Friday, March 25, 2016

The straw that broke Dr Mahathir's back

26 March
Say what you like, he may be having the last laugh

The Petronas advisor's post has traditionally been a retirement post for former PMs, that's true. But one can't help but wonder if this isn't Najib Razak rubbing salt to Dr Mahathir's injury, especially following the Tun's claim in his lawsuit that his removal as the Petronas advisor is example of what makes him a victim of "Najib's abuses".

Original article:

Kuala Lumpur, 25 March; 
In the end it isn't 1MDB's "vanished" RM42 billion or Altantuya's murder or her murderer's "unfair" death sentence or the "wasteful" BR1M scheme or the "suspicious" RM2.6 billion donation in Najib Razak's account that drove former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to file a lawsuit against the Prime Minister, the subject of his ire for the last 18 months or so. It was his sacking as Petronas advisor that made him do something he never, ever did before. 
If it wasn't clear before, now everyone can see: it has become personal.

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  1. xnakdedak2:27 pm

    Well, I never!

    A duck never remembers who scatters the just follows the dedak.

    Ducks have very short memories *ahem*

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    1. Thanks for the reminder. Will be checking my blog setting.

  3. Lebai Nik2:33 pm

    Hari Jumaat ni bro buat apa nak promote cerita bohong? Mahathir dah lama nak resign dari Petronas since 2014 lagi. Kenapa nak promote artikel Hafiz Yatim (siapa budak ni?) yang jauh tersasar dari konteks? Truth is, we all affected by Najib. Kalau dia tak pulangkan duit 2 billion maybe students kita boleh pergi overseas under JPA scholarship. You semua boleh dapat peruntukan lebih. Mykmu dengan parpukari tak akan gaduh. Kementerian lain boleh ada budget lebih untuk disonglap. Tapi ye lah, you kena cari makan juga..

  4. I am not gonna pay to get news, what more from malaysiakini.. LOL

  5. I wrote my comment, which was, I am not gonna pay for news, especially to MalaysiaKini, then I click I am not a robot, so here I am again.

  6. this is my latest post.
    on facebook.
    I quoted a paragraph from an article and added my comments afters.

    The New World Order manipulators need constant chaos and fear to rule, and to shape the world in the way they want. They live by their motto “Ordo ab chao” or “Order out of chaos” because they know that they can impose more restrictive laws, policies or agendas on the public when people are more emotionally disturbed and ruffled. They have to stir up “crime” to justify “order”.

    Fellow Malaysians should realise by now, that your country, by virtue of being an influential Islamic country, she too, is under constant "attacks", thru the perpetrators of this new world order, by their agents, operatives, proxies and cadets, trying to bring your country into disarray and turmoil.

    Having small minded politicians and supporters add to their arsenal.

    And MalaysiaKini might well be one of their proxies, in the guise of saying the "truth".

  7. xnakdedak3:16 pm


  8. mahiaddin4:12 pm

    jika anak perdana menteri boleh pandu bugatti,

    jika anak bekas TPM boleh ambil alih syarikat dengan harga lebih 100juta,

    anak tun razak kahwinkan anak boleh jadi luar kemampuan pulak?


  9. TaxPayerPersonallyAffected4:33 pm

    I'm not pretty sure Datuk, but i thought deep in your heart. You still support this old man.

  10. That's the least he could hold on to, as locus-standi.
    To me, the actual 'straw that broke his back' was that RM2.6 Billion in Najib's personal account. Not to mention, another RM2 million in Rosmah's.

    Not surprising that lawsuit gets the go-ahead while Dr.M was already a couple of days in Saudi Arabia. Maybe.... after futile attempts to 'meet' the elusive donor or donors. Remember that 'meeting' Dr.M had with 3 young girls who orgy-ed with the Rear Admiral.

    In the lawsuit too, the plaintiffs demanded that Najib return RM2.6 Billion + Rm42 million to the Government of Malaysia aka Rakyat. What selfish old man would want to do something like that?

  11. Kamali Ibrahim7:03 pm

    "Ahirudin, who runs the popular Rocky’s Bru, one of the more influential blogs that backed Dr Mahathir against Abdullah when the latter was Prime Minister..."


