Friday, January 01, 2016

Malaysian of the Year 2015

Friday, Jan 1 2016
A year ago today, they confidently predicted that he would be thrown out of office before the first quarter. The Opposition ganged up with his enemies within the party, and later from his own Cabinet, to take him down. The Wall Street Journal joined hands with London-based rogue portal Sarawak Report to demonize him and discredit his Administration. They called him thief and murderer, pink lips and other names, ridiculed his wife, step son and daughter, attacked his aides and supporters, and got the FBI, Scotland Yard, World Bank, Interpol, Transparency International and what have you to arrest him and throw him in jail or in exile.

Against such a backdrop for 2015, not to mention the calamaties (carried forward by the MH and AA crashes, the Mt Kinabalu/Sabah quake, the big floods, JJ's untimely demise) and economic uncertainties (ringgit, oil prices, terrorism), Najib Razak kept his cool, maintained the country's economic health and people's wellbeing, raised our internaitonal and regional profiles, and stayed on as PM of Malaysia when even some of his aides had thought he would buckle.

The dark clouds have not totally left him but the man has delivered his most daring promise on the very last day of 2015: an end to 1MDB's debt woes via his rationalisation plan in just six months. When he told me this during a meeting in May, I must confess that I had thought it was so far-fetched. Guess the man knew what he was doing all along.


I don't know about you or Bujai [Zahid: Man of the Year], but in my book nobody comes close to Najib Razak for my own Malaysian of the Year 2015 award. 

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would have won it hands down if he had managed to get Najib to quit. But he didn't. Arul Kanda, the 1MDB boss, was my other choice for Malaysian of the Year. Arul had totally transformed not just the 1MDB's fortunes but the way the Fund handled its critics and detractors from the first day he took over.

Since this blog starated in 2006, we'd felt compelled to pick the Malaysian of the Year only once before [Malaysian of the Year 2012]


  1. Anonymous1:14 pm

    "The Wall Street Journal joined hands with London-based rogue portal Sarawak Report to demonize him and discredit his Administration."

    Luckily, RockyBru was there the very next day to discredit the evil WSJ by using the "SWIFT Codes" theory.

    This conclusively proved that the transfer of US$700 million via Wells Fargo Bank NY.
    never happened at all.

    Not that "Malaysian of the Year 2015" does not trust RockyBru (he does), but "Malaysian of the Year 2015" also backed it up with his own denial:

    Between them, "Malaysian of the Year 2015" and RockyBru were able to prove that the transfer of US$700 million never happened, and the WSJ was thus defeated.

    Then "Malaysian of the Year 2015" asked RockyBru to explain to the public why the US$700 million is not in the UMNO accounts for 2013, which is an offence under the Societies Act leading to de-registration.

    At that point, RockyBru kept quiet and went on a very long bike ride into the sunset.

    1. Hahahahahahah!!!
      This blogger has thick skin

  2. Anonymous1:23 pm

    "Najib Razak kept his cool, maintained the country's economic health and people's wellbeing, raised our internaitonal and regional profiles..."


    Ohhhhh, that's paid professionalism at its best.

    Why don't you ask the people out there whether he "maintained the country's economic health and people's well-being"? They can't show you paid professionalism, but they might give you an honest answer.

    "....raised our international and regional profiles"?

    Well, that's true.

    Every foreigner I meet asks me why my Prime Minister has no sense of embarrassment whatsoever.

    This is what the world thinks:

    Let's not insult the Africans, Zahid.

    We're scam artists of the highest order ourselves.

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm


    Nampak plan rasioanalisasi berjaya

    Tanah Bandar Malaysia yang pada asalnya untuk memacu kemajuan golongan pribumi Bumiputera telah berjaya dijual kepentingan kepada syarikat China Railway Engineering Corporation. Sebagai pemilik baru, diharap pihak China Railway Engineering Corporation dapat merangka plan untuk memacu kemajuan golongan pribumi Bumiputera hasil dari belian mereka

    Tanah TRX Jual, Tanah Bandar Malaysia Jual, Power Plant Jual, semua harta "Aku" (read - Rakyat Malaysia) kena jual. Sekarang apa yang "Aku" dapat??? Harta "Aku" habis tapi hutang "Aku" bertimbun? "orang" yang "Aku" bagi amanah untuk jaga harta "Aku" pulak hartanya dan keluarganya bertambah, kuasanya bertambah

    Ya Allah, jangan lah kau lepaskan "orang" ini baik di dunia mahupun di akhirat...

