Thursday, May 04, 2017

You mean the RM42b did not go missing, after all?

Finally, as reported by the Edge Singapore in its latest 1MDB Watch report A Settlement of a Compromise? , it all boils down to this:
"The settlement, negotiated on behalf of Malaysia by 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy (below 4.) and Datuk Amhari Efendi Nazaruddin (below 5.) of the Prime Minister’s Office, may have eased the tension between Malaysia and Abu Dhabi. By 2020, there could be another settlement reached by 1MDB and IPIC for the disputed US$3.5 billion. 
"Even so, should there not be accountability for the wrongdoings that led to the scandal in the first place? To use an analogy — if some executives use company funds illegally but later return the money, does that mean they did not commit a crime?"

I am sure we can all agree that that's a fair question (by the Edge) and must be dealt with. But why did you make all those accusations against the PM and about the so-called missing RM42 billion?

Will the Edge admit now that no monies were ever missing in the first place?

News that Iskandar Waterfront and CREC not taking up the 60% in the proposed Bandar Malaysia has gotten the detractors rubbing their hands with glee. But to the faithfuls, there's always the silver lining. "As things are, with the economy looking up and the ringgit doing well, the government can charge higher for the 60%," said one.

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  1. drMpower2:53 pm

    The team that went to trash whatever deal u mentioned
    Which one is from MoF?

    Arul kanda? That malay guy?
    Last time checked, both FM 1 and 2 didnt go
    And this multi billion dispute we are talking about

    Not that to knit picking and to some this is petty
    Well if this is petty then why cant u get it right
    Funny how these people do work

    Now you know why the problem never settle
    Because u yourself do matters hastily hanky panky
    Why not just produce the account stating money this much comes from this that guy
    End of story

    Now see what they do?
    And you got the cheek to say others sabotaging here and there?
    Sabotage my foot
    Waste of time

  2. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Dedak, sedap ke?
    Malam, bolih tidur ke?

  3. Anonymous8:40 am

    Anonymous said...(9.06pm)

    "Dedak, sedap ke?
    Malam, boleh tidur ke?"

    Dedak tentulah sedap. Kalau tidak kejadah apa nak mempertahankan MO1
    yg sudah pun kelihatan di-bogelkan seluroh dunia tapi penyokong dalam
    parti masih lagi tak nampak yg MO1 dah bogel pun.

    Malam tak boleh tidur no problem...ada valium...Carlsberg Special Brew,
    or Jack Daniels on the Rock...boleh cover malu lagi...bukan buat tidur aja.

  4. Anonymous9:19 am

    since when do financial statements based on implied meaning?

  5. Anonymous10:02 am

    Its amazing that Samsung Galaxy A9 can do wonders...

  6. Anonymous11:53 pm

    cockybru ckap ape benda nie... crite mcm kartun all gringo...

  7. Anonymous1:09 pm

    When a property is in distressed, nobody is going to pay a full price to buy it


  8. xnakdedak2:09 pm

    "But why did you make all those accusations against the PM and about the so-called missing RM42 billion?"

    They didn't.

    Please post a link to any such claim made by the Edge.

    Pissing on fellow Journos with fake accusations = not cool.

    Malam, bolih tidur ke?

  9. Anonymous1:27 am

    WOW En Rocky....consuming the dedak really brings out the true stupidity in you! Trying to emulate your MO1 in being a moron i suppose...hehe

  10. Anonymous7:36 am

    Hi rockybru, i'm a new comer in this blog. Just wanted to point out to the above comments.

    Can't you guys just accept the fact MO1 has was freed from fraud/corruption charges? You guys yang makan dedak kot. He did nothing wrong at all and there was already a bipartisan PAC investigating this as well.about the 2.6 donation it is legally right in malaysia but ethically wrong for him to do so. So thats up to you guys to hate on him. But please stop with all these conspiracy "macc,police,jabatan audit,bnm" all takut/control by najib when he was acquitted of the allegation after their investigation.

    And the 42billion debt claimed by your holy grail malaysiakini,drM,the edge were nothing but a misleading statement.

    It was true but its 42 billion ASSET debt. Who buys a 100k house with 10k downpayment and go tell everyone they are at 90k debt?
    So its a financial term but since most of you were so dumb you thought it was stolen,laundered somewhere else.Its shameful on what opposition supporters can come out with. Ingat semua support najib makan dedak ke? That kind of labelling shows how pathethic you guys are.