Friday, April 01, 2016

Proton after Mahathir (Will Nazir quit, too, now?)

Puchong, 1 April 2016: 

Bujai is a seasoned journo, so mashing the two big stories of the day into one is kind of routine for him. Makes good reading. But truth be told, Dr Mahathir Mohamad's resignation didn't exactly come as a surprise. And it was just a matter of time before the WSJ's boo-boo would be exposed. 

1. Mahathir
In his posting last Friday (25 March), Blogger Big Dog, a huge ally of the former Prime Minister until they abandoned him, had alluded to the problems facing Proton with Mahathir, bent on toppling the Prime Minister of the country by hook or by crook, as Chairman. Big Dog, a keen supporter of the national car, pleaded with Dr Mahathir to resign.
He should seriously consider sparing Proton, for the sake of the Group, its brand, loyalty, dedication and lively of the people within the Group. - The Premonition of the Two Pees, Big Dog, 25 March
In my own piece The Proton Dilemma (10 March), I mentioned a rumbling in the national car company: "Things have not been looking up for a while in Proton. As it is, there are quite a few in Proton who blame Dr Mahathir for the company's woes."

They won't go on record, but quite a few of the Proton people are sighing, relieved. They love the Old Man, of course, he founded the Company. But things were no longer tenable as they were. Now, at least, they have a fair chance to operate as a private entity should.

2. WSJ
The Wall Street Journal can apologise to Najib Razak with the hope that the Malaysian PM will drop a lawsuit that he can make against the newspaper, but I don't think the WSJ will say sorry (at least not at this juncture) and I don't think Najib will drop the lawsuit even if the WSJ kisses both his hands. The PM will wait for all the investigations into 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation to complete. He has time on his side. The longer he waits, the more truth comes out. And the wiser we, the people who have been judging him, become.

We didn't know, for example, that his youngest brother, the moderate and righteous banker Nazir Razak, received money in his account, too ...

"As CEO of a major bank, I wouldn't do it, because now you are tarnished." - Top finance executive familiar with political funding, speaking to Singapore's The Straits Times about Nazir's involvement ... h e r e.


  1. USD130k worth of Chanel handbags.

    Our First Lady is one happy woman.

    That is like 21 Jumbo Chanel bags, at about USD6k a pop.

    I envy her.

    Ah such is life of a politician's wife.

  2. xnakdedak11:37 am

    "The Wall Street Journal can apologise to Najib Razak with the hope that the Malaysian PM will drop a lawsuit that he can make against the newspaper, but I don't think the WSJ will say sorry (at least not at this juncture) and I don't think Najib will drop the lawsuit even if the WSJ kisses both his hands. The PM will wait for all the investigations into 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation to complete. He has time on his side. The longer he waits, the more truth comes out. And the wiser we, the people who have been judging him, become."

    Ummmmmm, makcik:

    What "lawsuit"????

    It's been 8 months. And guess what, the "investigations into 1MDB", swept under the carpet locally, are very much alive and getting bigger and bigger overseas. So what's your hero waiting for? Cepat lah saman.

    You think Hafabrain or Sharkfee would dare to face a US court who don't give a crap who UMNO is and who they work for?

    I think these boys' telur will shrink to the size of raisins at the mere thought.

    "The longer he waits, the more truth comes out."

    Unfortunately for the Bugis dedak scatterer, that's true.

    The pieces are all being assembled nicely by 8 countries.

    Shame he can't sabo investigations in all of them, huh?

    PS: Why would Nazir resign if the chief criminal won't? I don't get your logic.

  3. xnakdedak12:11 pm

    "None of the money in his private bank accounts that are in question went toward personal expenses, Najib has said. The $681 million that entered Najib’s accounts in 2013—which authorities speculate came from the government fund named 1Malaysia Development Bhd. or 1MDB—was simply a political donation from the Saudi royal family, Malaysia’s attorney general determined in January.

