Saturday, August 29, 2015

Restrain. Restrain. Restrain.

Bersih4, don't do this to our cops, please
"Perhaps the most marked finding was that the rally was supported by 81% of the ethnic Chinese respondents and 51% of the ethnic Indian respondents but only favoured by 23% of the ethnic Malay voters interviewed," Merdeka Center survey - Malaysians split over Bersih rally
We will provoke you. Some 5,000 police officers have been deployed for today's Bersih4 in Kuala Lumpur, touted to be far bigger than the three previous Bersih protests. If 50,000 DAP members and their sympathisers come out and paint the town yellow today (and tomorrow), we are looking at 1 cop to every 10 protester. If 100,000 turns up? Do your math. The odds are heavily against these cops if the crowd were to get violent. I hope that does not happen but the fact is not everyone who will be wearing the yellow t-shirt today will be happy if nothing untoward happens. And Bersih4 is, like it or not, an illegal rally. Why it's deemed illegal has been explained h e r e. Not everyone who attends today's rally wants to clash with the police, I'm sure, but they all know that by attending the rally today know they are breaking the law.

Outnumbered and closely watched, the cops - most of them on the frontline are in their youths - have also to exercise restrain at all times throughout Bersih4. That's the order that has been given to them and they have to follow orders. Unlike riot police in western countries, ours are not seasoned or used to handling protesters. Ours aren't brutal. 

During Bersih2 in April 2012, some protesters initiated trouble by provoking the cops on duty. We remember what happened, don't we?

Or this ...

Or this ...
And this.

But cops are only human, and some of them reacted when provoked. And when that happened, the entire police department was accused of police violence, police brutality, and so on (although in 2012 even the WSJ had to be a little fair to our police because of the obvious: Malaysians split over violence at Bersih rally)

This time around, three Catholic churches in KL have offered "sanctuary" for the protesters. Is that supposed to be good? Or are they doing it to spite the government that denied them their "right" to use Allah in their publications? I'm sorry I had to ask, but some things are beyond good manners. 

To the cops, no sanctuary and no salvation for you. But this is what you signed up for. Keep safe, all the same. 
Restrain, restrain, restrain: Sabar itu separuh dari iman
For as Freddie said, they will rock you.

Peace not war: Do this instead - Bersih 3, the "legal" Bersih rally

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  1. Anonymous10:56 am

    It's laughable for the cops to say that they were not given a 'complete' notice for the planned rally. I suppose the IGP's brother had given him a complete notice before protesting in front of a church and the red shirts demonstrating their ninja skills in front of Sogo did the same and the same goes with the Umno gangs invading KOMTAR in penang so very often have always given a complete notice to the police beforehand.
    You see, the same law is applied selectively and if you bother to open your eyes you will see the stark naked truth.However if you wear blinkers what will you see. what can you see and how will you see?? You may be blind but don't expect the rest of us to follow suit.

  2. Anonymous11:01 am

    Najib please refrain yourself from killing your own citizen. Bersih is a peaceful assembly. 23% Malay in absolute numbers is more than the non Malay.

  3. Anonymous11:32 am

    Datuk....they so desperate to remove najib and umno.It is now or never for them.Before all the melayu realise the truth of the matter .Anyway this Bersih 4 is also blessing in disguise for the real malay. Don't you think its a wake up call?

  4. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Your headline should read "Restraint. Restraint. Restraint", not "Restrain. Restrain. Restrain."

    I'm sure you know the difference.

    You are not some ageing failed hack jounrno who has sold his lubang dubur for cash, are you?

  5. Selvarajoo Perakasam12:30 pm

    I just don't understand the need for such protests? Will such protest stop should the Opposition come into power? Or will the next Opposition be expected to continue with the protest from there on?So when will all such street demonstrations stop?Our country has a democratic method of choosing the next government and leader, can we not just wait for another 3 years? Or if the Opposition afraid that it is not likely to happen since it has already failed on two previous occasions?Bersih began as a movement to refine and purify the electoral system,but how did it allow itself to be hijacked by the Opposition? Right now,Bersih has taken on a racist tone and is definitely not good for the country and its people.I pray that better sense prevails. Let us not fragment the country since it is already divided beyond repair.

  6. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Saya tak suak Bersih. Tapi saya hendak Najib dibicarakan dan masuk penjara.

