Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dedak and the ABC

Kuala Lumpur, 30 March:
Dedak is Malay/Indonesian for bran or pounded paddy husks. When I first read about dedak on our cyberspace, I had the impression that it was chicken feed. Or was it duck feed? But dedak, I discovered later, is eaten by not just chicken and ducks. Rabbits, lembu and fish consume dedak as well.

Pemakan dedak, however, is neither chicken nor duck, even though makan means eat. Pemakan dedak is a label used by Pro-Tun Mahathir cyber troopers and fan clubs against anyone seen as defending PM Najib Razak and his Administration. The aim, obviously, is to create the perception that those who defend Najib and the Malaysian Government have been dedak-ed (bribed) to do so. If it seems like a childish and desperate attempt to discredit those who dare to defend their PM, it's because it is childish and desperate. 

But then I read Dr Mahathir's latest blog posting Kit Siang dan Dr Mahathir and, mmm, even the Grand Old Man is resorting to the D word now. 

We don't eat anyone's dedak? Mmm...

Dedak crossed my mind, a big grin in its wake, after reading the Bloomberg news on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's latest expose on Najib.

Well, I think the ABC's latest program was meant to be an expose (based on fresh documents) intended to keep the RM2.6 billion controversy alive. Whether they realised it or not, however, the people at ABC have actually confirmed the Malaysian government's official line all along with regards to the source of the donation: that it did not come from 1MDB and that it was a donation from the Middle East.

The Bloomberg piece on the ABC report:

Question: So, why is the ABC confirming what Najib Razak and our Attorney-General have been saying regarding the RM2.6 billion?  
Answer: ABC makan dedak kot ... :-)

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  1. xnakdedak3:23 pm


    I love the way you cropped off the last para of Bloomberg.

    Here it is:

    "Payments from the accounts were directed to a fashion company, a Kuala Lumpur hotel, a travel agency and a luxury car dealer, while Najib’s credit cards were used to buy 3.3 million ringgit ($824,000) of jewelry, Four Corners said."


    "Not for personal use", eh?

    Patut ler kena crop!

    PS: "Pemakan dedak is such a crude term. Around here, we use "Paid Professional" : )


  2. xnakdedak3:30 pm

    You also forgot this from ABC:

    “There was another major source of funds to Mr Najib that has troubled investigators — a British Virgin Islands-incorporated entity called Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Ltd, which channelled its deposits via Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore.
    The ultimate owner of the company has not been established, but it has been reported the company is associated with Low Taek Jho, known as Jho Low, a playboy financier at the centre of a highly controversial 2009 deal involving Malaysia's sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB.”

    See that name?

    Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Ltd?

    It's going to be shortly quite fatal to the Bogus Worrier, because:

    a) That shell company was set up by Jho Fei Low

    b) The same company paid out millions to the same guy who got sacked in Abu Dhabi for that messy, missing Goldman bond and other stuff.

    All the dots are connected, you see.

    If they aren't, just sue the pants off ABC, WSJ, NYT, SR, Sunday Times, SMH and many more.

    The Umno lawyers may write horrible Englees, but hey - that's a lot more dedak to earn. In London, NY, Sydney, too.

    Ayuh pi shopping-shopping, kawan2!

  3. Jolly3:41 pm

    Kah kah kah.

    This is the end now.

    In the beginning what was confirmed by you people all along was that there is no money in the accounts. The whole story is not true. YOU OF ALL PEOPLE went to tell tales about SWIFT CODES! That was hilarious. Imagine a veteran journalist like you became stupid because had to defend Najib all due to the fact that you received a lot of sponsor money from him. Now you casually omitted what had really happened and claim that the officials 'had all along have said the money came from middle east'?

    Come on... don't be like that. And you underlined the word 'personal contribution' to emphasise that ABC also claimed that? They were just regurgitating what Apundi was saying. They put it in quotation mark summore.

