Monday, April 04, 2016

For clean slate, BNM governor Zeti will have to ask Jay to leave

5 April - So which deadly duo gave the political donation of RM30 million through Nazir? One of them sits on the the board of a media company, according to blogger Zakhir in Now everyone can donate ...

Global icon is how Nazir describes Zeti 

Bangsar, 4 April:

People tell me that Nazir Razak, the Prime Minister's vocal youngest brother, should resign from the bank now that he's been "caught" having received some RM30 million in his own account to help big brother with the general elections in 2013. These people said they are glad to know that Nazir did help out. But going by the moral benchmark he has set for others (for Najib, especially), they think the right thing - the only thing - for him to do his quit as Chairman of the CIMB Group, one of the country's banking giants. Which is something Nazir doesn't seem to be in a hurry of doing, going by the statements he's been making in his own defence ("I thought funds were legit"), which are only making him look worse in the eyes of his many admirers. 
And which leaves me to wonder if Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the outgoing central bank governor, is going to step in. 
I remember Zeti did in the case of a Chairman of a local bank who was charged with assault in 2003. In that unprecedented move, the Chairman of the Bank was forced to resign. I was the Editor of the Malay Mail, which broke that assault story back then ...

READ also, Zeti hopes probe into 1MDB ends in April so she can leave next governor a clean slate.


  1. xnakdedak12:27 pm

    So your logic is that Nazir should resign, and Najib should stay on?

    Get some counselling, bro. Drugs are never the answer.

    At least Nazir had the decency to stand up like a man, and admit the WSJ's facts on him were true. And he expressed regret.

    Can his brother admit to this spending?

    RM520k for Chanel; RM60m for clothes, jewelry, car; RM280k for son, RM176 m to Solar Shine, RM56 million to Jakel, Exotic Cars RM224k; RM3.75 million at De Grisogono (in one day, for jewellery)?

    Or, you are saying that ONLY the Nazir fact was true, anything else was false?

    If so, why no lawsuit?

  2. xnakdedak12:29 pm

    Comment stolen from JMD's comments section - so don't feel bad lah, Latuk, you're not the only incompetent spin doctor around.....RPK is worse!

    POINT 1:"And then they announced on 8th July 2015 that a Special Task Force is being launched to investigate the WSJ story. So that would mean no investigation has been done yet. It is only being done after 8th July 2015. So what investigation was WSJ talking about? And which investigation papers are they referring to?"

    A: WRONG AGAIN. 1MDB was investigated from March 2015 onwards, by the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission and the police:

    The WSJ article in July said the $700 million transfer had emerged in the course of ongoing 1MDB investigations, WHICH BY THEN HAD BEEN PROGRESSING FOR WELL OVER 4 MONTHS. Faham, RPK? Are you clear now?

    POINT 2: "The investigation did not exist and the investigation papers were fakes. WSJ was duped and they ran a story based on fabricated documents."

    A: WRONG AGAIN. THE WSJ published a very detailed diagram of cash flows, all of which have been proved correct.

    To refresh RPK's memory:

    1) On 5th July Najib gelabah biawak and lied - that he had never taken money into his personal accounts.

    2) After several weeks, his "strategists" came up with a theory that it was a "political donation", and then his macai came up with 40 conflicting statements.

    3) If the money trail was "fabricated" then why not deny it outright and say that no transfers ever happened? Why invent excuses? Why tell lies? Why didn't Apandi say: "after examining the matter, the alleged transfers from SRC and Tanore never actually happened?" We are well past that stage now. And the WSJ is still not sued. So, what was "fabricated"? Faham, RPK? Are you clear now?

    And there's more.......

  3. xnakdedak12:30 pm

    The more.........

    POINT 3: "Then, on 30th March 2016, WSJ ran another story, an updated version. And this time they said the USD700 million is US$1 billion after all and that the money was a donation from the Middle East after all."