    But it turns out Najib spent lavishly from those bank accounts—some $15 million on clothes, jewelry, and a car, according to bank transfer information reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Included in those purchases was a $130,625 transaction at a Chanel store in Honolulu that was charged to a credit card linked to one of the accounts under investigation. It went through two days before the prime minister golfed with President Barack Obama in a meeting seen as helping solidify Malaysia’s more prominent role in world affairs."

    It's time to put these Jews, Swiss, English, Hongkese, Singaporeans, Aussies, Luxembourgers, and Gulf Arabs in their place - in jail.

    It's time to shut down the WSJ, NYT, Financial Times, Forbes and Fortune magazine.

    There will be many, many arrests via Twitter.

    After that, we will only read NST and rockybru.

    Because that's always the most reliable source of the truth, and both are defenders of the rakyat.

  4. Wan Dibi1:57 pm

    WSJ did not admit any mistakes. Tengku said it. What kind of reporter were you?

  5. Pemberi dan pemakan dedak should be happy after Dr M relinquished all govt-linked posts.

  6. xnakdedak6:42 pm


    Your hero really needs less incompetent spin doctors than the Minister Of Bootlicking Blogging and Rojak Putar Kelentong.

    Salah Croak is quoted as saying this:

    “This in itself sounds very suspicious because WSJ said its July 2, 2015 report was based on the investigation while the official statement from the Special Task Force was that it was set up to investigate the WSJ’s July 2, 2015 ‘exposé.’

    “So which came first? And if WSJ’s report on July 2, 2015 came first and the launch of the Special Task Force came after, as what we are being told, this would mean WSJ was given documents that were not based on any investigation but were planted to slander the Prime Minister.”

    Salleh said on July 4, 2015, the Attorney-General said he had just received the documents regarding the investigation and on July 8, 2015, it was announced that a Special Task Force had been set up to investigate the allegation.

    “So where did WSJ obtain its ‘evidence’ from and which ‘probe’ are they referring to?"


    RPK’s current flatulence is about the same.

    Oh, wait a minute…..

    “Elaborating on the task force, which is headed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Khalid said it was formed in order to ensure that an investigation, should there be need for one, was conducted in a streamlined and effective manner.

    “It is far more effective for all of the relevant agencies involved to pool their resources together to investigate the matter, as opposed to carrying out separate investigations.” he stated.

    In addition to the police’s commercial crimes division and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the task force also incorporates the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.”

    Oh, s***.

    You mean that as of the 10th of March 2015, the MACC, AGC and A-G were already investigating 1MDB???

    You mean that’s five months - FIVE MONTHS - before the WSJ broke its story in early July 2015?

    You mean, therefore, that Salah Croak and RPK are both utter morons?

    Yes, all of the above.

    Both Salah Croak and RPK and should learn from Datuk Rocky - always fact check any claims you make.

    Now if only someone could persuade Rocks to proof-read his own posts.

    But that’s another struggle for another day...

  7. If CEO of a bank is tarnished, what more a CEO of a country!

  8. trifling-jester1:05 am

    any comments on the remainder of the money flowing through najibs accounts, the credit card spending, etc? no.

    you pick on his brother for having money flow through the account, but dont bat an eyelid at the fact it came from najib's account.

    such is the life of a soulless mercenary, whos life and thoughts can be bought and sold with pennies to the dollar.

    lower than dirt.

  9. xnakdedak9:10 am


    I think you just need to admit honestly to yourself that you're supporting a crook.

    Plain and simple.

    This guy will not be remembered well.

    He's on the wrong side of history.

    Despite his many faults, Tun is on the right side of history; his efforts to get rid of this Bugis horror story have won him the respect of a generation of Malaysians who were not even born during his leadership prime.

    Stay on the dark side, Saudara Bru, if you wish. That is your democratic right.

    But only fungi grow well in the dark.

