Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Malaysian of the Year 2012

Updated with the Prime Minister's New Year message here.

"Building a successful country requires continuous effort and a clear direction. Destroying a country only requires a short time, but the consequences will be prolonged." - Najib Razak   

Will 2013 be Year of the Jibby?
Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has been called all sorts of names. By his foes he's been accused of murder and black magic, and behind his back some of the more ambitious from his own party badmouthed him as weak and soft. They said he gave in too much to the demands of the Chinese, the civil rights movements, the Christians, the Americans, the Malays, the Bumis, the Muslims, the Indians, foreigners, so on and so forth. 

Despite all these, Najib has continued with his policies aimed at helping the less privileged Malaysians and at being fair to all regardless of race and religion. Many of his own ministers and officials have let him down again and again but he has continued to engage as many groups of Malaysians as possible in the spirit of his trademark "inclusiveness". His 1Malaysia slogan is no longer just a slogan but a theme that can seriously re-unite a divided Malaysian people and transform their nation. He still could not bring together the two PMs before him but both Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are solidly behind him now. Even chief foe Anwar Ibrahim had to admit, grudgingly, that Najib could prove a formidable opponent in the coming general election.

You are allowed to disagree with me but for sheer consistency, hard work, and determination to promote harmony and stability among the various ethnics in this beloved Land, PM Ah Jib Gor or Jibby or Pink Lips [or whatever name you are calling him] has done enough to be, in my books, the Malaysian of the Year for 2012.

If you have your own Malaysian of the Year, feel free to name names in my comment box ..

Happy New Year, my dear Readers, may 13 be a lucky year for you. Amin.


  1. Anonymous1:23 am

    I nominated Rosmah as Malaysia of the year 2012.

  2. I can say I know this man personally, a very kind, self-less and determined human being. He seldom shows his temper or none at all, except his face and ears will turned red if he does. But he cools off rather quick but will not forget, and we will be reminded from that "meeting" with him not to ever do the fuck-up again. He does not mince words when he wants to say something pertinent. A good family man and by far definitely not a murderer as any helpless minded and un-thinking Malaytsians would like to accuse him of. Personally I will go all the way to the end with him, for thus far I do not and cannot visualise anyone else that can steer this multi-racial country ahead!
    My vote is he should be voted a Malaysian of the Year 2012 and 2103!!!

  3. 358 ctJanuaRocky purposely miss out stealing and plundering by Najib.
    Corruption is a word taboo for UMNO b supporters to talk about.
    We do not bad mouth him.
    You mean Bishop Paul Tan also bad mouth Najib?????
    Talk sense and stop carrying Najib's balls....ROCKY!!
    PS: Very bad for you to start 2013 by controlling comments..exposing you. The sins will accumulate or carried by your children to lessen your burdens...and in the end..you make them suffer for nothing.
    Be forewarned!!!!

  4. Anonymous3:34 am

    Take the advise seriously from a good old man Rocky.

  5. Anonymous6:15 am

    Dear Dato,

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.
    For this article you will definitely earn a big pay check from Ali Baba. Keep on spinning about him because it won't be long before he'll be brought down by his gang of 40 thieves.

  6. Anonymous6:55 am

    Pity, he dont deserve the wife he has now. Someone with the likes of Hasmah or Raha would really make him a true MOTY.

  7. Anonymous9:30 am

    Malaysian of the Year Amitted that he could only do it with the Help of Mahathir!

    Shouldn't MAHATHIR then be The Malaysian of the Year!?


    1. Anonymous5:28 pm

      Mahathir should be man of the year! A A Malaysian who is even richer than Warren Buffet. Proud to be Malaysian and reveling in it!

    2. Anonymous12:55 am

      i agree MOTY should be Mahathir. He remains close mouthed on his new found fame over at wikipedia. He is probably humble about it and we should learn from him.

    3. Anonymous10:53 am

      Mahathir for MoTY. USD 44 Billion personal wealth is money!

  8. Anonymous9:44 am

    Malaysian of the year 2012 - Nik Aziz the MB of kelantan. I hope he will continue to become the MB of kelantan and still play very active role in politics of malaysia, for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

    and i pray allah will let him live to continue his political agendas for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

  9. Anonymous9:48 am

    Happy new year for all Malaysian. Hope that BN will fall in next election as Malaysian had endured so much suffering under the corruption and discrimination under UMNO especailly for the orang asli. Hope that we will make 2013 as one of the most memorable yearm in Malaysian history.

  10. Anonymous10:41 am

    And Anwar is the Malaysian Idiot of the year 2012.