    1. I usually read this blog to LOL and for the interesting comments. Good to know that no one falls for the nonsense.

  4. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Hey Rocky,
    What's your take on JMD's view on your MOTY selling off family/public assets to save his skins?

  5. Puteh Jerineh Ramli3:49 pm

    Calling a spade a spade.

  6. Anonymous4:28 pm

    AsSalam Bro. Cukup2 mengampu, it stinks. I think, deep inside your heart, you yourself know that u are bias in your reporting. Most Malaysians who have no personal interest dare to speak out their minds openly, something is not right with the present leadership and so is the economy. Jangan ingat semua orang bodoh, you have lost your integrity as a professional journalist. Many are hoping that you akan berubah sikap come the new year but let me tell u that many people are frustrated. Anyway, may Allah bless u & your family ... nothing personal bro.

    1. What a Pathetic Rocky...

    2. Anonymous5:35 am

      Rocky power..

  7. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Penutup Sedih 2015: 1MDB Jual Tanah Bandar Malaysia Untuk Bayar Hutang

    1. Hari ini 1MDB umumkan penjualan 60% ekuiti dalam Bandar Malaysia kepada konsortium milik Iskandar Waterfront Holdings dan China Railway Engineering Corporation Sdn Bhd (60:40).

    2. Ianya dijual pada harga RM7.42 billion. 1MDB akan mendapat bayaran deposit sebanyak RM741 juta dan bakinya akan dibayar pada bulan Jun 2016.

    3. Ianya penutup yang menyedihkan bagi 2015.

    4. Tanah yang amat berharga milik negara dan milik rakyat terpaksa dijual untuk membayar hutang.

    5. Ditubuhnya 1MDB, diberikan tanah-tanah milik kerajaan, dibuatnya hutang berbillion-billion, dibeli aset-aset tenaga kononnya untuk menceburi bidang baru, dijual aset-aset tenaga untuk bayar hutang, dijual pula tanah-tanah, juga untuk membayar hutang-hutang yang telah dibuat.

    6. Apa yang tinggal untuk generasi akan datang? Tanah telah tergadai dan hasilnya diguna untuk bayar hutang. Jadi apa faedahnya 1MDB ini kepada negara?

    7. Semua ini dijual pada masa Ringgit mengalami kejatuhan. Apakah hutang yang dibuat itu didalam Ringgit semata-mata?

    8. Cukup-cukuplah tu memperbodohkan rakyat dengan dongengan manafaat 1MDB untuk negara!!!

  8. Anonymous4:58 pm

    "Najib's political secretary Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh who told Sinar Harian this said the report was criminal defamation. He told the daily the report was done with bad intention, unsubstantiated and based on dubious sources. "We will take legal action," he told the daily yesterday.

    Aseh, man!

    Knape blom saman dorang lagi? Enam bulan overdue, yop.

    Now that the pendekar Bogus is too scared to sue the WSJ in the USA, the solution is simple. Use the same tactic that was used to save the pendekar Bogus from the "Something2Hide" forum.

    Fly Ali Tinju to New York via one of the 6 private jets, and if Najib is losing the case (as he will), just get Ali to break into the courtroom and yell "woaaahhhh...woaaahhhh" repeatedly. Then the Twitter Boy can declare a "security risk" and cancel the court hearing.

    (Although, of course, the NYPD may Tinju & Kebab dead, being much less gentle than PWTC security. But that's a risk we're willing to take. Majulah negara!)

