Saturday, May 13, 2017

Working with the Devil

Updates: Wan Azizah may have dimmed the Opposition's chances of winning the 14th GE with Aljazeera interview - Malaysiakini
  Wan Azizah's disastrous Aljazeera interview - RPK's Malaysia Today
"I will not apologise to Anwar," says Mahathir - Big Dog

Original posting 
KL, 13 May: Not a word I'd use to describe former Dr Mahahtir Mohamad but Aljazeera's Mehdi Hasan seems to have no qualms calling Malaysia's longest-serving Prime Minister "the devil himself" more than once during his interview with Wan Azizah, the PKR boss. The British-born UpFront host seems to think nothing of calling the Opposition names. My verdict? Her aides should work harder to prepare Wan Azizah better for the next one. And Mehdi should try and get an interview with the Devil himself in case of calling him names behind his back .... 


  1. So what is your point Latok ? I guess you must have been seeing Najib as an Angel of God given specially for Malaysia....

  2. MahaKUTTY indeed a 'known' Devil! You should be Rokkey!

  3. ..."ruling party embroiled with massive corruption scandal" didn't highlight this point bru!