  11. Anonymous11:33 am

    You made my day ! I nearly puke breakfast after reading your take on jibbly...you are joking is it for 2013 ? My roti chanai man can beat him hands down just with his honesty...ha ha ha...Dont tempt faith Rocky....

  12. Salam perjuangan bro..

    Moron dapat di linkkan blog saya yg x seberapa ni..


    Untuk article Terbaru blog saya :


    Tq bro.. Semoga tail persaudaraan ukhuwah ter erat antara kita.. Anyway blog saudara, sempoooiiiiii..


  13. how old are you Rocky?

    and have you not eaten enough salt to realise that sweet talkers who can promise you heaven and earth, talk with poker-faced look and make one feel good without even realising they are been fleeced???

    he may attempt to do this and that but his sincerely is in question. his "lu tolong gua, gua tolong you" promise made during by-election in Sarawak alone OUGHT to make any a blind person see right though him, EXCEPT you!

    btw, PMO asked you to drop by anytime to collect you promotion letter for good job done. CONGRATULATIONS BATU!

  14. Anon 944am,

    For ever and ever and ever and ever? Hard to miss the sarcasm there.

    Dear Pasquale,

    Najib is blessed to have someone like Muhyiddin as DPM. The fact that he inherited (and retained) so many fools from Pak Lah Cabinet and administration and still does well as PM is a testimony to his tenacity and conviction.

    And you are spot on about his ability to lead the various ethnics. Anwar and Hadi - the two PM wannabes - have both been caught on video/audio/print for discriminatory remarks against other races/religions. Not Najib.


    You know I don't "control" comments. Proof: I publish a lot of your rubbish. But the ones that are really impossible to digest, I keep in my archives. I don't want my other readers to suffer because of you.

  15. Have to agree with you that Najib should be Malaysian of the year for 2012 for all those reasons you said. However, I'm hoping more for him to be on top for this year. To win the GE13 convincingly and to bring about a better Malaysia, and reforming Umno and BN, insyaAllah.

  16. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Monsterball says "Corruption is a word taboo for UMNO supporters to talk about.."

    Oh really? Your friend Ngeh from DAP even threatened to sue those dare to discuss his current turmoil. Isn't it taboo to them as well? It even forced LGE to come out with the Muslim's God name issue to divert the attention.

  17. Try as I may, the dalils can't vindicate him as MOY. And, you lucky guy, try as you may you can't be impartial anymore. We all know why. You had made your mark but yours not the blog that rocks like before.

    That Al jib gor childishly twitted from Mecca but then Vatican (and Batu Cave?) first! - to appease Christians? Many dalils to list, below a few doses in my latest posting.


    ... Pity the people of Sabah and Sarawak, Najib got it all for Klang Valley, Iskandar, Felda in compact and following his mentor's footsteps, the slumberjack's Penang second bridge, glass mosque ... He is thick skin if he wants to stay on for PRU13.

    Najib asked deadwoods to quit voluntarily but who wants to admit! The sign of a weak leader is indecision. And he knows only his nose bridge if not the scenic bridge will be on. Behold, both of them need bridges to cross the Rubicon!

    But experiments must go on for science and humanity to progress especially to usher into 2013. PRU 13! Beware the (t)ides of March 2013!!

  18. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Dear Rocky

    We vote you as Malaysian Blogger for year 2012, simply becoz you tolerated mentally ill patients like midgetballs, goatfarter, bloodystone et al.

    They keep coming back to publish their unsolicited rubbish and trash coz your blog serves as counselling sessions for them, provided FOC.

    Kudos Rocky!

  19. Anonymous3:02 pm

    and oh chinese may "May 13" be a lucky year for you! hahahha you're the man Rocky!

    1. Anonymous7:32 pm

      The chinese had better pray be it at their temples or churches that BN gets the mandate or they will experience what their forefathers did. I admit its an old and out of date extrinsic political motivator to say the least.....but most of the time it does contribute. So to the chinese i say please be thoughtful come GE day for the sake of your children. Our country needs YOU!

  20. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Najib is the only viable option out there though I too have lambasted him at times.

    But he has steered the economy generally well by keeping inflation and unemployment relatively quiet while silently institutionalizing a reform package that will hold the ship steady for the foreseeable future.In the course of it, put Malaysia on an IPO pedestal, sent the KLCI index streaking into uncharted heights, burnished Malaysia's competitiveness, put Malaysia on the global tourist brochure, Kl as the fourth most popular city for shopping after New York, London and Paris plus a host of other achievements.