  9. Anonymous6:12 pm


  10. The Malaysian of the year is US. The ordinary Malaysian that courageously withstood all the failings of the Government in managing the situation sometimes panicking and burdening the people, not fulfilling their promises, yet we are resilient because it IS OUR COUNTRY.We pray that the Government not push our tolerance much further.

  11. Anonymous8:40 pm

    It would've been far fetched if 1MDB used their own profits to settle their debts. To just sell off their assets to pay the debts they have acquired to buy those assets in the first place requires just the IQ of a rat with the attitude of a house mouse.

    If this is the benchmark of ingenuity and intelligence then dumb people really do flock together.

  12. Anonymous9:17 pm

    What has been achieved by 1MDB as a ‘sovereign investment fund’ since 2009?

    How many new jobs have they created with over RM45 Billion capital employed?

    So has 1MDB created 10,000 new jobs? It is a ‘strategic investment fund’. Has 1MDB created 1000 jobs? No? How about 100 jobs? Has 1MDB created at least 100 new jobs with that RM45 billion capital employed?

    So what has this sovereign wealth fund or sovereign investment fund achieved after six years? You don't need any business acumen at all.

    Get gomen land cheap at 10 sen.

    Then get a gomen guarantee to borrow RM1.20.

    Then the RM1.20 goes missing.

    Then revalue the gomen land at say RM1.20 and sell it for a quick profit of RM1.10. Use the RM1.20 proceeds to settle the borrowing.


    But what happened to that RM1.20 that you borrowed?

    Where did it go?

  13. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Assets sold and that is it your debt reduced! In any sane company, selling assets mean reducing your future income garnered through the assets, thus reducing your profits in the future. What a thoughtful decision.

    Unlucky for us, we have peanut-size brain as our PM who think he’s smart enough to steer this trouble ship of 1mdb to safety. Unlucky again for us, this PM paid million to another peanut-size brain of 1mdb ceo whose only job is to perform one magic, twisted tongue skill.

    While this blog is only good for its comedic value, there is nothing to laugh about actually.

    1. I think everyone knows that this site is a joke. It's just for fun reading.

  14. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Rock.. what are you smoking before you write down this article??!!!..

  15. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Disposing off 1MDB's assets to reduce the existing debts; how will that solve the problem? Assuming the transactions successfully managed to raise close to RM40 billion to salvage 1MDB's deficit of RM46 billion, what and where did the original loss of the latter end up?

    This huge debt of RM46 billion has incurred massive interest payments every month! Are you forgetting? How much interest in total, over 6 years? Nothing is free. And the fact that the assets were gained dirt cheap, then revalued and revalued and revalued upwards by 1MDB itself, time and again, means the value is a bubble. Then in the end, our precious national assets are sold to foreigners!

    After 6 years, a failed business venture is sold at cut-price rates to offset debt. What was the point? It is like these poor Pakistani carpet merchants you see in KL. They cannot make ends meet, so they have to sell their stock and close shop. BUT...did the Pakistani carpet merchants tell their country they were doing it for their benefit? Did the Pakistani carpet merchants sabotage investigations? Did the Pakistani carpet merchants involve themselves in crooked business dealings? No.

    Pardon me, Mr Prime Minister Najib, are you attempting to take us for a ride, or are you assuming we, the rakyat, were born yesterday?

    Can you even answer this question:

    "Who is Jho Low and why did he get money from 1MDB? Where did that money all go?"

    Can you answer?

  16. Anonymous12:29 am

    Well done, Rocky. When you wrote this article, you must have had a smirk on your face. For you know it's a load of crap. But why not just test the market, huh. Let's see the reactions of your readers. And sure enough none of the above postings agree with you at all. But at least you are fair; you let the postings through. That's why I think you are not the true kaki bodek. If you still have problems with your conscience, do what the Unspinners are doing...Close shop.

    1. My feelings exactly. But then we won't have anything funny to read.

  17. Anonymous12:42 am

    Seriously added insult to the injuries of Malaysians. You named the very person who inflicted so much damage and injuries to malaysia and its people as the man of the year? Using the same yardstick, all the robbers, rapists, the nigerian schammers, the killers are your heroes...


