Friday, January 06, 2017

As new Felda chairman, Shahrir Samad's biggest enemy is time

Different breed

Puchong, Jan 6
Last Friday, I wrote the posting Will Isa ever "die" so Felda and FGV may live? Well, well, well. PM Najib Razak announced today that Shahrir Samad will replace Isa Samad as Chairman of Felda. 
I wish the PM had appointed a non-politician to the post (Felda Chairman: Why Nazir Razak should consider, Jan 3) but under the circumstances, Shahrir's appointment is probably as good as it gets. For Shahrir is a different breed of Umno politicians. The benefit of hindsight tells us that this man has principles and he's got integrity. 
The only thing Shahrir does not have is time. Isa may have carried out a lot of programs to improve the lot of Felda settlers and their families (according to the press statement issued by the PMO) but he has also left Shahrir with a lot of holes to fix. Will Shahrir have enough time to turn around the negative perception that Rafizi Ramli and gang have patiently planted and replanted around Felda and FGV while Isa was Chairman? 
If Najib expects Shahrir to do that before the next general election, I'd say that's a tall order.  Especially since there's that other problem: Isa is still Chairman of FGV.   
Nevertheless, a good start for Felda for the New Year.


abdul hakim Bujang said...

Happy New Year bro. PRU14 lurking...

Anonymous said...

Rocky said:

"The benefit of hindsight tells us that this man has principles and he's got integrity".

My neighborhood Ah Long has better "principles and integrity"...rock

Is this the same person when exposed by Sarawak Report to have taken RM$1 million
from the lanun? and shamelessly replied that "kalau tak mintak dengan Najib nak
mintak dengan siapa?" think of it the job is actually best given to another
person with better "principles and integrity" like Ahmad Maslan...he got RM$2 million
from the lanun...the lanun gave him more cos' he has better "principles and integrity"!!


Anonymous said...

Abang RB ,

yes time is shahrir biggest enermy but he can do as follows ;

1. set up a csr team
2. put up a strong management team

for csr , its easy , there is many professional csr players in town and it is common sense to turn aroung things in felda

but for management team , get few professional people , young and qualified . there are few bright sparks in town. borrow few qualified accountants from petronas and khazanah. they are good both in management and finance . this will help alot for both felda and fgv. sharir just provide leadership and these young professionals will deliver the goods.petronas has many many trained accountants to spare...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky.

My take is that Isa is counting his days in FGV. He wouldn't want to be reporting to Shahrir now, would he? Like you said eloquently: different breed.
It's just a matter of time.

Kind regards,
Paan M.

tsyhll said...

"I wish the PM had appointed a non-politician to the post"

The PM need loyalty, intelligence is optional. When the time comes, he can squeeze the balls of this new guy and make him sing.