    Detractors bent on nitpicking and bone scavenging may point at the Transparency Index but then again that index's credibility is zilch as methodologies go as even the abtuse country rankings indicate. Imagine money laundering economies occupying the top slots, that says much of the TI!

    Yeah..if economics is the measure of good stewardship then Najib stands out as a viable and successful option and deservedly earns my vote for in the end what matters most is food on the table, clothes on our backs, a decent income to pamper self and family as rational people everywhere know that empty political rhetoric, liberal cant, democratic gibberish etc will not fill tummies or slake thirst nor will they grow the GDP or the per capita!

    My only qualms with Najib basically rest with non-economic issues (though he would do better with GST plus further fiscal reforms), particularly his handling of his fawlty towers cabinet poops, and his kiddy glove treatment of the extremist elements who now populate the opposition landscape.He would have done better had he listened to sound advise on the ISA and clamped down harder at the outset of his tenure. Maybe, he has his own ways of engagement but there is a certain madness in the method as it always seems to be teetering on the brink of insanity. I would call it the "socio-political psychopath cliff", the Malaysian sociopolitical counterpart of America"s "fiscal Cliff". But like the Yanks, I am sure hoping that for Najib's sake that his high-wire impresario antics do come off for the consequences of failure is not worth imagining or is it after all? A Muslim extremist-racist Chinese,liberal deviationist Frankenstein of a fascist Chimera that will leave Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi, Japan's DJP's Nada and even Afghanistan's Taliban breathless in admiration and covering in shame.

    Bet sane Malaysians everywhere including Najib wouldn't want to contemplate that scenario.

    Happy Gregorian New Year to every sane, rational, informed, and critical thinking Malaysians out there including to you, Rocky Bru.

    Warrior 231

  21. So many of my comments defending myself...not published...making me look like a fool...yet you say you do not control.
    You put out rubbish....all OK.
    It's your blog..and like gambling....you hold the 4 Aces.
    Take my above advise seriously.

  22. Anonymous3:19 pm

    LOL.....Najib, "Malaysian of The Year 2012"

  23. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Can i nominate monsterball as the spinner cum racist of the year?..


  24. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Monsterball . . .hailam tin. No worry, you are not without birds of same feather to flock with.

  25. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Rosmah as MOTY only if she has the gall to lose all that excess weight and make us and her hubby proud showing some will power to lay off the fat laden gluttonous way of life in the upper echelons of society . Her face looks bloated up everytime we see her.All that money ....invest in a gym and if you already have one...USE it, get a pro to help you out..for gods sake!!

  26. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Must 'ampu' frequently to make sure we're in Najib's favor. Can't afford to lose position on his list of cybertroopers. Maybe will be reinstated back to chief on the Malay Ma... ah, nevermind.

    There are many citizens far more deserving of the 'Malaysian Of The Year' title.

  27. Best joke relating to 2012 of, course, since the Sword of damocles, Altantuya's C4 murder, is still hanging over his head, and for 4 years since becoming PM, he hasn't directed Home Minsiter Hishamuddin and the IGP to get to the botom of it!!

    And how come $250 million Minister for Bangsar Cowgate Affairs was not nominated as 'Woman of The Year', and her hubby as 'Dunce of the Year' for allowing himself to be "tricked" into paying someone $2 million to "bribe" I Polis Raja?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  28. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Lim Guan Eng.
    Just replace Najib's name with that of LGE in your article, and also use Malaysian Malaysia instead of 1Malaysia, and you have it.


  29. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Anon 9:48

    ...endured so much suffering....What nonsense are you writing about?

    Anyone suffering? Are you eating maggots? You know anyone eating maggots?

    If you love the orang asli so much and think you can do more for them than what the govt is doing I suggest you pack ang go live with them. They are not complaining. You have no issue to take up. Dont show your stupidity.

  30. Anonymous6:58 pm


    you must be an angel. but nowadays people dont trust angels. they are in fact the devil of all devils. anwar is a good example.

  31. Anonymous7:05 pm

    hello 9:48 --- Really? Go to Australia and see how the 'orang asli' there are treated. If you feel you have been discriminated all these years you would have left. But NO! You are still here enjoying life.