  18. Anonymous2:05 am

    Crime Minister of the year from 2009 to 2016

  19. Anonymous7:33 am

    Cubalah ko renungkan sedikit...takkan lah kamu tak nampak apa yg berlaku rocky...kamu tak boleh menipu diri kamu...

  20. Anonymous8:06 am

    Congrats najib....!!! (dalam hati ni berkata, bila la nak berambus panda dan penguin ni...)

  21. I agree with you on this, Datuk. The anti-Najib forces tried very hard to demonize Najib for the past few years. Anything he said like the kangkung issue will be spin to make him look bad.
    Fear not Datuk, I will support you as long as what you write is sensible. I may not comment as much because I have work to do but I do read your blog first thing in the morning. Let them call you whatever they want. You get pahala they get dosa if what they make fitnah or accuse you of something you don't do.
    Let them waste their time while smart people work hard to earn something, these people spread fitnah and waste their productive time. No wonder they are the loudest to complain about cost of living and everything.
    Haters are gonna hate. Nothing much you can do about it.

  22. Anonymous11:22 am

    If the recent WSJ report is to be believed, it is clear that 1MDB was set up as a fund for UMNO and BN elections.

    This explains why UMNO delegates chose to back their President on the issue during the PAU. They had all unknowingly (we assume) used the cash he handed them during PRU13. So to put it simply, they have suddenly found themselves guilty by association.

    We have to admit though that funds for elections in Malaysia have always come from obscure sources. UMNO is not the only political party who have practised this. Najib's camp inadvertently admitted it too when they tried to justify his use of 1MDB funds as the better evil than Mahathir's, alleged, use of funds from crony businessmen in the past.

    However they failed to point out a couple of glaring differences between the two practices.

    Firstly, funds from cronies does not add risks on the government, the economy and the rakyat like the funds from 1MDB. 1MDB had no wealth of its own. It would have to loan money to provide. Loans that were guaranteed by the Malaysian government and thus, indirectly by the Malaysian people. When it failed to manage its finances, the impact is like a tsunami on the government, the trust on our economy (due to the size of the mess) and to the Malaysian people as prime national assets had to be sold to foreign interests to bail out 1MDB. Sure, technically, those assets were 1MDB's but they bought them at prices much cheaper than market price from the government.

    A bail out is a bail out every which way you look at it and it fooled no one.

    Second glaring difference is that the funds went directly into the prime minister's personal account and not recorded as donation to UMNO. If we are to believe Tun M, all donations during his time were accounted for in UMNO's accounts. The funds from 1MDB, or any rich Arab for that matter, had no records in the party's books.

    When will the ROS act on this glaring breach?

    Are they also in 'cari makan' mode, that enables our institutions, enforcement, and some bloggers to set aside all morality and the rakyat's well-being as long as they get "fed"?

  23. Anonymous11:29 am

    "Arul Kanda, the 1MDB boss, was my other choice for Malaysian of the Year. Arul had totally transformed not just the 1MDB's fortunes but the way the Fund handled its critics and detractors from the first day he took over."

    Apart from the standard cut & paste "recycled allegations" dodge, how has Arul "handled critics and detractors"? 1MDB does not even pretend to address issues any more.

    ".....totally transformed 1MDB's fortunes?" We can conclude that 1MDB is indeed a useless company. Not only it is a useless company, it is also a harmful one. 1MDB had impacted Malaysians via:

    a) important IPP companies and precious lands belonged to Malaysia fell into the hands of foreigners

    b) Malaysians, through 1MDB had wastefully made to owe billions to buy assets which in the period of just a couple of years, they lost the ownership of these assets. These investments can now be considered as being squandered by 1MDB

    c) Malaysians, through 1MDB had wastefully used the debt money to buy the IPPs at above market value (RM18 billion)

    d) Malaysians were promised a lower electricity bills when the IPPs were initially bought in 2012 but the tariffs went up 15% in 2014 eventually

    e) strategic power assets in the country are now being owned and controlled by foreigners

    f) precious tracts of land meant for bumiputra development were sold for cheap by the Government to 1MDB, causing the Government to lose money and yet 1MDB sold the land to a third party at market value; of which the money will not return into the national coffers, but will be used to pay off debts. Malaysians lose twice in this stupid move. (Najib Razak and his pet CEO did say the sale of their strategic assets will reduce the RM42 billion debts)

    g) RM950 million which could have been used to pay compensation to highway operators (as what had been traditionally done) so that there won’t be any toll hikes, were used to bail out 1MDB as standby credit instead