    That is exactly what the WSJ are NOT saying.

    WSJ Finance Editor Ken Brown stressed that the RM2.6 billion was not a donation from the Saudi royal family as claimed by Apandi on January 26. Instead, Brown said the money was linked to 1MDB. Brown was telling ABC News Australia, in an interview, that WSJ’s reports for months showed that the RM2.6 billion did not come from the Saudi royal family, but from companies and accounts connected with 1MDB. “Just for everyone’s information, our reports are no longer being disputed as we have plenty of supporting evidence” said Brown.

    The WSJ are saying the US$1 billion came from "companies and accounts connected with 1MDB". Faham, RPK? Are you clear now?

    POINT 4: "And in this story of 30th March 2016, just like in the 2nd July 2015 story, WSJ said they have seen the documents and the documents are the investigation papers."

    A: FINALLY, CORRECT. The source of these investigation papers is the FBI, not BNM. Go read the WSJ. Really, I think we need to explain to RPK that the whole scandal is now global. The arrest of Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny is done by the UAE at US request. The international laws and data required is well above what BNM or Malaysia can touch. How can the the Swiss Attorney General’s office say that US$4 billion may have been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies? Because the flow of money goes through Swiss banks. Not BNM. Faham kawan? THEY ARE INVESTIGATING THESE MATTERS INDEPENDENTLY. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BNM.

    The fact the the "Wolf Of Wall Street" may have been financed by 1MDB is purely the investigative work of the FBI, tracing money flows from the BVI to the USA. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BNM. Faham, RPK? Are you clear now?

    This is biggest Najib's problem; the quality of spin on his behalf by the dedak-eaters would not fool a 14-year-old schoolboy. That is why he has lost the perception war.

    If RPK is so desperate to defend his paymaster, then he should do something useful, like fly to the USA, UAE, HK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Australia and the Serious Fraud Office in London and "fix it".

    But they don't know who he is, don't care, don't need to care, and anyway I have no idea how to say "dedak" in Luxembourg.

    1. Bro ...

      You have lost your track that you are now a bingai .

      No need to go thru the bull . I just pick up one pts .
      Ken Brown did not interview the donor himself . He just refered to doctored document .

      SPRM folks interviewed the donor himself and conformed the donation .

      You are conned bro ...


  4. Why are you not asking NAJIB to leave? Use the same principle that you just wrote. Read again what you had written. Double standard? Or will you condone wrongdoing? Are you morally bankrupt?

  5. A person who is not squeaky clean will not be in a hurry to penalise others. Especially if she understands the proverb about people who live in glass houses not wanting to touch a stone, let alone throw it.

  6. Ahhh .. Nazir ... another Bingai .

    Make it simple Nazir .

    If you THINK the money is clean then stay on with your job .

    If you THINK the money is dirty then resign from your job and be a man like Tun M .

    Just dont be a hypocrite like DAPig LGE.


  7. Azman Mokh7:43 pm

    These people have been stealing from the systems since Mahathir tome on a big scale. Billions or trillion over the last 30 years. This is not impossible becos Petronas was earning so much. If Petronas give 50 billíon per year that is 1.5 trillíon over 30 years!
    Najib have been goaded on all sides on the easy pickings. Epf has 700 billion, PNB has 300 billion , kwap, ltat, tabung haji 80 billion free money from malays..
    Together they total almost 1.5 trillion unguarded money...
    Anyone with a paper will be approve. Yayasan MARA has 800 million to help the malays while Azman Mokhtar created Yatasan Hassenah with 3000 million fund!
    Khazanah is supposed to look after GLC but now it is involved directly with buying chinese,singaporean, indian billions of ringgit startup which is not the business of UMNO government.
    What are the Malays doing with Azman Mokhtar?

  8. Ini Rocky pon nak cari makan maa macam Tok Hasan Arifin. Ini blog percuma saja kita baca. Janganlah bantai dia sangat. Kesian maaa