Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blog/portal registration: Why some politicians stand to lose most

Puchong, 24 March
So, the blogging Minister Salleh Said Keruak wants people like me, who run blogs or/and political news portals, to register our blogsites and portals. So what's new? The government has been talking about it for a decade now and it hasn't come anywhere near doing it. Talk, more talk, and talk some more, only. I suspect that the politicians themselves are not excited about the idea. Why? Because some of them have so many cybertroopers on their payroll to do their dirty work (and that includes the infamous Red Bean Army of the DAP) and they are the ones who will end up the biggest losers if Salleh makes them all register! People like me have the least to lose. I've been blogging independently and openly since 2006. In 2011, I started with a little help from my friends, some of whom are today openly (and some anonymously) opposed to my own views on politics.  

In my comments to the Asian Correspondent I said the likes of Malaysiankini and A. Kadir Jasin have nothing to fear (or lose). in the unlikely event that the government makes registration compulsory. "They are already operating openly". But Jebat Must Die, Annie,  Lim Sian See and the Unspinners and those who blog anonymously and carefreely (ie they don't have to be fully accountable for what they write) may feel victimised by the move (read h e r e).

But like the rest of us, they can always take off their masks and boldly write as themselves!  

"But if you want money for people with minds that hateAll I can tell you is brother you have to wait"


  1. Hi Rocky.
    Just want to put it on record here that I don't really mind if the very clever minister want people to register their blog. Wish they already have such a law before I got persuaded to start my stupid blog back then. I would have written it differently...or not have bothered to waste my time at all, I think. Cheers :)

  2. xnakdedak12:20 pm

    HA HA HA! Ohhhhhh, Saudara Bru.

    You are most certainly not under threat.

    It's those who don't kiss the Bugis ass who will suffer.

    This is what TMI said:

    “Until today there is no official explanation by way of a letter to The Malaysian Insider as to the reasons for the block. All we have is a minister saying we were blocked for an article that was confusing the people of Malaysia and a foreign ministry statement saying that the article was a threat to national peace and harmony.

    The news related to an unidentified panel member in the local anti-graft authority saying they had prima facie evidence to back criminal charges against the prime minister over a huge sum of money found in his private bank accounts. The attorney-general had earlier said there was insufficient evidence for a charge.”

    But look at these 2 facts:

    a) If there is no prima facie evidence to back criminal charges, the MACC closes the file at their end. It never reaches the AGC.

    b) The fact that the MACC’s review panels wanted to re-submit the case can only mean that was enough prima facie evidence to back criminal charges against the prime minister.

    Hence, TMI reported the truth and was banned for it.

    And what real excuse did S. Keruak give? None. The ban was unjustified.

    But those who are allergic to the truth and in love with money have nothing to fear.

    Nothing to fear at all.

  3. sepilok9:07 pm

    Fuck the stupid Sabahan. Send him to (Sepilok for rehabilitation.

    1. even the org utans will not accept him in sepilok