Monday, September 21, 2015

It's SABOTAGE! IGP, in Makkah, explains why Khairuddin had to be arrested


"This is clearly and act to challenge the Malaysian legal system, taint the credibility of local enforcement agencies, and open Malaysia's democratic system to foreign interference. His action is a form of sabotage that can destabilise this country's economy and sovereignty."

If there's one thing I will not stand for, it's Malaysians who go running to foreign authorities to undermine their own  people back home, claiming that they'd exhausted all avenues for recourse locally. That was why I could not support Hindraf, Bersih, and MCLM, to name a few, or when the Opposition went overseas purportedly to get anti-graft authorities there to arrest their political foes government instead of putting thier trust in our own MACC. I'm all for Malaysians abroad like Bakri Musa and (more recently) RPK who make it their part time job to criticize the country and her leaders in their writings and speeches when they could have enjoyed their haze-free days and Umnoless lives. Theirs, no matter how harsh and blunt, are constructive criticisms and not acts of sabotage. 

But Khairuddin, he's never known for being critical of anything. Until his police report against the 1MDB late last year, he was an obscure local Umno leader in Opposition-ruled Penang remembered for his notorious role as the publisher of the 50 Dalil book that helped bring down Anwar Ibrahim, then the Deputy Prime Minister, for abuse of power and sodomy. In the past weeks, Khairuddin has lodged reports against PM Najib Razak in the UK, Switzerland, France and Hong Kong. 

This week he was supposed to have flown to the US to get the FBI to investigate Najib and 1MDB for money laundering or stuff like that.

Stuff which, accoridng to Dr M, could lead to Najib's arrest once he leaves Malaysia


Anonymous said...

"This week he was supposed to have flown to the US to get the FBI to investigate Najib and 1MDB for money laundering or stuff like that."


" laundering or stuff like that."

Ahhhh, these trivialities.

Dude, where's my 2.6 billion?

Anonymous said...

""This is clearly and act to challenge the Malaysian legal system, taint the credibility of local enforcement agencies, and open Malaysia's democratic system to foreign interference. His action is a form of sabotage that can destabilise this country's economy and sovereignty."

Not a single crime in that paragraph.

Lots of politics. though.

What was against the law?

They have to desperately use s.124 instead, because nothing else fits.

I hope the IGP will be arresting the FBI soon?

Anonymous said...

No one will ever arrest a head of state that enjoys diplomatic immunity, so Dr M is dreaming. But is it fair to say that local politicians can't be pursued legally through our own country's legal system or not? It's not worth arguing over specific cases but better to look at a the wider picture- how many ex-politicians retire with tens of millions or even billions after a career not in business but supposedly in public service, but I can't remember any that were jailed for corruption, let alone had money recovered by the state. All we see here is a shadow puppet game which is not about the interests of the public. That goes for all sides of the political debate.

Anonymous said...

Since this PM, the most scandal ridden and tainted one of all, would not resign and is dragging the entire country down the mud with him along the way. So, what would YOU DO? He can deflect 1MBD and a whole load of other rubbish, but before anything else, lets talk about the 2.6billion donation he already has in his personal account. Pray, tell, what is the best way then?

Anonymous said...

But still that should NOT be a crime. Otherwise Palestinian and other Muslim countries should not goes international to ask help for their problem.

Anonymous said...

Putting trust in our Macc?? They themselves had to seek Allah's intervention not so long ago. Their senior man had to have bodyguards to protect him from the Prdm. What a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Please do not bad mouthing our best and great PM Najib. All Malaysian must always respected him.

Anonymous said...

"If there's one thing I will not stand for ..."

well you can always SIT down and shut up

tanggung dosa subahat latuk locky

Anonymous said...

let's hope this idiotic twitter IGP gets his dessert over there for protection a thief and a liar

baru pada muka

Anonymous said...

Not liking something or disagreeing with something does not make it a crime.

What Khairuddin did was not illegal.

Questioning/disagreeing/not believing in the judiciary, local authorities is NOT A CRIME.

Putting police reports overseas is NOT A CRIME.

His actions are NOT A CRIME.

Disagree with him sure, but say what he is doing is a CRIME?

Anonymous said...

"It's SABOTAGE!!!!!!!"

Yet you were completely silent when A-G was saxked, MACC arrested, transferred and invesigations disrupted, SB head forced into retirement?

Where was your sensationalist headline then, bro?

Selective hearing ke?

That was SABOTAGE, yes in capital letters too.

PS - When is KBAB arresting the FBI under s.124?

jamil said...

macam mana pula bolih jadi sabotaj? kalau tiada kesalahan aktiviti money laundering di luar negara - tutup kes

Anonymous said...

If IGP had to make a statement from Mekkah, it clearly shows it is a political prosecution. How can one person like Khairuddin sabotage the whole country?such a stupid statement from idiots.

Anonymous said...

Najib is not afraid of being arrested overseas but fear of being overthrown while he is overseas. Najib now is in a siege mentality. It will like this for him until he quits. there are only a few people propping him up. if he leaves the country he never how many will turn against him.

Anonymous said...

Najib now lives in a siege mentality. He is trapped in malaysia fearing of being overthrown while overseas.

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow rocky.

you publish an article from DAILY MAIL!

ha ha.

and yet you condemn the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said...

Felda is now $1.50. Any comments?

Anonymous said...

By what stretch of imagination can one say that lodging a police report anywhere in the world can be construed as an act of sabotage. It's defies logic. A report is lodged if a crime is suspected to have happened. It is the job of the police to investigate the report. This is SOP anywhere round the world.
The less we talk about our local enforcement agencies the better. They have repeatedly shown their bias and incompetence.Hell will freeze over before anything will be done and when anything appears to be done it will be effectively SABOTAGED by those in power.

Meaning of SABOTAGE: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage

Hmmm isn't that what the Bugis pendekar did recently by dismissing the AG, getting the police to harass MACC and bank Negara officials and disbanding the PAC?? Now that is an act of SABOTAGE. Will the police act on it....Naah....don't hold your breath.None of us will.

Anonymous said...

Tak masuk akal. Ni dah kelakar sangat - sangat dah ni. Rocky, awak ni kenapa? Dah tak ada common sense dah ke?

Kalau tak salah, apa masalahnya.

Anonymous said...

SDR rocky, kenapa igp kena keluar statement Dari mekah. Dah tak Ada pegawai lain me? SDR igp berilah tumpuan pada ibadah haji !

Anonymous said...

Another village idiot who just learned to use google translate

Anonymous said...

Rocky, what's your thoughts on the sacked AG and the intimidation against MACC and Special Branch?

Anonymous said...

Talk about selective. I thought you are a journalist not that of 'mangga' variety

Anonymous said...

khairuddin got what he deserved...ask him what his business is..
what did he do to get the title datuk seri paduka?
he was declared bankrupt...who paid for his debt?
a bungalow which was his wedding gift to wife was auction off....they got married quite sometime ago but still unpaid?
wife wanted to divorce him earlier...why ?

Anonymous said...

Tq dato..

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo guilty. It goes to show, when there IS evidence, the guilty will be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1122
You are right.....but many people have their brain switch off. You can argue with facts until all cows walk back home but nothing will change them.