  32. Dear Param,

    Lim Guan Eng would have done much better I'd he had focused on the tasks at hand, doesn't claim ALL the cerit for himself, and go slow on the politicking. As for Malaysian Malaysia, funny how little we hear of the DAP's slogan post 2008. I reckon that's because its partners PAS and PKR disagree with MM. Yes, 1Malaysia has spawned so much by products. Even your guys in Pakatan could not resist - remember the Merdeka slogan Sejiwa Sebangsa SeMalaysia? Or something like that

    But at least you have a MoTY. Can't say the same about most if the other regular commenters who disagree with my my Malaysia. Of the Year but can't seem to propose an option.

  33. Anonymous11:11 pm

    You mean Thief of The Year ?

  34. Anonymous11:48 pm

    hoping for Tan Sri

  35. Anonymous12:21 am

    Fuck the haters rocky. Youre the man.

  36. Suffering is part of living.
    Rocky controls all the shit comments from me and spare visitors from suffering.
    He is like Jesus Superstar!!

  37. Which cave was this Don't Play Puki idiot when the court sentenced Policemen Azilah and Sirul Azhar to the gallows?

    He must be blind as a bat coz I doubt it any newspaper missed this story entirely.

    Hundreds of murderers sent to the gallows annually. How come this Don't Play Puki never say anything?

    Back to this posting. Yes, PM Najib deserve MOTY. He goes around meeting rakyat in pasars and having breakfast with them in many towns.

    He does Tweetups and Facebook meets, just to reach out to the youths. He engages students when he is abroad.

    He made sure he attended NPC Dinner, in a tuxedo.

    He openly acknowledged Tun Dr Mahathir's personal initiative for UMNO.

    He has not gone for a ride in any of the RMN subs even tho DAP leaders already done that.

    He even rode the Striker all around Putrajaya even tho he doesn't know how to ride a bike.

    A true leader indeed.

  38. Anonymous5:47 am

    Can see u carrying Ah Jib Gor balls....
    Better BN win or you will lost your balls.

  39. The bird of the same feather like me are woodpeckers....hornbills strapped with rockets...all kinds of sparrows that will make so much noises at the streets...in blogs..to exposed hypocrites protecting rouges and thieves ....for a salary..just doing that with no love for country and people...but only for themselves.
    Selfishness and being racists will get you nowhere.
    It's out-dated and fooling Malaysians days are over.
    Why do you think Najib is holding back 13the GE to the last few days of his unelected PMship?
    Many idiots that work in the govt.... for a salary have awakened and can think for themselves.
    The 3 million new young voters....is where Mahathir is most afraid of.
    He simply hates smart young Malaysians.
    All the side shows have been performed by Najib and Mahathir..with their cronies...like Ibrahim Ali...Ali Hasan....bravely fearing no MACC arrests at all.
    Deepak have spoken....and MACC also dare not act.
    Bishop Paul Tan insults Najib like hell..also no arrests.
    If you think Malaysia has the best democratic system....with that...you are a gone case idiot..no cure.
    It's rouges and thieves dare not arrest or sue anyone...to keep Malaysians...especially the Muslims....giving them the benefit of the doubts.
    But the Muslims in PAS and keDAILan are at the forefront....educating half past sixes created by Mahathir for 22 years...not to be fooled anymore with great success.
    It is now...left to the voices and Malaysians bought by Najib...to protect and promote as much as they can...for confidence and trust to cast their votes ...to support BN.
    What is the results?
    Needless to say....if the results favors Najib and UMNO b party...Najib will not delay 13th GE for one minute.
    It's 2013....and 100 days is all Najib got...1105 days for him to enjoy freedom.
    It's also 100 days or slightly more than 3 months...for thousand..including Rocky..looking for new jobs.
    Lets see how Rocky controls his blog.

    1. Anonymous11:25 am

      you sound like a bunch of sour grapes. That's your opinion on the government. As for me and a whole lot of others are reveling in our success as Malays. We have overtaken the chinese as in personal wealth wise because of the ruling government and we dont indulge in corruption. So Montyball...if you're Malay and feel left behind, pick yourself up and become wealthy like us Malays. We Malays have total monopoly of the economy....from sugar, flour, automotive industry, hiway concessions, banking industry, property development and the list goes on. Mc Donalds is Malay owned...and soon Starbucks too when we grab it from Vincci Tan. So why the sour grapes?
      And if you're other than a bumiputera or "the other bumiputera" prepare yourself to be working in the blue collar sector because our economic policies were not designed to include the pork munching chinese. Wawasan 2020 is the year of the realisation of the elimination of the non-Malays particularly the chinese. So if you're a non-Malay too bad lar.Prepare to sell yoir daughter to us lor! LOL!