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Not much to worry Rocky..You and your boss can spin till the cows come home but the real issue here is about good governance and corruption at the highest level of the government.
    After all as your bosses's just donation not corruption.

    We can also spin as... it's just street carnival not demonstration.

    So it's legal to celebrate in the streets just as it's legal to accept donation(sic).

    Hidup Bersih

  8. Anonymous5:47 pm

    The dictator should restrain from stealing more money from the rakyat.

  9. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Notice all the violence in those pictures are Melayu? Nothing happened today leh.

  10. The Significance of Yellow.

    1. Yellow is the colour of the coward.

    2. There's also the description of an ethnic group as a "banana". Yellow on the outside and white on the inside. To be fair there's also the Bounty Bar and the Coconut.

    3. I'm just referring to a term commonly used in Australia and the USA at the turn of the 20th century. How they feared and detested the Yellow Peril - as incoming migrants into their 'homeland'. They are of course talking about the Chinese.

    4. So it seems the so-called Bersih mob comes from the well-heeled urbanites. What's new? This has always been the pattern of the revolting voices against so-called Malay hegemony.

    For Bersih 5 and 6 and 7, ( i.e if by then, this country does not end up like Libya and Egypt where people were fired and deluded by the "saviours of democracy and freedom" ) they might decide on white, the colour of purity, innocence etc. etc - the choice of the DAP's mentor - the PAP of Sinchiapore. Or who knows, by then, we might even have another island Republic of Penang! And hallelujah - all those Malays in Malaysia who are smitten with emulating Sinchiapore will find their dreams coming true.

    1. Anonymous12:46 am

      You're on dope, defo. Jibby passed the curvoisier to you and brouhaha. Certainly, a disgrace to Hamid. Period

  11. Anonymous12:03 am

    Them bastards need a good shower so turn on those water cannons on em. They deserve it. Hidup Melayu Hidup Umno.

  12. Anonymous12:30 am




  13. IT.Scheiss4:23 am

    I believe that the reason why this Bersih is peaceful compared to previous Bersihs is because it is mostly dominated by the DAP which is more disciplined and mature, unlike previous Bersih's which were dominated by PKR and their radical sidekick NGOs.

    I also believe that if PAS were to dominate it would also be peaceful because PAS are also very disciplined and mature but PAS is out of the picture now.

    Anyway, whoever dominates I do not support a grouping which includes NGOs which have received NED or Soros funding, however noble their claimed objectives.

  14. Anonymous8:47 am

    When police (not the lower ranks that have to meet people) is listening and following the instruction from a liar, thief & mafia, what do people have? extremely frightening...chaos definitely will come one day...

  15. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Dorang msk kgbr nak buat taik. Aku cincang dorang sendiri.:-)

  16. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Just to share with Datuk & your readers.
    I know of quite a number of people who mainly belong to the christian faith who are very vociferous about bersih and wanting to "change" Malaysia. Some had been going on about "God will let this & that happen" and their their excitement has now reached a fever pitch. They have been so active on social media with their relatives & friends outside our country all scheming & planning to embarrass us & our country.
    They have been networking with all their groups in & out to whip up a frenzy. Most interestingly they mainly belong to a particular ethnic group. All of this lot that is outside our country still hold our passport and quickly return whenever the passport is due to expire so that it is renewed.

    The other serious matter that has come to my observation is that quite a number of this lot are employed, engaged or appointed by institutions with federal Government connection. Some have as their paymasters the big tawkays ie entrepreneurs in the millionaire & billionaire lists who came up because of the Government's help & support.

    We true concern Malaysian have to be wary about the agenda and plan of this lot. They bite the hand that feeds and are all out to destroy us.

  17. At least Datuk, the rally ended peacefully. Perhaps it goes to show that Malaysians CAN protest peacefully? What do you think? Does it set a precedent for future peaceful pro/anti/sorta-on-the-fence demonstrations in the future?

  18. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Datuk, you have lost any credibility you had left with your toadying to BN and its leaders. There was NO trouble at the rally. Last time, the trouble was cause by heavy handed policing. It was not the same this time. You know that!

    But please continue writing in the same vein so all of us can have a laugh as the Najib Arab donation fairy tale is a tall one and also a sad one for Malaysia. I agree Mahathir is not better BUT..