Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Salut, Ng Jern-Fei

Jern-Fei, NST pic
Read Zaharah Othman's piece on PJ boy Ng Jern-Fei, 38, youngest human being ever to be made QC. It's the kind of story that makes your morning. You feel happy for another countryman who's doing extremely well overseas. And happier that (unlike some who have done well for themselves abroad) this man reserves kind words for his country of birth:
"... if this somehow represents a brain drain from Malaysia, I think the more accurate narrative is that, Malaysia has, through its education system, been able to produce individuals who are able to compete with the world’s best on the global stage."
Please read the Zaharah's full article h e r e.

All the best, Jern-Fei.

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  1. Anonymous5:02 pm

    So no Melayu QC yet? Never mind, we can make our own and give them titles like "AC" (alternative current)just like we did with accountants when many in Mara Institute of Technology couldn't pass British examinations.

    You are dreaming if this young guy's success has anything to do with Malaysia. Here he was "bangsa lain", wasn't he? No spin is going to change the fact that he left because of UMNO's racist policies...just like thousands of other highly qualified people.