    If 1MDB had not been established, Malaysians may have experienced:

    a) when the IPP concessionaire ends, these IPPs can be bought by TNB at a much lower price

    b) a Malaysian company did not have to owe an astronomical figure of RM42 billion just to buy the assets which they had to re-sell in order to pay that RM42 billion loan

    c) Malaysian owned IPPs and Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewels do not have to fall in the hands of foreigners

    d) ministers and Najib Razak’s sycophants won’t sound that stupid everytime they talk in order to defend 1MDB

    e) Malaysians do not have to suffer the humiliation in having a cowardly, deceitful and clueless leadership.

  24. Anonymous11:34 am


    The more I read your post, the more I detect subtle sarcasm all the way. It's hard to defend the indefensible. I guess you're seeing that now. As the Oppo are a bunch of hopeless nitwits, the saner parts of Umno better get their act together, kick out the rotten apples (starting with the top apple) and reboot the whole system.

    If that idiot gets his Dictatorship Bill passed, we are going to be stuck with him and his small, corrupt inner circle of "yes, sir!" morons. If you see how much he's ruined the country in just 6 years, that's not a good thing at all.

  25. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Saya bersetuju dgn rocky's bru,PM Najib memang tokoh 2015,kerana akhirnya beliau berjaya mengaggalkan niat Pak Mantan yg mahu nya meletak jawatan dan beliau juga berjaya membuktikan bahawa RM 42 billion tidak lesap dan hutang 1MDB tidak lebih besar dari assetsnya satu tomahan Pak Mantan yg sangat mudah di terima oleh mereka yg gagal dalam subjek Perakaunan sebelum ini.Selamat Tahun Baru.

  26. Worst Man of the Year. That's the right word to be accordded.

  27. Anonymous3:17 pm

    The world's greatest conman has become an expert in shuffling assets and exporting money that isn't his.

    “In 1MDB’s case, it's using assets obtained cheaply from the government, to settle its debts, incurred we don’t know for what purpose.”

    The analyst expects the 40 per cent stake which 1MDB still has in the 500-acre Bandar Malaysia land, the former RMAF Base in Sungai Besi in Kuala Lumpur, to be taken up by MoF. “This is like Najib’s left hand selling to the right hand.”

    “Najib is not only the Finance Minister, besides being the Prime Minister, he’s also Chairman of the Advisory Board of 1MDB.”

    Yes, exactly.

    But the whole thing has become massive incest.

    All the carefully-planted mamaks and castrated checks and balances will see plenty of further robbery, that's for sure.

    Keep a very close eye on ValueCap.

    20 billion there.

    It will end up completely unaccounted for, just like the 4 billion from KWAP.

  28. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Well , the men is true to his words !!
    He braved the typoon , overcome the rebel , demolished the enemy , reset the direction and finally held the flag high .

    PM Nagib showed he is the true leader of Malaysia .

    1. Anonymous9:07 am

      Anon 4:37- dare to take a poll?

  29. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Dato, bottom line is your blog list still include OSTB,JMD and Kadiaq, just that may be you have sold your soul to the devil and gone were the days when you all were making sense against the slumberjack. Happy belated New year Dato. Just have to wait another 2 years, at least.

  30. Anonymous12:24 am


  31. Anonymous10:34 am

    Never in the history of mankind (in Malaysia) borrow money to buy assets, and then sell assets to pay debts. (What about bank interests?) May somebody enlighten the Malaysians...please.