  40. Ellese7:02 am

    Sorry to digress. But I need to tell the world how pro pr blogger suppress truth and censor who they don't like. In this case it's the famous haris Ibrahim. He spun an article that our civil service are the most inefficient bloated civil servant ever and gave stats of other countries.

    I pointed to him that this is a lie and compare with stats of Singapore. Then rounded up that the stats are wrong when you say Indonesia civil servants are much more efficient than Indonesia.

    I wrote what happen in my blog hakbersuara. Wordpress. These pro pr bloggers have a penchant for telling lies and spreading falsehood. And when told them of the truth, they censor it out. Hope you can publish my comments here.

  41. Anonymous7:28 am

    I agree with you. Dato Seri Najib deserves to be called Person of The Year. He has done a lot for the country and Malaysians in general.

  42. Anonymous10:52 am

    Bloody male chauvinist. Why not Ambiga or Shahrizat or Rosmama or Sofiah or the China Doll?

  43. Dear Ellese,

    Hypocritical, these bloggers and sites, isn't it? Cakap tak serupa bikin. Many of them have even banned Monsterball, and still the dude tak sedar diri. But that's their character, they never think that they owe anyone anything: not gratitude nor decency.

    Reminds me of the politicians who kept on harping about (the lack of) Press freedom when they were out there trying to get in. Once they are in the Government (state), they started curbing the rights of journalists like never before! They ban newspapers from attending government functions, they release statements only to publications that are pro-them, etc etc.

    Can you imagine if the likes of these people form the(Federal) government?

  44. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Lu punya boss Najib sudah tak lama lagi, kenapa mahu angkat bola dia ? Lu tahu siapa yang bagi tanah MINDEF di Majidee dan di Bukit Raja ? Kata Tengku Adnan, "all candidates for BN are clean". Lu mahu tipu siapa ? Tahun 2012 Man of the Year Najib, tahun 2013 Man of the Year Moo Hee Din pulak.

    Lu mahu angkat orang atasan punya bola, angkat lah betul2.


  45. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Sorry anon 11:25, hate to burst your dream bubble, but the opposite is more true... more nons entering GLCs & corporations where there had been none before.

    Read about why those ultras are complaining about Petronas Carigali becoming Shelligali. Another gripe is about how CIMB has become Chinese In Malay Bank under Nazir Razak. I don't know, but I certainly see more Indian faces at my local branch. And my Indian ex-colleague is now a upper level manager at Scomi. Gotta get someone with knowledge of the culture if you wanna invest in India, amirite?

    I'm also glad for "the other bumis", as they truly deserve more recognition. More of them coming across the South China Sea now. We now have The Net who did a good job with MAS, before subsequent dungus messed it up again. Pity he really isn't much appreciated.

  46. First class spinner!
    No one can spin as good as Rocky.
    What happen to my comment before this?
    Make your visitors vomit ar?

  47. Anonymous1:22 pm

    anoA 11.25am

    typical filthy rich meleis small dick - no matter what still love the smelly cibais. these amois when they put on some weight and age a little, the rule will be a piggy looking slit eyed puffy face. you will make them your wife and sleep with them and make (ugly) babies with them...in the end will give all your money to them... game over..we still win..ROTFL

    1. Anonymous5:07 pm

      watch and see lah...come 2020 the chinese will be in the state of borderline poverty. Then we Malays can pick and choose from a huge selection of amoi we want to keep, butt slap or even kick mah!

  48. Anonymous2:29 pm


    Never has an adage been so appropriate as that which says that a rotting fish starts at the head. And a rotting fishhead can never be Man of the Year. You don't want a Man of the year in January to go to jail in the course of 2013.

  49. Anonymous4:00 pm

    monsterball 6:32

    You really can write. But like a silly fool.

    1. Anonymous4:54 pm

      Monsterball is a silly fool probably because he has gotten his medication from some snake oil peddlar. So stop being a dingbat and a scrub. Prepare for ur life of hardship and borderline poverty come 2020.

  50. Ellese6:14 pm

    Dear Datuk

    Monsterball has even been banned by pro pr blog. He has encountered me. He has no coherence or in other words nothing upstairs. Zilch zero. With him I always find easier to start with the end. Name calling. He can't reply and 100% resort to name calling. So don't waste your time. I classify him as idiots who are proud of showing their idiocy. But I think you're honourable not to go into entertaining him. For me I'll reply in kind. I don't think he dare to go to my website hakbersuara. Wordpress. to express his rant.

  51. Ellese6:22 pm

    Erratum Datuk, the last word of second para should be Singapore and not Indonesia.

