Monday, June 19, 2017

Pujut saga continues

KL, 19 June: It isn't business as usual for Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Chun, either, as the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly is appealing a High Court decision last Saturday that reinstated the DAP man as an elected people's representative. Dr Ting had gone to court after the State Assembly on May 12 disqualified him for having held an Australian citizenship once upon a time. Read more h e r e
The Malaysia Government is clear about where it stands on dual-citizensbhip:

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  1. While the whole world is sensing something is amiss and pushing for accountability, only BN and BN is saying no wrong has been done.

    1. The Guardian (UK) reported:

    -But no, The Guardian is wrong. BN is correct.

    2. The New York Times (US) reported:

    But no, The NY Times is wrong, BN is correct.

    3. Reuters (UK) reported:

    But no, Reuters is wrong, BN is correct.

    4. Al Jazeera (Qatar) reported:

    But no, AJ is wrong, BN is correct.

    5. Financial Times (UK) reported:

    But no, FT is wrong, BN is correct.

    6. The Wall Street Journal (US) reported:

    But no, WSJ is wrong, BN is correct.

    7. Fortune (US) reported:

    But no, Fortune is wrong, BN is correct.

    8. CNBC (US) reported:

    But no, CNBC is wrong, BN is correct.

    9. The Australian (Australia) reported:

    But no, The Australian is wrong, BN is correct.


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