  32. Anonymous10:38 am

    One courageous, albeit naïve contractor, who was involved in a government project complained about inefficiency and alleged corruption in the civil service, which caused major delays. A silence descended on the meeting room. By week's end, the income tax officials descended on the whistleblower, and scrutinised his personal finances.

    It is also alleged that anyone who complains about their senior leaders has lost lucrative contracts, his bank loans have been withdrawn and permits for his business, revoked. Some also allege harassment by the police. However, those who keep quiet about irregularities, are rewarded for their silence.

    The KBU now happily admit getting personal cheques of 1 million. (Meanwhile the rakyat jelata are advised to get two jobs, wake early to beat toll, and eat kangkung.)

    "Malaysian Of The Year" has made Malaysia the most corrupt nation in Asia.

    He did it in just 6 years!

    Next year he can be "Asian Of The Year", maybe?

  33. damansaraman12:57 pm

    Man Of The Year in your book Rocky?

    He leads an organization that uses our assets to raise capital, yet ending up having to sell those assets to clear the debts. We end up losing most of the assets.

    I used to think you need to be extra smart to become a leader.

    Obviously, never knew that is the standard to beat to be the Man Of The Year

  34. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Kita kena suruh Najib, Arul putar belit, Menteri 3.85, 3 jawatan dan India kacang putih kat Treasury pi attend counselling kat agensi APKP. In Shaa Allah, mungkin lepas tu depa faham apa yang depa buat dg 1MDB tu semua......

  35. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Najib kau yang berhutang kenapa negara pula yg kau cagarkan.

    Rakyat pula dijadikan penjamin.

    Celaka punya manusia. Mana perginya modal? Tiba2 negara berhutang pula begitu banyak RM42 billion.

    Buat pula GST rakyat pula menanggung kos kehidupan yg tinggi. Najib ini dia dah jual segala harta negara, hanya kerana nak dia dan keluarga nya senang, kemudian dalam NST dia boleh suruh rakyat malaysia guna saja barang lusuh atau terpakai untuk atasi masalah kenaikan kos hidup!

    Kau nak bunuh rakyat Malaysia ke Najib? Selama ini yang hidup senang lenang hanya kau dengan bini kau saja.

    Arwah bapa kau Tun Razak tak pernah buat kepada kami macam mana yang kau buat.

  36. Anonymous5:47 pm

    You should convey to Farid, Habibur, Khairun etc. exactly what a useless bunch of losers they are, and why Najib should stop rewarding them for incompetence.

    The disorganised cover-up attempts we've seen in the last 6 months, with everyone contradicting each other left, right and centre, have done the hopeless 'Buncit Warrior" and her husband no good at all.

    You're killing the golden goose, boys. He is tainted beyond repair. Nak jaga imej boss, or kill him off? Kayu la you all.

    (Tell Puad Zakar as well. Waste of space, really. Tak berJASA langsung.)

  37. Anonymous9:43 pm


    Rokki, kamu ni nak bodek nak jadi senator ke?

    enam pek

    1. Anonymous3:22 pm

      Senator makan dedak

  38. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Very cool indeed.
    Getting his chance for giving a chance to Lim Kang Hoo.

  39. Dear Zack.

    Please stop using Helen Ang's tag line; Haters are gonna hate. Mind you, Pro-Tuns are not Evangelistic in nature.

    If Pro-Tun really hate Najib, people like me would not be defending him last GE13. Even Dr.M did the campaigning for Najib against that DAP's dinosaur in Gelang Patah, then.

    For UMNO's sake, please stop that thoughtless 'either you are with us or against us' strategy. And harping unity with PAS may back-fire. PAS too would have their integrity & reputation smeared, by making allegiance with someone, aptly put, indefensible. UMNO and PAS' unity would be more fruitful without Najib, I think.

    The real 'hater' will surface, come GE 14, if there is one, in 2 years. By then, the opposition, especially DAP would start praising Najib as 'Malaysian of the Year' or 'Towering Melayu' or whatever. Just like they 'love' Pak Lah before he resigned.

    Dato Rocky should know better.

  40. 'Lame-duck of the year' should be best, I think.