  10. xnakdedak9:47 am

    The WSJ is just asking for it:

    "Riza had previously denied that Red Granite was funded by money originating from Malaysia. He said in a 2014 New York Times interview that its main investor was Abu Dhabi businessman Mohamed Ahmed Badawy Al-Husseiny.

    “Mr Al-Husseiny is an American who then headed Aabar Investments PJS, which is an arm of an Abu Dhabi sovereign-wealth fund known as IPIC. The state-owned firms did business with 1MDB. For instance, IPIC guaranteed some of the Malaysian fund’s bonds.

    “In connection with the IPIC guarantees, 1MDB reported in corporate filings that in 2012, it sent $1.4 billion to Aabar as collateral,” said WSJ.

    According to investigators, the money did not go to Aabar but to “a separate, almost identically named company that Mr Al-Husseiny had helped set up in the British Virgin Islands, called Aabar Investments PJS Ltd”.

    “The investigators believe about $155 million of this money then flowed to Red Granite Capital, a firm Mr Aziz had formed to fund the film company.”

    And there is only stage of arrests left:

    Fei Low and the Bonnie & Clyde couple.

    I think the rural folks will simply love the fact that their money was songlap-ed to make a soft porn movie in the USA, with Jewish backers.


  11. xnakdedak12:05 pm

    This is where that Wolf Of Wall Street cash came from (from last Sept):

    "A corruption scandal that is engulfing Malaysia’s government and prime minister has pulled in a high-profile Abu Dhabi investment fund over more than a billion dollars that appears to have vanished.

    The Gulf emirate’s International Petroleum Investment Company (Ipic) is trying to get to the bottom of an apparent $1.4bn mismatch in its dealings with 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

    Ipic is seeking clarification about the fate of the money, which 1MDB said it paid out but was never recorded as received in Ipic’s own financial statements, people familiar with the matter say.

    Ipic’s probe is part of a wider Abu Dhabi audit of the institution’s long entanglement with 1MDB, which has come under growing scrutiny since corruption allegations engulfed both the Malaysian fund and Najib Razak, the country’s embattled prime minister."

    I say it's a komplot Yahudi, even though the UAE ain't Yahudi.

    Far from it.

  12. xnakdedak1:52 pm

    "The local government, housing and urban wellbeing minister also insisted that the national carmaker was problematic even from the first time the former prime minister conceived of the idea early in his administration.

    “Horror stories of non-executive chairman's direct interference and ‘dictatorial leadership style’ in Proton are slowly emerging. Shocking!” he tweeted today.

    “Proton's shareholders and BOD must be brave to tackle any legacy problems left by the ex-chairman. In other words, Proton must be serious & not be afraid to unshackle the culture of ‘deaf, dumb & blind’ in Proton,” Abdul Rahman said in successive tweets."

    Latuk, help me out here, ya:

    What has this brain-free moron ever done for "local government, housing and urban wellbeing"?

    Useless opportunist ass-kisser who just plays on Twitter all day long.

    I suggest you make plans to slither back to Kota Belit, friend.

    Your boss is going down.

  13. xnakdedak10:02 pm

    The New York Times recently found that shell companies tied to Aziz and Low spent about $150 million on real estate properties. Officials are looking at activities of Aziz and Low, who’s a central figure in the Malaysian investigation and a major investor in EMI Music Publishing and New York’s Park Lane Hotel.

    Low was linked to a $30.6 million penthouse at the Time Warner Center in New York, a $39 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills’ L’Ermitage Hotel and part of the Park Lane Hotel. Aziz was tied to a $33.5 million condo on 63rd Street in NYC and several properties in Los Angeles including a Beverly Hills residence with a garden that includes a gold pyramid.

    U.S. officials could seize assets if they find that the properties or any assets were bought with cash tied to corrupt practices, just as it did to Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue in 2012. Deadline has learned that some of the same members of the DOJ team on the 2012 case are also working on this investigation.

    Time to look for new farmer.