    Seriously a good journalist would have known that the money came from Malaysia. Went all around the world, through the arab accomplices and went back into his personal accounts. That is the only way to make this haram money look legitimate. But he was caught red handed.

    You cannot claim ignorance on all this. You and your kind will be called to take the stand when he is on trial. You will be forced to testify as to how much dedak you have taken just to hoist that clown over your shoulder.

    Kah kah kah. Kalau berani approve ini comment.

  4. question is why now ? by ABC ? why najib not show this letter ? the figure is wrong too with 2.6b donation ? who is this prince ? is he dead or alive ? is he exist ? before this najib gang said donation made by late king Abdullah

    dedak or not dedak isn't important but najib and his minister must come out clean, explain to us bukan berdolak dalih

  5. ABC not makan dedak but I think you are among those pemakan dedak. Remember Cash is King. Can sell the soul to the highest bidder.

  6. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Not only that, they basically confirmed the ANC has been lying all this while.

    Here is the report by MK.

    Najib’s RM4.2b deposits puzzle comes closer to completion

    Well, many moons ago, it has been long exposed that the figure is not 2.6 billion. You can read it here at:

    Sarawak Report: a one-trick pony

    "Actually there is nothing exclusive in that posting and most of it are lies. For example, Sarawak Report says that the donation from the Middle East is not RM2.6 billion after all but RM4 billion. Malaysia Today revealed that a long time ago when the issue first exploded. So that is not new information, as what Sarawak Report is telling us.

    The donation from the Middle East was actually US$1 billion. That has already been revealed so no one is trying to hide that fact. But then the ANC kept saying it was US$700 million because they wanted that figure to match a transaction that 1MDB made. If the ANC says the figure is US$1 billion then they cannot explain how come the 1MDB transaction was only US$700 million. Where did the additional US$300 million come from?"

  7. xnakdedak6:36 pm

    The letter is fake. It was produced and backdated to dupe the MACC and Task Force investigators last July.

    It even try to exonerate Najib in all the criminal elements within the MACC Act. The words 'Gift' and 'not asking anything in return' were highlighted. It even pompously say that the money is not corruption because corruption is haram in Islam. Why did he write it that way?

    the fake prince was 'impressed' by the clown's contribution for Islam to the world just after TWO years as PM? is this prince a bloody idiot? he mentioned global movement of moderates also, which Najib had yet to launch (GMM was launched in January 2012), and he already gave money because of it (refer to 'in addition to my EARLIER commitment, i hereby grant you ADDITIONAL bla bla bla).

    He mentioned Blackstone too. That was a dead giveaway. Blackstone is a shell company (not to be confused with the other more famous and credible Blackstone Real Estate). Only the name is similar. This Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners was swiftly winded down after they have swindled money. What a load of bullshit.

    this prince whoever he is must have been snorting too much cocaine up his nose. Najib still could not answer who is the prince? Which is he? HE can't and wouldn't. Because the prince doesn't exist. He thought the letter would not have surfaced. It was just a letter crafted last year when it was asked by the BNM investigators, the Task Force, and the MACC. But ANZ (being the main shareholder of AMbank) leaked it to ABC.

  8. Good one Datuk. I don't know that lembu, itik, ikan, and arnab makan dedak too. So if we eat these animals meaning everyone, one way or the other, has dedak in his blood including the ABC reporters, Mahathir and his gong loceng, Kadir Jasin, etc, right?

  9. arizmaya11:34 pm

    Tuan Rocky
    it sad that you have allowed yourself to succumb to this low
    as a seasoned journalist, I am sure you can read the original article from ABC it self rather than quoting Bloomberg quoting ABC

    if you care to read the article by ABC itself, it is apparent that ABC is reporting on Najib from a different angle altogether..

    dont la spin sampai jadi macam tu... even if you are being well 'dedaked'
    spare some credibility, if you still have any left.

  10. AIyah Arizmaya,

    Your quarrel is not with me, it's with Bloomberg. Send a Letter to the Editor of Bloomberg and lodge your complaint about the way they report the ABC's story.
    Good luck with your dedak, too.