    Hope his decision to join Saudi Arabia's 'coalition against terror' would not come to haunt BN and UMNO, come GE 14, if there is one, in 2 years and possibly more. Worst still if our boys were send to die for the Sauds or is it Uncle Sam and Israel, pulling the strings.

    That's the last we heard of Malaysia as a Nation in 'Non-Align Movement'. Literally, we are now an enemy of Iran, Russia and China. Petronas... be prepared for 'rough-weather' ahead.

  41. Anonymous12:06 am

    Johor Umno has no issue working with PAS, says Khaled:

    "If there is anything that needs to be discussed or consulted, they are most welcome as this is to fulfill our national aspiration of bringing progress to the country and for the welfare of the people," he told reporters after a Gerak Mesra Perdana 2015 prize presentation and launch of Taman Scientex Hall in Pasir Gudang, today.

    Mohamed Khaled, who is also the Johor Menteri Besar, said Umno president Najib Abdul Razak had offered to work with PAS on Dec 10 in efforts to develop the nation in accordance with the Islamic law."

    Awwwww, so noble lah Umno nih.


    "...bringing progress to the country and for the welfare of the people"

    Yes, we need more 1MDB, Yapeim, Mara, corruption, unexplained 2.6 billion "donations", abuse of laws, and misgovernance.

    I'm sure PAS can learn all of this "welfare" if given a chance.

    Just let "Malaysian Of The Year" teach you how.

  42. Anonymous12:09 am

    Rocky, next time you and your family having your meal please say this niat makan "Sahaja aku makan rezeki yang aku terima ini dari air mata rakyat malaysia". Hidup mesti diberkati bro.. unless you jenis tak kisah.

  43. Anonymous1:46 am

    This is why the so-called "rationalisation plan" bandied about by PM Grossmajib and 1GDB CEO Arul Kaunda Kundi is a con job. It's in reality an irrational and fraudulent plan. It's entire focus is to try and distract us from the massive fraud, misappropriation, CBT, money-laundering, theft, abuse of power and blatant cover-up that has been taking place.

    No sane businessmen, business model and enterprise will start out by claiming to maximise returns to the Rakyat with a paid up share capital of $1 million, then borrow $46 billion, and in a matter of 2 years, start selling off the very national assets gifted to it, in a fire sale to repay debt.

    Quite a neat summary of the "1MDB miracle":

    "... a paid up share capital of $1 million, then borrow $46 billion, and in a matter of 2 years, start selling off the very national assets gifted to it, in a fire sale to repay debt."


  44. Anonymous9:55 am

    Hey Rocky, since Najib is the man of the year, guess who is the Sellout of thw year?

    Seademon comes a close second....

  45. Anonymous10:38 am

    Seriously you have rock or brain matter between your two god given ears??? Nagib Razak And Arul partly resolve the En Wan AmmDeeBee fiasco by selling the people silverware asset to outsider....and even that the debts is not yet settle in full. What is so great about that???? We the rakyat will punish the perpetrators and their minions come PRU14 nanti....We will not forgive nor UMNO and BN - remember this when PRU 14 comes. You love Nagib Razak so much right...see weather he is worth it or not when you start loosing your seats to the opposition...UMNO - you think with your 3 million strong party members, you can create a government???...well think again.....

  46. Anonymous12:22 pm

    CONMAN OF THE YEAR is more apt.

  47. Anonymous3:35 pm

    What killed the frog?

    Put a frog into a vessel fill with water and start heating the water.
    As the temperature of the water begins to rise, the frog adjust its body temperature accordingly.
    The frog keeps adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog cannot adjust anymore. At this point the frog decides to jump out.
    The frog tries to jump but it is unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature.
    Very soon the frog dies.
    What killed the frog?
    Think about it!
    I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump out.
    We all need to adjust with people & situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust & when we need to move on. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions.
    If we allow people to exploit us
    physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally they will continue to do so.
    Let us decide when to jump!
    Let's jump while we still have the strength.

    hahaha...r u also in this catagory?