  12. sad to see what is happenning to tun m. he was my favourite leader.
    but he brought it down onto himself. i cannot comprehend why he is taking these actions to get rid of najib.
    I hope his image will be restored soon but at the same time i do not want najib to step down either. i am liking this quiet hardworking man more and more each day. never has a pm or any leader been accused of so many things. people thought he can be easily be brought down. He showed them wrong. His patience and preseverance has paid off. All the best to Najib.

    1. Well said Dina ....

      I just hope this episode can end as fast as it start .
      It all depends on Tun M to initiate it ...



  13. Makan dedak tapi caviar6:25 am

    Dulu marah pasal project double tracking untuk syed mokhtar. Jatuhkan Pak Lah letak Najib.

    Sekarang pasal proton tak dapat R&D fund. Nak tauhkan Najib pasal wanting to put Mukhriz as PM.

    It is all about his selfish interest. Cukup2lah jadi perosak di dunia untuk hancurkan agama, bangsa, dan negara demi politik dan kuasa.

  14. Tuan, we dont care about Tun personal interest. We care for his fights to get the full truth about 1MDB and Jho Low...and the events that followed. Once 1MDB issue is answered and the related persons are punished, there will less corruption, breach of trust, lies in Malaysia. This shall be the beginning of our fight to bring down the ranking from the 2nd most corrupted nation on earth. Down to 3rd place pun okay la..

  15. drMpower10:11 am

    Mukhriz as PM? Thats politic coffee talk for sure.
    Yalah u nak cook up stories untuk orang bertindak, mesti lah kena sebut isu yg kununnya dia mahukan sesuatu.
    Contohnya Mukhriz PM, duit RnD, or whatever

    Tapi semua kamu terkasima taktahu nak cakap apa bila ditanya soalan mcm kenapa dipulangkan balik duit derma (itupun kalau betul derma), kenapa duit derma yang dikatakan diberi kepada presiden untuk memenangi pilihanraya (alasan diberi ialah derma politik, kan?) tidak diketahui oleh sesiapa pun dalam parti? (Kecuali yg menerima duit) kenapa ahli umno tidak mohon untuk check akaun umno samada ada atau tak derma politik ini? Kalau tidak dalam akaun kenapa tiada dlm akaun?

    Soalan soalan ni antara yg takkan dapat dijawap oleh pemakan dedak. Kalau ada pun mesti tak semenggah mcm 'memperjuang melawan ISIS' hahahaha

    Umno skrg tiada kepandaian politik. Tumpul minda dan tenaga. Tiada lagi pride jadi ahli umno. Sebab apa? Sebab ada yg guna nama umno nak buat benda yg tidak betul

    Sendiri sedap makan, bila kantoi umno juga yang dijadikan mangsa.

    Ps- apa salahnya org lain jadi presiden? Salleh kruak hampa takmau jadikan presiden ka? Salleh kruak jadi PM takboleh? Beliau lantang bersuara. Jadi apa kurangnya salleh? Beliau boleh secure safe deposit sabah.

  16. There is a pub called cock & bull.

  17. Now we have 2 kaki-tido in Najib's team. One in Kedah and another to give advise to Petronas.
    I hope Rocky Bru have forgot what that sleepy guy did when he was PM. Does 'Tingkat 4' ring any bells. Now the Rakyat lose another RM 107 million. Did that 200-strong-entourage for Umrah, exposed the heist?

  18. Dirk Diggler1:15 pm

    It's the year 2016 and we still have people like glassman shouting about a new world order conspiracy. Sigh.

    Pak Lah as the new advisor of Petronas? You mean the former Prime Minister who raised the price of oil at the pump RM0.70/l overnight?

  19. Prof kangkung8:27 pm

    Simpati saya pada tun M.kalau beliau merasakan PM cuba merosakkan legasinya actually he is shooting at his own foot

    Prof kangkung

  20. Sanjaya11:10 am

    Answered your question about Mukhriz, Mr DrMPower?

  21. Tak berapa suka Azwan Ali adik YAB Azmin Ali tapi suka ayat dia "ada aku kesah" ... Apapun PM Najib sudah lama expired dari minda majoriti rakyat. Kamu yang dulu pangkah dacingpun dah tak akan bagi undi pada parti apapun yang bosnya Najib Razak !