  11. xnakdedak,

    I see that you've been writing longer than I do! :-) At least nobody can say you are a waste of space!
    Keep it up!

  12. xnakdedak12:39 am

    Tu lah bro, aku kena cari dedak jugak, tahu : ) In Malaysia's damaged farmyard, a new farmer may be needed to restore Kelate princes do farm work? Desperate times...

  13. So ... everybody wants to eat dedak.
    That is ok ... a natural things to do.
    Human instinct for the need .

    Unfortunately , Tun M wanted a continous supply of dedak . For that to happened he has to put his son at the right position . That is the PM position .
    But then , Mukhriz is hopelessly incompetent and incapable of managing .
    Yet , Tun M still insist that his son be place in the position of PM .

    Why ..? Because the attraction of dedak is too strong and too addictive .

    You see , Tun M and family have been eating dedak for far too long , 22 years , that they cannot live without one .
    Mukhriz have so much of stockpile in KL that he cannot bring to himself to dislodge his family to Kedah .

    So folks , that is what it is . The power of dedak from the time of Tun M .

    By gosh .. even DAPig Tokong and his goon are going after dedak . It is so delicious that they are joining Tun M and the ANC club for the feast .

    So folks ... everybody is after dedak .
    Nothing wrong with that ... what matters is not to step intentionally on other peoples dedak .

    Peace yo ...

  14. ABC is refering to ADDITIONAL USD 375 million transfered in 2011 as the letter stated. NOT the RM 2.6 billion remitted to Najib account in 2013.
    Anyway if really ABC did confirmed that it was a donation, Najib can now easily sue WSJ. Don' t have to wait for Tuesday.

  15. Deduct Salary9:26 am

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    And if your father gives you

  16. tenukajaib9:32 am

    Kah! Kah! Kah!

    pemakan2 dedak sekelian dari sebelah ayam atau lembu, sedarlah yg kamu semua dah
    kena tipu.

    ada kena tipu dengan bugis,
    ade kena tipu dengan mamak kerala,
    ade kena tipu dengan dengan tokong liberal,
    dan ade yg masih bermimpi dari 16 Sept.

    Eloklah kita semua undi calon bebas PU nanti, politik kepartian makan dedak dah tammat.

  17. ordinary9:36 am


    dedak eating or not.. so it's now okay for anyone who is holding a certain kepentingan in a certain offices to receive donation/derma/contribution/gift?
    what they need to do is just get that generous guy to say it is ikhlas from the bottom of my heart and its all a ok..
    hmmm.. 2 wrong does not make one right.
    even if is two right.. it just open for a lot of cleaning and disinfecting of someone image and credibility

  18. xnakdedak10:44 am

    "After the Journal first reported those transfers last July, Mr. Najib wrote a post on Facebook saying: “Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents—whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.”


    It is impossible to undo an electronically-recorded financial transaction.

    That is why the bad Inglees Umno lawyers ain't going nowhere near the WSJ.

  19. Elephant path2:18 pm

    Anuar musa said it well.

    It is not about pemakan dedak but those that could not get his dedak.

    There is kadir jasin whose been getting big dedak but now had to close his MB coz of a big subscription cancellation.

    What do you expect from a magazine that looks like a MITI brochure with outsyed the dedak seeker as columnist.

    Oh yes we know what he did many summers ago.

    Heard many deprived dedak stories from every personalities in ANC.

    By that logic, mukhriz is a dedak himself. He could not attain any decent political standing yet wants this dedak to be PM.

    Ala ... spm pun grade 2 and flunk out in japan to transfer credit to boston university.

    A premium branded dedak called boboi with the jingle:

    Boboi si boboi ala lembik
    Boboi si bobou ala lembab
    Boboi si boboi

    Off course the big dedak seeker is tun m himself.

    Everytime he wants to bring someone down it has always been about some big dedak he cannot get.

    He just won't tell and admit.