Friday, January 01, 2016

Sweeet Sixteen

"Get up Get up Get up
Wake up Wake up Wake up
It's a brand new day". - Bryan Adams

A brand new year. 
May 2016 bring happiness and prosperity to all my dear Readers.

p.s. Not sure about Bryan Adams latest haircut, though.
It used to be this, yesteryears:-


  1. IT.Scheiss10:57 am

    Not "hair cut" but "hair style", bro, and dress style today to - or are we going back to the era of formally dressed rock stars?

    Remember when The Beatles first appeared, they wore suits whilst playing on stage but later wore jeans, tee shirts, etc?

    I certainly hope not we are not regressing but then, history moves in circles.

  2. I really won't mind if bell-bottoms make it back bro. And, er, hot pants *_"

  3. IT.Scheiss6:09 am

    Yup bro. Flare bottoms, a less wide kind of bell bottoms was popular in the 1970s when I was a student in the UK, when the "uniform" was long flowing hair, blue flare bottoms, tee short and blue denim jacket.

    The scene was something like this in 1971. Observe the dress of those in the audience.