Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kak Piiidah: From Iron Lady to Scrap Metal Lady

At her height, Rafidah Aziz was feared by many. Her staff would not dare look her in the eye and those civil servants, no matter how senior, had better known their stuff if they wish to avoid public shaming. I've witnessed her mercilessly put down the country's high-flying trade commissioners for purportedly not doing enough in their host countries. She would clash with Madeleine Albright and anyone else who'd come in her way (including, briefly, ex-boss Mahathir Mohamad). So she was not known as Malaysia's Iron Lady for nothing. Rafidah revelled in that role.

But that was 20 year ago. Today, she still itches for a fight. Just earlier this month, she told a seasoned Cabinet minister to "jump into the lake". And during a recent diving expedition in a neighbouring country, she apparently tracked down a yacht wanted by US authorities and after that she became the No 1 critic of the 1MDB. But in cyberspace, where there are countless warriors, she is just another warrior. And the fear factor is no longer there.

A fellow Facebooker, tired of Rafidah's rantings, declared on April 25 that .. "She may have been the iron lady some time ago but ... she is more like the scrap metal lady to me".

Not good. Not good at all. But courtesy of the 1MDB boss Arul Kanda, himself, Rafidah has a chance to prove she's no scrap metal. All she needs to do is accept his invitation.
“It is unfortunate that Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz is making statements without understanding the legal intricacies of the matter.
“Having said that, with the utmost respect, I would humbly request that she attend one of the open sessions we are holding around the country on 1MDB matters.

“She is welcome to raise questions during the Q&A sessions and InshaAllah, we can all benefit from an open and mature exchange of views.” - Arul Kanda on Rafidah in Arul schools Rafidah on Equanimity episode
Personally, I hope Rafidah would surprise the likes of Norm Mansor and the rest of us by turning up at1MDB's next road tour session. At the very least, she may inspire the Opposition leaders after Arul Kanda slams Opposition for no show at his 1MDB talk in Subang

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  1. How about you Datuk ? From a quite prominent blogger to a pariah class blogger just for the sake of dedak...

  2. Anonymous9:51 am

    She is still the Iron Lady of Malaysia compared to Sharizat Cowlady aka WanitaLembu that does not have a place in Malaysian Politics ... disgusting!

  3. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I'll ask SatDee to attend Arul's open session. Lets see who schools who.

    BTW... I think if the government could declassified all that had been OSAed and at the same time, come-up with 1MDB's 2013 ~ 2017 Financial Account Statement... the Rakyat would surely have no more doubt about 1MDB's monies, especially those thousands of Pak Imams who've went for sponsored Haj.

    Therefore, no need for more waste of public funds on Arul's Open Session.

  4. Anonymous12:25 am

    Thanks god.
    But why self-proclaimed pendekar run from nothing2hide?
    The hanky panky activities happen b4 arul become the ceo.

    Retired ministers word didnt carry the same weight as the running ministers.
    Scrap metal is still a metal.
    But how scrap metal can be compared with kleptokrat mental?