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Jose Ugaz is no Al Gore but they want to cause the same thing to happen ...

“... is that it is possible for foreign people to influence people in the country, agitate them, and cause them to overthrow the government.” - Mahathir Mohamad in May 1998, on the lesson he'd learned form the fall of Indonesia's President Suharto  

Now, Ugaz: "Msia facing corruption crisis" 

Then, Gore: "Msia = Cronyism, corruption and nepotism"

Contrary to Ugaz’s claim, (Transparency International's own) Corruption Perception Index 2014 had ranked Malaysia 50th among 175 countries, second within Asean behind Singapore, and ninth in Asia Pacific after New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Ugaz is wrong, says Ali, The Star 5/9/15

When trigger-happy Jose Ugaz, the Transparency International chairman, accused Najib Razak of grand corruption h e r e, the fact of the matter was that investigation into the US$700 million Middle East donation was still on-going. 

The MACC had, as of a month ago, verified that the money in the PM's personal accounts was not from 1MDB as alleged earlier [although Dr M still believes 1MDB funds went into Najib's account, TMI 28/8]. The MACC also said that the PM would be called to explain the donation.

In short, Jose Ugaz had jumped the gun. And so it was fitting that Tunku Aziz himself, the man who helped found Transparency International-Malaysia in 1998, got to tick off Ugaz for being such a moron. 
“I think that this statement (by Ugaz) is ill-advised, it was an ill-informed statement. It’s just an opinion which is based on unconfirmed reports ... It’s a one-sided statement, he should have taken the trouble to give a balanced view by asking people who are informed about this.” - Tunku Aziz accuses Transparency International of bias, MalayMailOnline, 3/9

I wasn't at all surprised by the statements by Ugaz and several others at the International Anti-Corruption Conference. Some of these organisations are funded and controlled by entities and people that promote change of governments in selected regions. Entities and people who disagree with Middle Eastern donations to fellow Muslims countries, too.

And it's not like we've not been through this way before. In 1998, the US sent its Vice President Al Gore to KL to send the same message that Ugaz tried to last week. 

Gore gave open support to Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi movement and encourage them to topple their democratically-elected prime minister. Unlike Ugaz, Gore had the satisfation of spitting out those insults right in the face of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was playing host. In front of the other leaders of APEC, Dr Mahathir was accused of cronyism, nepotism and corruption.



KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 16— Vice President Al Gore today rebuked the Malaysian Government for suppressing freedom and championed the growing protest movement here as tensions between the United States and Malaysia boiled over at a meeting of Pacific Rim countries. 
Standing in for President Clinton at the annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, Mr. Gore praised Malaysians who have rallied against Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad as brave people. 
''Democracies have done better in coping with economic crises than nations where freedom is suppressed,'' Mr. Gore said in a speech. ''Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective. 
''And so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy and reform in many languages -- people's power, doi moi, reformasi,'' he said, referring to the slogans of reform movements in the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. ''We hear them today -- right here, right now -- among the brave people of Malaysia.'' 
''Reformasi,'' or reform, is the rallying cry of protesters who are demanding the resignation of Dr. Mahathir. The Prime Minister has been under searing criticism for ousting and imprisoning his reform-minded deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, who is on trial on corruption and sex-related charges.
Read on, H E R E, New York Times, 17/11/98. 

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  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    He that pays the piper calls the tune. Better if al Malaysian bloggers submit their drafts to those in power in Riyadh, Dubai and Doha for approval before posting as these donors are determining what the plan is for the country, not its citizens.

  2. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Yes, everyone who criticises Malaysia is working for the CIA.

    Dude, what hidden agenda and why?

    Don't be another crazy conspriracy theorist

  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    "Guatemalan president imprisoned hours after quitting amid corruption scandal - Protesters celebrate as ex-leader sent to jail" - New York Times report.

    Only in Latin America?

    Or is this report a figment of somebody's imagination?

    Or are the Guatemalan taking issues concerning corruption and governance seriously?

    Comments, Bru?

  4. Anonymous5:36 pm

    This year the 50th ranking will definitely changed. That time those dungu minister will say foreign ranking not applicable.

