Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The integrity of our system

The State of the Nation's Integrity Today: Who is Responsible? At a seminar on integrity yesterday, I told the audience and my fellow panel members that we have the tendency to look at things negatively. As a result, we cause ourselves unnecessary stress and alarm. 

The examples I cited:
1. The 1MDB issue and the RM2.6 billion
2. The charge against Lim Guan Eng over his "banglo tak berkolamrenang"
3. The RM112 million cash discovered in the Sabah "watergate"
These issues made major news abroad. I've met some people who said they were ashamed to admit that they were Malaysians because of these issues. I wish they could look at things more positively.

If you ask me, these cases prove the integrity of our key institutions:

1. The bipartisan Public Accountability Committee (its report on the 1MDB in April here), the PDRM (which hope to conclude its investigation into 1MDB soon, here),  and, especially, our Bank Negara, which has fined the 1MDB for administrative failures Singapore and Swiss authorities have acted against their banks for rule breaches related to dealings with 1MDB. 
2. The Attorney-General himself is prosecuting in the case against the Penang Chief Minister to uphold the integrity of the AG's office. Some people talked about Apandi Ali's move as politically influenced, but they failed to mention that not too long ago an Umno chief minister was charged and jailed over a case not too different from Guan Eng's 
3. The Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission has proven beyond doubt its commitment towards defeating graft. It knew the repercussions of the watergate and, as if on cue, the politicians in Sabah started accusing one another but, so what? Important thing is we now know that despite all the attempts at politicising and undermining the MACC since 2009, the integrity of our anti-graft men and women remains intact.

The problem is some people are not interested in whether the MACC or Bank Negara or our justice system is fair and independent. They just want to get their guy and if they don't it means the system must be corrupt and has lost its integrity!


  1. Grabbed Kitten6:37 pm

    They sound as desperate as donald trump

  2. 'The integrity of our system" is the title of the movie. The acting is perfect after practicing for decades.

  3. Adoiii Rocky, who is that guy?
    Kita tak kesahpun siapa dia..
    Mantan ke atau sekarang..
    Yang penting proses perundangan dibiarkan bebas dilaksanakan seperti kes kes Anwar, Lee Liong Seek, Khir Toyo, Lim Guan Eng dan banyak lagi..
    Mereka perlu guna saluran undang undang untuk membersihkan diri mereka.. Itu proses yang cukup adil.

    Tetapi kenapa yang seorang ini liat sangat dan awak bermati matian mempertahankan..

    Itulah integriti !!!

  4. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I'm a great fan of yours since... you 'cross sword' with Rais Yatim and of-course... Pak Lah's ouster. Though I don't know when my comment will see the light of day, I still wrote... in spite of your pro-UMNO-Najib stance.

    When you talk about 'the integrity of our system'... i.e, that of the gomen; the first thing the gomen must do... is to manage Rakyat's perception towards... Separation of powers.

    To do that, first you must 'select' an Attorney General who had no history of... or affiliation with, any political parties, especially that of the ruling parties.

    The AG, himself as head of the Judiciary too... must steer-clear of any social event or gathering, associated with or held by the legislative and the executives.

    Hence, for the sake of modesty and decorum, it's inappropriate for the AG, to be caught on video, attired in BN's colors, being chummy and jogeting with BN's politicians in stark daylight.

    And since the AG is the lead prosecutor in the charge against Guan Eng's "banglo tak berkolamrenang", this does not bode well for victory... more so for UMNO-Najib supporters. Therefore, Khir Toyo's exemplary indictment would be a total waste of public trust/confidence, if Guan Eng's lawyers, as a proof of 'politically conspiracy' against their client, were to produce that video in court.

  5. xnakdedak5:42 pm

    Oh latuk latuk.

    I can't be bothered to even post pity comments any more.

    Jangan lupa cut & paste some budget 2017 analysis from some dedak eater to show what a "financial genius" the Bugis pirate is, OK?

    (Which is true. Stealing RM17 billion is quite a feat : )

  6. xnakdedak12:11 pm


    There are unholy things going on.

    a) Malaysia is keen to reach a settlement with Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund Aabar over a US$6.5 billion dispute with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). This is akibat kerjasama di antara lanun Bugis, middleman Cina montel, dan 2 kawan Arab nya in the Kongsi Gelap-Songlap who planned the diversion of the 1MDB bonds.

    b) They want to pay this off quietly.

    c) The govt was reportedly trying to settle a vastly overpriced rail contract with the Chinese to use the funds to pay off 1MDB debt.

    Here are the full details:

    d) The PM’s ‘cunning plan’ is to get the Malaysian Government to agree to inflate the actual cost of the East Coast Rail Project from only RM30 billion to RM60 billion, all to be borrowed from the Chinese Government, in order to disguise the payment of 1MDB’s (and Jho Low’s company) debts. Yes, there are two Jho Low companies in the deal.

    "COMMENT: I just can’t believe the extent to which our Prime Minister will go to cover his tracks over the mess he and his cohorts created in 1MDB, the so-called sovereign fund. Doesn’t his Cabinet colleagues realise what they are putting themselves into, given that they are equally culpable and responsible as they apparently approved this deal. Prime Minister Najib is unstoppable. He is Law unto himself."

    e) The govt completely denied all this when the report came out.

    Yesterday, PM Lanun basically confirmed the whole plot by stating the cost of the project is RM55 billion.

    f) PM Lanun is now in a position where he thinks he can steal money with complete immunity. His "loyal but not smart" coolies in Umno do not, of course, care, They are just waiting with begging bowls for the next round of stolen dedak. His barua2 in the system will cover all his wrongdoings.

    g) The country is in huge danger. This deal must not go through. The Liow fellow can try to explain how the cost ballooned by RM25 billion overnight, but he just takes orders. This must be taken to court to obtain an injunction to prevent the project from happening.

    h) The deal is for the benefit of various criminals. These people will happily sell off the national interest to save themselves. Hope the Rulers are watching closely.

  7. Xnakdedak,

    The next thing you'll say is the Rulers are in it, too. I bet. :-)

  8. Thank you Kluangman.

    To charge Najib, you mean? For the RM2.7 billion? But I thought the Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister has said it was a personal donation from the Saudi government. And our own authorities have said there's no criminal element in reaching such a donation. Plus, Zety of Bank Negara back then must have approved the transaction.

    Charge him over the alleged stealing of 1MDB money? The 1MDB is the subject of investigation in 5 or six countries. Singapore and Switzerland have acted on a couple of banks for weaknesses in their internal processes, hence allowing money laundering in the case of 1MDB to happen. The DOJ has yet to file criminal proceedings against anyone, despite the brouhaha.

    Our own PAC said there was no crime, only administrative flaws, in 1MDB. Former AG said the same. So did former MACC boss. So how?