Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DOJ-ed and Confused

KL, 20 June: If you, like me, find it difficult to keep up with the DOJ's issue because of the spin, counterspin and counter-counterspins, try checking the boxes below would help. At the very least, these will help prevent you from turning into yet another moron:

1. Is there genuine complaint or a frivolous complaint?
2.if the complainant is Khairuddin Abu Hasssan and his Tonto, then the political bias would be quite clear [Read Was the DOJ's announcement Mahathir's idea?]
3. If No 2 is correct, then follow the money trail to show that the DOJ documents are actually Mathias and Cronies writings and link it back to the c4 (or is it 5) conspiring Tan Sris [Read Who is the Fourth Tan Sri who "betrayed" the unholy anti-Najib Conspiracy?]
4. Look at the inclusion of Abu Dhabi fund into the DOJ case and ask the question, why? 
Is it because 1MDB is no longer in the nexus due to the recent deal with Abu Dhabi? That clearly states that 1MDB monies trail ends in Abu Dhabi accounts and management
5. Maybe DOJ has a case BUT against Abu Dhabi because it's the Abu Dhabi guys' monies that were used to fund Leonardo Di Caprio, the movies, the diamonds.
Again, is there a genuine complaint by Abu Dhabi authorities?
6. Has DOJ written to Malaysian Govt for info, help etc ? WHY NOT? 
Because it's a civil case . And they can't ask any help from any govt on such cases.
7. Has a criminal investigation been opened in 1MDB "related" cases in the US, and have they requested for info from KL? WHY NOT?
8. All 1MDB cases that have involved convictions to date is because of "CORRUPT BANKING PRACTICES". The 1MDB itself has not been charged in any of these cases. And that too in the most "transparent, clean and incorruptible" Singapore and Switzerland (Read Singapore convicts fifth person in 1MDB-related cases)

There you are! 
Still confused? 
Then let the law take its course. Let the DOJ investigate. I don't subscribe to the notion that the American courts or systems are greater than our own AG, PDRM, MACC, PAC etc (look, they have Trump as President, how great is that?) but what choice do we have, right?

And for as long as DUE PROCESS is followed and the investigations are untainted, I'm sure we would honour them.

At our end, there's nothing wrong in wanting to know who the complainants behind the DOJ's case are. I mean, why so shy? Of course we also want to know if Dr Mahathir Mohamad through Daim Zainuddin paid RM50 million for the DOJ to do what it's doing [Syed Saddiq knew the DOJ attack was coming].

p.s. If all these still don't help, you just need to remember one thing. In the DOJ's own words, too:

“A civil forfeiture complaint is merely an allegation that money or property was involved in or represents the proceeds of a crime. These allegations are not proven until a court awards judgment in favor of the U.S.”


  1. Anonymous5:45 am

    Dumb n dumber
    Reza ajis producer

  2. Anonymous6:36 am

    Rosmah & anaknya beli harta dari duit tabung yg mereka simpan puluhan tahun pun orang masih tuduh mereka mencuri...tak adil dan bodoh betul rakyat malaysia ini.

  3. What rocky is saying is that mahathir is so great that he could instruct the DOJ to do whatever that he want