Sunday, January 08, 2017

NST, be fair to the MACC, please

Former CEO of Tekun Nasional to be charged with graft,  NST 8 Jan

Anti-graft man in action

Original article
'Courage is something not in short supply under the current leadership and team at MACC.' - Blogger A Voice in response to insinuation that the anti-graft Commission does not have the balls to go after politicians

Puchong, 8 Jan: Still my favourite paper, the NST, should look closely at the MACC's track record before it accuses the Commission of lacking courage. That, in essence, is what A Voice is telling the people who run the NST in his posting MACC: Prawn behind stone unturned. Or, rather, the people who think they run the people who run NST.

He's not even asking anyone to defend the MACC. Just be fair to our anti-graft men and women.

"To imply the current leadership in MACC lacked courage, it is an unrealistic and could lead to a suspicion there is a sinister political motive behind it," the blogger wrote.

Is there a sinister political motive behind the NST's latest attitude towards the MACC? I am intrigued, I admit, especially after the recent "friendly fire" against Media Prima chairman FD Iskandar, who's seen to be close to the Prime Minister., and his "spat" (via one Tunku Aziz) with Media Prima editorial top honcho Ashraf Abdullah, who's also close to the PM. 

Intrigued because it's already 2017. GE14 year lah. Hardly the time for these minions to start a power struggle among themselves. Or trying to put (their own) people in powerful places, like MACC and Media Prima.

Tunku Aziz
FD Iskandar
Ashraf Abdullah

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  1. xnakdedak7:13 pm

    "Still my favourite paper, the NST"?

    Even you have more readers than they do!

    (Barely : )

    The MACC seems to skirting around the biggest case of hippo-masterminded crime in history.



  2. Anonymous5:27 am

    These minions are only concern with their own interests. PM ,Nation and party can come last. With no intentions to assist without personal interest , they are actually more of a liability than asset. PM should realise this and remove these leeches.