm-up" jer.

    Kipidap, Latuk : )

  2. Anonymous4:14 pm

    hahaha what a joke, by the way how much you are getting for promoting this HSMT (hidup segan mati tak mau) banking group ?

  3. rocky, it should be Pakatan in the link, not Pakistan....

  4. Blogger hasnol aini said...
    rocky, it should be Pakatan in the link, not Pakistan....


    Oops. Thanks

  5. Kenneth Choong Wei Meng1:56 pm

    Agree with Hong Leong, I work in Cimb Investment Bank and we too are predicting a BN win. It is better for the business and investment community that way.


    Kenneth Choong Wei Meng