Monday, September 07, 2015

UiTM students, "berhati-hatilah mendengar berita ..."

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The message in this video clip is meant for the latest intake of UiTM students. Pretty good reminder by the Vice Chancellor Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar for the new students to be discerning at all times and not simply believe what they read, watch and hear. Particularly news about current political affairs and the endless spin about Prime Minister Najib Razak. Too much "pencacian" these days, Sahol says. "They condemn the Malay leaders and step on the portraits of our ustaz (religious teachers). I can't accept that."   
Sahol tells of how Najib Razak has given UiTM a dozen new campuses and helped him "save", to date, 33,000 rural students that had been rejected by local varsities. 


  1. drMpower7:06 am

    What a very poor and unpleasant way to welcome the freshmen
    Instead of trying to get the students very excited and proud about uitm these poor young lads got the idea that no one wants them and they had to do uitm because there is no other choice
    The class started this week if not mistaken. Make sure they all go to class and learn something good sahol.

    Great talk sahol. We all hope the tax money used to pay your c/ b/ a salary is justified but the truth is i think going by that 'save' talk my tax money is wasted.

  2. Anonymous10:00 am

    Brainwash to become racists. That's whyMalay is a doomed race under UMNO. Still need tongkat after 58 years.

    1. Anonymous6:01 pm

      Well the chinese are born racist no need to brainwash them. Inside moms stomach already planted hatred seeds towards other humans. Mcm bagus sangat. What hateful species. ;-) ;-) ;-)

    2. Chingkie9:12 pm

      It's so sad, for us to be labelled as racist by a filthy, snotty, kiasu chingkie race whom self isolate themselves, practices racial discriminatory policies at their own workplace,and damn racist to the core; even john howard of Australia complained about it. So are you trying to say that malays will become great and prosperous under leadership of dapig/papig? That tongkat term is coined by a frustrated 90 year old pm whom until now still unable to unseat najib unlike previous umno leaders. Please accept the fact that our rights are a permanent tradeoff to your ancesctor pendatang 's citizenship status, and if you're still eager to take ours then don't blame us if we have to forcefully take yours.
      16 september rally, bukit bintang.

  3. Excuse me Sahol! That is not Najib's money that is funding UiTM and Mara but taxpayers'.

    I would have given this character some credit had he also said that students should be more critical on what they read or heard especially from the government including its representatives like Sahol.

    Its leaders like Najib and the people he chose to lead major institutions (like Sahol to UiTM) that makes me worry about the future of Malays.

    M. Bakri Musa

  4. Anonymous11:41 am


    FYI, not all Malays are UMNO and not all need any Tongkat and a good example is 10:03.

  5. Anonymous12:18 pm

    European migrant crisis is a proof where people could be made to leave a place they call home and it can happen to anyone. Those migrants probably heard and learned something from the web but it turned out to be something else. Who to blame? Foreign power who caused turbulence in the ME? Migrant itself? Media? or ???

  6. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Mr Sahol is right , malay tend to listen from fitnah
    and undermine their leader, Chinese is very much respect their leader.
    Like the bahalol 3 ekor kt atas ni...

  7. I certainly supported Sahol reminder to UiTM students. Not all are with poor results. Those are exceptional who came from poor family in the rural areas who did not get the same level of education as those from urban areas. This is one of the objectives of UiTM.

    I remember in 1967 there were few universities then. Tan Sri Arshad picked up these students who failed to get into the U and enrol them in professional studies like banking, statistics, actuary, accountancy, plantation, hotel catering etc. Many are successful enterprenaur and professional. Now UiTM graduates are readily accepted by employers in private sector.

    It is the duty of VC to remind the students on their first obligation. To study and not indulged in politic.

  8. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Save 33k malay but sapu 2.6B. Past PM has created million of Malay professionals la Rocky. Tun M menaik taraf from Institut kepada Universiti. Malau la kalau VC cannot differentiate between derma dengan rasuah. Tak hairan kalau malay grad susah dapat kerja ha ha ha.

