Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Rise and Bias of Corporate Journalism

WSJ and the Malaysian PM: Clearly, no love lost

"Unfortunately The Wall Street Journal's analysis of Bernie's proposals isn't just another routine example of shoddy corporate journalism. It's an example of how the corporate media tries to discredit and discard anyone who they can't control. And that's not just bad news for our political process. It's also bad news for the Fourth Estate, which really should at least try to be honest in its critique of policy issues." - The Wall Street Journal's Attempt to Take Down Bernie Sanders Backfired, Truthout, 18/9/2-15

Wrong again, WSJ
A good Sunday read for students and practitioners of journalism. Not just because the WSJ, accused of promoting corporate journalism in America, seems of late to be quite infatuated with Malaysia, its Prime Minister and 1MDB but also because journalism as we know it is a dying profession.

Re WSJ, Bernie the US prospective presidential candidate isn't the only one fighting a battlle against the powerful media. Najib Razak faces the same predicament, for different reasons.

The PM's keeping his options open to sue the American media giant while the 1MDB, previously meek in dealing with unfair reporting, has openly slammed the WSJ and challenged it to have some decency and name its sources.


  1. Anonymous11:24 am


    This will shed a little light into how "wrong" the WSJ was:

    Oh, by the way, on 5th July your Supreme Emperor said this:

    “If I was going to be a robber (penyamun), why would I transfer the money back into the country? That is, if I wanted to be a robber. I am thankful that many people did not believe the news that I transferred money to my personal accounts.”

    I think the term is "padan muka", kawan.

    The WSJ are STILL waiting to be sued. We'll hit the 3 month mark soon.

    Will they be sued?


    Their money trail is 100% correct, and has now been admitted.

    That's why we need the 5 different donation excuses (so far.)

    What a mess.

  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    Sue the WSJ already, man! new York times also.Please, please, please.....I want to see it while I'm still alive. SR has been sued? Claire has been taken in? Justo? Muhyiddin? Mahathir - after all he said it openly that he wants Najib gone. Haven't?
    & Since when are sources revealed? Did you do it? All the time?

  3. Anonymous12:04 pm

    This is one hell of a conspiracy to "topple" the fading leader of a fairly insignificant nation, isn't it?

    Swiss-American-British-Singaporean-Hongkees-French, all to "topple" one guy.

    But it's all bullshit generated by "conspirators", right?


    Both the Swiss & Singapore were tipped off by their OWN monetary authorities.

    The ikan bakar Bugis coolie better get ready to print some new banners about foreign interference and Yahudi.

    This time, leave the Felda folks alone.

  4. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Najib only got himself to blame. He didn't handle the 1MDB issue well and choose to treat Malaysian as stupid citing that we should trust him on that 2.6 billion without questioning the accountability. As usual those who are not with him are considered the western plot to oust him. I wonder does he has any intelligence anymore to come out of new excuses.

  5. Anonymous4:10 pm

    As a reporter you should know that confidential sources are not revealed.

    So why you propagating the 1MDB line on revealing sources when you should know better?

    Also your article is easily transferable and indeed more relevant to the Malaysian mass media.

    Why don't you write about that too?

    Berapa kali Utusan kalah dalam saman fitnah?

  6. Anonymous6:19 pm

    hullo locky

    ever heard of whistleblowers' act dude??

    when will that hang takde tel*q sue ALL those reputable news agencies??