    On these pro pr bloggers, they don't know what free media means. To them it's free media when they publish your views and censor contrarion views. Yet condemn MSM for being one sided. They think we're stupid not to see it.

  52. Datuk Rocky dan sekelian pembaca blog ini,

    Telur Raksaksa tua kutuk ni memang tak sador diri & fakta dia sentiasa salah. Tulis komen macam meroyan dan kena sawan.

    Ini bukan fenomena baru malah sudah 6 tahun perangai dia macam ni.

    Pandangan Telur Raksaksa mengenai Tun Dr Mahathir tidak diterima dan ditolak generasi muda, terutama golongan belia dan pengundi kali pertama adalah meleset.

    Saya yakin beliau tidak pernah menyertai mana mana majlis atau program melibatkan Tun Dr Mahathir dengan belia dan pelajar IPT, yang berlaku atas undangan mereka beberapa kali setahun merata tempat dalam negara.

    Pelajar Malaysia dalam IPT luar negara pun mengundang Tun Dr Mahathir untuk berucap. Setiap program seperti ini, beliau tidak melepaskan peluang untuk berdialog dan interkasi dgn mereka dan ianya dinanti nanti.

    Tun Dr Mahathir memang masih popular dgn majoriti rakyat Malaysia. Buktinya jelas: Program program dimana beliau berucap sentiasa menerima sambutan baik.

    Bukti yang paling baik ialah Rumah Terbuka Aidil Fitri. Dua majlis kebelakangan ini, sambutan adalah luar biasa. Pengunjung dari pelbagai keturunan, umur dan masyarakat sanggup beratur sehingga 2-3 jam untuk bersalaman dgn Negarawan itu.

    Dua majlis kebelakangan ini juga menyediakan makanan untuk 20,000 pengunjung dan licin-lecat menjelang 300pm walaupun orang masih berpusu pusu datang ke rumah beliau di Mines.

    PM Najib juga memberikan penghargaan khas atas initiatif peribadi beliau bertemu pemimpin dan ahli UMNO/parti komponen BN dan NGO seluruh negara secara kerap.

    Kenapa komen ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Melayu?

    Ini kerana Monsterball aka Telur Raksaksa sebagai seorang Malaysia, tidak boleh berbahasa kebangsaan.

    Terima kasih

    Anjing Godang

  53. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Monsterball lau ren banyak sangat cakap, am just wondering what he himself has contributed to progress and prosperity of this country????

    I vote him as the "most bitter and frustrated old man of the 21st century".


  54. hahahaha.... Ellese bragging again.
    I guess it is promotional time for me..one way or another.
    All that Fucking Ellese know is politics....nothing else.
    HE {Ellese } is a man....also banned by many bloggers.
    What's so terrible about that?
    PR bloggers ban Ellese....BN bloggers ban me.
    And one who brags the UMNO owns everything and I need to sell my daughter for prostitution...when I read that...I feel very sorry for that Malay.
    Simply not worth arguing with his pride and joy.

  55. PERWIRA the simpleton...is talking cock again.
    And as for Ellese with Rocky....I can put you two in my pocket for life's achievements without carrying balls.
    Put you two in the other pocket for living..caring...sharing....general knowledge
    All you know is politics.
    What else??? SPEAK UP!!
    I come here...knowing it is a UMNO sponsored blog....with no fear.
    Shall we dance????
    3 more months...Elese may need to dance and sing at Petaling Street for a living.
    Rocky ada wang la.....vamoos to quite living with fire water as his most important pass time hobby.
    I keep smoking cigars .....waiting 13th GE to see idiots lost in the woods.
    For that idiot..who said I need to sell my daughter for prostitution...I want to remind him....not to insult pros.
    At least they do not steal ...or carry any balls..for a living.
    Lets see how much Rocky value freedom of speeches in his blog.

  56. Anonymous5:28 am

    wah.... soon the entire line of rich class malays will all look sepet and yellow like us cos their highest achievement when with money will still be to fuck a yellow unwashed cunt - no matter what they still consider bedding the chinkies a remedy for their low self esteem :)

  57. Anonymous11:25 am

    I think Rocky's Malaysian of the Year will be pushed very shortly. He will NOT get to call GE13. He's now negotiating for a quick exit in view of his non-winnable status. TDM thinks Moo is more acceptable and BN can better manage the slowly deflating BN balloon better under Moo. The attack dogs viz Deepak and Musa have loosen their bites lately to allow the 2012 Malaysian of the Year and his beloved 2012 Shopper of the Century, some breathing space.