Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dr M quits Proton

March 31, 2016 MEDIA RELEASE
Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad has resigned as Chairman of Proton Holdings, effective March 30, 2016.
A letter of resignation has been sent to Group Managing Director of DRB-HICOM Berhad, Dato Seri Syed Faisal Albar yesterday.
Dr Mahathir has also relinquished his post as the Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Petronas, also effective Mar 30, 2016. His decision has been communicated to UTP Rector Datuk Abdul Rahim Hashim.
Apart from that, Dr Mahathir has also resigned as the advisors to the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) and the Tioman Island Development Authority (TIDA). The Chief Secretary to the Government has been informed of these resignations.
Office of Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
31st March 2016


  1. xnakdedak6:02 pm

    To me, it's a real shame that Tun is not realising the full benefits of holding office in high places.

    For example:

    1) USD1,039,369.91 (RM3,320,670.65) untuk pembelian barang kemas intan permata di dalam bulan September 2014 melalui kredit kad AmBank.

    2) RM360,000 dibelanjakan di gedung pakaian JAKEL

    3) RM395,782.40 dibelanjakan untuk menginap di Hotel Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur

    4) RM178,000 dibayar kepada Two One Holidays Malaysia, sebuah ejen pelancongan.

    5) RM167,959.50 dibayar kepada Signature Exotic Cars, sebuah syarikat kereta mewah (mungkin kerana penyewaan beberapa buah kereta berkuasa tinggi)

    Wall Street Journal juga membongkar dokumen-dokumen pembelian yang telah dibelanjakan oleh Najib. Antaranya:

    1) USD130,625 (lebih kurang RM418,000) telah dibelanjakan di kedai Chanel semasa Najib Razak bermain golf bersama Presiden Barack Obama dalam bulan Disember 2014 (ketika itu belanja besar melanda Semenanjung Malaysia).

    Bayaran dibuat melalui kredit kad AmBank.

    2) USD70,000 (lebih kurang RM224,000) diberi kepada anaknya Ashman (seorang DJ amatur).

    3) USD14 juta (lebih kurang RM44.8 juta) telah diberi kepada syarikat gedung pakaian JAKEL dari tahun 2011 hingga 2014

    4) €750,000 (lebih kurang RM3,750,000) telah dibayar kepada De Grisogono, sebuah kedai barangan kemas intan permata di Itali di dalam bulan Ogos 2014.

    Mashyuk oooi!

    I trust Hafabrain & Co are writing a letter of demand in broken English right now?


    Why not?

  2. xnakdedak6:07 pm

    And you don't even need to be the PM.....

    Noting that members of a single family make up YaPIEM’s core leadership, the National Oversight and Whisleblowers Centre (NOW) has alleged that they were helping themselves to more than RM80,000 per month of the foundation’s funds, which are meant for orphans and destitute Muslims. It has also alleged that Religious Affairs Minister Jamil Khir Baharom has benefited from YaPEIM funds. As if that isn’t enough, YaPEIM’s deputy chair is a Kelantan Wanita Umno leader.

    According to NOW, the eight-day trip for Jamil, his wife and another person cost YaPEIM nearly RM411,000. The minister has responded to the allegation with a threat to sue. YaPEIM itself has asked for fairness from the public even as the MACC recently called in two of the foundation’s key figures for questioning over the use of its funds.

    Given that YaPEIM is accused of misusing funds meant for orphans, public outrage has been palpable. There is nothing more inherently evil than taking from those who already have nothing.

    OK ber.....

  3. xnakdedak6:21 pm

    BTW, RPK's sub-contractors (yes, there are people who get recycled, leftover dedak once the main farm animals have filled their bellies) have got the wrong end of the stick.

    The only OFFICIAL STATEMENT made by a high-ranking Saudi official (as high as the Foreign Minister) has actually DENIED that the Bugis windfall was a donation.

    Do your research, boys.

    if so why hasn't the MACC been given MLA?

    But I think justice will come to Najib, even if he hides.

    A jaguh kampung dictatorship is fine, but no more overseas shopping trips?

    Not acceptable!

    Exile, bro, exile.

    Saudi Arabia has very nice shopping malls.

  4. This is the best decision he made so far.
    All the move that he made previously was not only meaningless but also backfired on him .
    Deklarasi Tum M / LKS only managed to attract 47K online signature compared to 49K sign on by vape supporter .
    That goes to show the meniscule popularity of Tun M /LKS ANC gang .

    The Aljubori have officially made a U turn in not declaring any support to both the old men . In fact he criticise both of them .

    Well , Tun M have been making one blunder after another all this time .
    At least now he finally made the right move .... to resign .

    Check mate .

  5. xnakdedak8:51 pm

    THE JEWS! THE JEWS!!!!!!!

    "Luxembourg prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into allegations of embezzlement and money laundering linked to Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd., also known as 1MDB.

    Authorities opened the probe after “concrete clues” concerning the embezzlement of funds coming from companies owned by the Malaysian state via “different offshore companies with accounts in Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg,” according to an e-mailed statement Thursday.

    “The alleged facts concern in particular the amounts paid during the issuance of two bonds in May and October 2012,” prosecutors said in the statement. They will seek to “retrace the origin of four transfers during 2012 and one transfer in early 2013 for a total of several hundred million dollars, to an offshore company with an account in a bank in Luxembourg."

    Such a noble Bugis worrier, to be investigated in 8 countries. It's not fair.

    THE JEWS! THE JEWS!!!!!!!

    They want to topple the dedak king!!!!!!!

    Jahat ler si Yahudi Luxembourg nie....

  6. Abdullah9:47 pm

    bahaya sungguh makan dedak, sendiri yang tulis sendiri jugak yang lupa