  5. Anonymous6:42 pm

    when gore spoke, mahathir was there. when jose spoke, najib ran way. rafidah stood up. Guess where are the cabinet ministers. they all run away. gore talked about democracy, jose spoke about bribery and transperancy. I know you want to impress somebody , rocky. or stand up for najib's right.. but i hope you do the right things and not the things right.

    ahli umno temerloh

  6. Anonymous7:11 pm

    When you rely on 2014 Index before the current crisis happened to support your argue, its shows how shallow your thinking including our KSN. Next year, the new perception Index will ranked malaysia in the bottom 50. Then younwill know what Jose talking about.

  7. Anonymous7:29 pm

    What is wrong is wrong. USD700 million in private accounts? Where to hide this corruption? How you know it was meant for something other than personal use? Word of mouth? In 1998 Al Gore asked people to revolt against government. 2015 majority of Malaysians just want Najib to resign.

  8. Anonymous7:30 pm

    "Labu8455 said...

    Dato no matter how much you tried to spin to save Najib, it simply wont work any longer. 2.6 billion is inside Najib personal account and was closed later with "some" balance of money transferred to a Singapore's bank. Justo was another issue and these two aren't related.

    8:52 p.m."

    Smart guy, this Labu8455.

    Why don't people believe bloggers like you any more, Latuk?

    Because the govt has issued so many lies that we can smell the falsity a mile away.

    Here’s a useful overview of UMNO’s confused web of lies so far:

  9. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Rocky oh Rocky. You are degrading yourself with every post defending a coward, a liar and in all probability a crook. The comparison of then and now is as they say, apple and orange.

    1. Al Gore is a bloody liar while Jose Ugaz is well known for graft busting in Peru (don't be lazy lah and check their background)
    2. Gore via the US administration, at the time, had personalities close to Anwar 'Rear Admiral' Ibrahim while Ugaz is hardly known in Malaysia
    3. Anwar 'Rear Admiral' Ibrahim's agenda was to topple the Govt, nay the country, by anarchy when he had avenues open to him to defend his "good" name. As you conveniently fail to mention in another of your apple polishing post, a 90 year old statesmen has said that there is no avenue to unseat this megalomaniac.

    On-going investigation or on-going cover-up?

    You mention MACC, surely you jest. A compliant IGP, a lame duck AG, a defunct PAC and the MACC harassed like nobody's business but the coward Bugis' own to save his A$$. Oh, before I forget, a ball carrying Anwarista Home Minister.

    "I wasn't at all surprised by the statements by Ugaz and several others at the International Anti-Corruption Conference. Some of these organisations are funded and controlled by entities and people that promote change of governments in selected regions. Entities and people who disagree with Middle Eastern donations to fellow Muslims countries, too."

    Please lah Rocky, be specific and substantiate your allegations instead of sweeping statements.



    Please stop links to the has-been RPK. Everyone else and you should know better what RPK stands for nowadays where "CASH IS KING".

  10. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Najib tak jawab soalan. Orang dia punta default defence - data mine and some how link it to Mahathir. Relevant ke tidak kepada soalan yang Najib kena jawab tak penting.

  11. The Bugis pirate sudah drop anchor , and some of his bangang followers want to walk the same plank as him.
    Mahathir says the boogey pirate should rot in jail.

  12. Anonymous8:38 am

    well you would go this low.

    compare properly the events btw tun m vs anwar = al gore and

    najib vs the people = jose ugaz

    the sacking, the money, the lies, the flip flopping in giving answer is what you have been seeing right in front of your eyes.


    are you lying when you wrote this? are diverting the truth knowingly?

  13. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Ugaz the best! Stern action must be taken to those corrupted leaders & their spin experts...

  14. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Whatever rocky

  15. You know what, Rocky,many people enjoy reading the comments rather than the contents of your blog. I am among them. Any sensible man would not take the trouble to mince every word, but would just skim thru, as it is not worth the while, knowing that he would not be reading something that's worth reading.

    Maybe it is not too late to swim back to the other side of the bank, before getting drowned.

  16. Anonymous4:58 pm

    speechless bro.

  17. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Great pics Rocky,

    definitely too much pencacaian going on

  18. Lawrence Tan, you are hurting baaaad. I feel for you man,

    Shoo now, come back and read more comments on MY blog tomorrow same time.

    LOL! You make my day!

  19. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Datuk...kipidap...the good job...hehehe. Look like all the Oppo..toons are hurting really really bad.Another one (beershits) bite the dust.

  20. Anonymous9:56 am

    this is why najib should vacate as PM. Real sad to see him being criticised, being the butt of cruel jokes, and dragging msia
    through this muck.