  9. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Come on la doing good to Uitm (btw that is not his own pocket money) doesnt mean that he can be so corrupted, lying and ruining the country. He brings bigggg shame to the country...extremely in denial states.

    Malaysia deserve a good leader...not corrupted to the highest degree.

    Jln Reko

  10. Dato' Rocky

    Forgive me to deflate your ballon a bit but my nephew was one of the students who was in that session with Sahol... He came back cursing Najib even more heheh...


  11. Anonymous5:58 pm

    At least the poor Bumiputras are given opportunities to further their studies in UITM.

  12. Anonymous6:58 pm

    "They condemn the Malay leaders"

    Who is they? Other Malaysians? Anyone who is opposed to Najib and corruption?

    Sure if people are corrupt , we should condemn. What has being an particular ethnic group i.e. Malay got anything to do with it? This is the fusion of unethical practices as an attack on an entire race. Where got lah?

    Facts are forgotten,

    -MACC and SB officers transferred, then transferred back.

    -People investigating the matter are themselves investigated

    -New DPM claims to know donors and seen cheque (in 2013 when the money was transferred - by the way no one uses cheque anymore ah) while old DPM fired for asking that question.

    - 3 current and former SRC officers left the country and are now missing even after being barred from leaving country. Wanted by SPRM. Police put out interpol notices for sideshows but these people have no notices put on them.

    Ya, yu, Encik Sahol and the propaganda gang can conveniently ignore these facts.

    Encik Sahol needs to improve his own critical thinking. Very poor and a terrible advertisement for UITM.

    Facts need to replace emotion baiting.

  13. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Macam ini punya VC, patutlah UITM tak ke mana pun. Patut dapatkan VC yang lebeh cerdik.

  14. Blogger A.Z said...
    Dato' Rocky

    Forgive me to deflate your ballon a bit but my nephew was one of the students who was in that session with Sahol... He came back cursing Najib even more heheh...



    Did you want me to congratulate you?
    Ok lah, congrats!
    But I'm sorry, I don't think your nephew is unique or special. I bet most of the new students are like him. Rebellious, have their own minds, anti-establishment, etc. That's what the young are supposed to be.
    That's why the VC needed to give them that advice in the first place ...

  15. Thank you Esa Adam,

    Bukan semua Melayu sedar.

  16. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Ini semua sebab Jho Low yang telah memperdayakan PM kita dan sekarang tinggal kaya raya di luar negari.

    Jho Low lah yang patut dihukum.

    Gabungan Mempertahankan Najib dari Jho Low (GMNDJH "Gemjeh")

  17. Anonymous11:27 pm

    To produce good leaders the students must be allowed to express their views openly through demonstrations or speakers corner . Ibrahim Ali ,Zaid Ibrahim , Mat Sabu and many2 more YB2 from ITM but now yes men sindrome ITM had lost respect in any field...

  18. Anonymous9:45 am

    After imposition of GST, majority consumer group is now the biggest tax contributor. So these students should be proud to go to a place where they and their family have significant amount of shares in the funding. So just concentrate on the primary target and not to be unnecessarily disturbed by the minor contributors.

  19. Anonymous11:25 am

    so you are a product of a rejected student as well?

  20. Anonymous11:38 am

    Sahol is the same guy who shrugged off the fact that ITM fell 100 places in the World University Rankings, to 701:

    Why you are holding him as shining example to youth is beyond me.

    Next you'll be saying the PM is a shining example of financial transparency?

    Even your own readers don't buy your BS, latuk.

  21. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Inilah satu nasihat yg paling tak berguna sekali.wahai anak muda bacalah dan lepas itu fikirlah dan lepas itu buat keputusan. A Allah beri kita akal untuk berfikir dan DIA akan murka kalau kamu tak mahu berfikir.Sebab itu orang melayu islam mundur dalam segala segi