Sunday, August 30, 2015

The day Tun M joins the "mules' and "fools"

"They said a fool is born every second. In this country, scores of fools are born every second." - Dr M after the Bersih 2 

Like most, I was shocked by Dr M's decision to join the Bersih 4 rally at the Dataran Merdeka yesterday. Shocked because this was so unlike the man I thought I knew. For years, Dr M had been consistent in his stand that street demonstrations were not our culture, not the way forward. He even called Bersih supporters "keldai" (mules or donkeys) and "bodoh". 

I wouldn't put words into the Tun's mouth. Never.  


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    ... And you have changed too .... What is wrong is wrong & in this case the current PM is beyond any doubt is wrong.

  2. Anonymous1:11 am

    While not putting words into Tun Mahathir's mouth, you conveniently left out Tun's explanation. Truly disappointed with you lately. While your support of Najib is understandable, misleading your readers is deprecating to say the least. By the way, I was one of Najib's staunchest supporter, not anymore. But Najib's actions to silence everyone, from here to eternity, to keep himself in power cannot be condoned and akin to dictatorship. Truly disappointed.

  3. Anonymous1:13 am

    Why be surprised? Tun has been clear for a long time that he believes the nation is in clear and present danger due to its thieving leaders. All the legal options have been, in his view, blocked by an administration that has corrupted and disposed of parliamentary controls such as the AG, MACC and police. He has also said the people are willfully blinding themselves to the danger. Rocky, if everything you loved was imperiled, what would you be prepared to do? And should anyone be surprised?

  4. Anonymous1:39 am

    i was glad Tun M joined Bersih 4.0.

  5. Anonymous1:41 am

    This is not street demonstration.This is street carnival to celebrate Merdeka. Just like its donation not corruption. you don't get it yet Rocky?Mahathir got it already. Maybe you are the real fool and

  6. Anonymous1:57 am

    So this is how you treated Tun M after all his contributions to Malaysia?

  7. Anonymous2:12 am

    Salam Dato.
    Hari ini adalah hari yang malang buat orang Melayu, saya hanya mampu berdoa kepada Allah agar org Islam di negara ini diberi petunjuk dan hidayah.

    Sesungguh nya benar peasan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dalam wasiat Baginda yang terakhir:-
    "Wahai manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau Rasul yang akan datang selepasku dan tidak akan lahir agama baru. Oleh itu wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara, yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, nescaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya. Itulah Al-Qur'an dan Sunnahku."

  8. Anonymous3:39 am


  9. Anonymous5:18 am

    " Bloodyfool"

  10. Anonymous7:01 am

    It's a bigger mule to be ridden by a wolf in a sheep's skin. Ever see the mirror lately? Dare to publish this comment old fool? Jawab la akhirat besok.

  11. Hahaha, bodoh is better than bangsat. Orang bodoh untuk bodoh, bangsat untuk bangsat.

    Hidup Dr M ! Allah Peliharakan Malaysia dari rejim bangsat !

  12. Anonymous7:21 am

    Lu punya video sama dengan itu Bigdog gemuk macam babi. Sudah ada pakat huh?

  13. Anonymous7:28 am

    He was just visiting you fool. Can't you read?

  14. (1) He was trying to annoy or irritate some people. Well, it looks like he succeeded (2) He is challenging UMNO to sack him. The ball is in UMNO's court now. The future of UMNO hinges on its reaction to this.

  15. On Thursday 11 Sept 2014 in the MI, Dr Mahathir said, "I have failed as Malays know no shame" - referring to Mat Rempits and other 'lazy' Malays.

    Let's pick the core statement, "Malays know no shame". Well, we see this not only in the Mat Rempits, for this sickness is also rampant in the higher echelons of Malay leadership. Malays will do anything for power, money and ego and this has been reinforced in the politics of the last year or so.

    Dr Mahathir - what a legacy to leave behind in the twilight of your years.

  16. Anonymous8:31 am

    PAS secara official menghantar 2 ekor keldai. Sebagai menghormati ukhwah sesama pakatan. Lepas tu gambar HA dijadikan bahan utk dipijak beramai2. Betapa aibnya melayu di sendiri.

  17. Anonymous8:48 am

    Roki bru bodoh...semalam tun datang di dataran bersih 4.0 semata mata untuk reversed saikologi ....ternyata tun bijak dan licik

  18. Anonymous8:52 am

    I could also say theat the day that so-called bugis warrior turned everybody into mules and fools

  19. Anonymous10:18 am

    So Mahathir is a monkey?

  20. Anonymous10:21 am

    Tunggu punya tunggu, dapat juga peluang untuk belasah Mahathir.

    Bila nak belasah Najib pula? Rasanya rompakan yang Najib lakukan lagi senang nak belasah tapi pilih untuk buat diam. Kenapa Rocky?

  21. pemerhati10:25 am

    yeah Rocky, sy pun x faham langsung. Sangat shock sbnarnya. Boleh buat temuramah khas tanya direct pd Tun knapa dia join bersih..

    Apa pun skrg masih sama..tolak Najib but absolutely big hell no to bersih & the gang

  22. Anonymous10:30 am

    Restrain , resrtain , restrain..this posting marks the day Rocky cannot hold his restrain to defend Najib while not hitting on Tun M.
    If Tun M had to turn back on his words on street demo ,thats because all other options had been closed by Najib who unprecedentedly been using all his might and powers putting aside all mores, principles and conventions.
    Meanwhile those who are defending Najib may be just holding on to one last 'principle' (if you can say that) 'not to bite the hand that feed you'..


  23. Anonymous11:11 am

    Sometimes a wise man can learn from fools.

  24. Anonymous11:18 am

    Guess you didn't hear what he said in Pasir Gudang. There is no choice now since all other channels of communication have been closed.

  25. Anonymous11:47 am

    Wow, really Tun M joined BERSHIT 4 last night?

  26. Tun M lives long enough to see the fruits of the trees he planted & to eat his own words on Bersih..and neither Najib nor UMNO pay attention to him, a political has been...must be very painful to him after being so powerful during his long tenure to being reduced and dismissed as rambling old man..karma?

  27. Anonymous12:27 pm

    ha ha ha.. since najib's issues come up, you were never a supporter of tun. i guess, this piece of news, just add to your arsenal of curses and denials.

  28. Anonymous12:38 pm

    According to most of the comments that posted in your blog, it seems to imply that you are the biggest unscrupulous donkey around...maybe you are not. Kipidap!

  29. Anonymous12:45 pm

    The current situasi
    Our PM is a mule or baghal
    Our Ministers are the donkeys
    Our BN MPs are the dungus n fungus
    Supported by BANGANG bloggers such as you.
    We the ordinary people need old man yg kubur kata mali lumah kat pegi like him to raise and affect changes.
    Used to respect you last time.
    Now you blogs are not rational.
    It is not abt difference of policies
    But abt large amt of presumably dirty monies came fr nowhere and who know is somewhere or gone alrd.
    The PM needs himself to explain. Credible Explaination n not buat statement.
    We all have high hopes for anak Razak, now seems haprak.

  30. rocky,
    Nie mcm bandingkan buah apple dgn buah nenas. Ms bersih 2 dulu m'sia not in a deep shit like now, najib xde bgtau terima donation 2.6 billion, xde gst. Skrng nie kami rakyat yg undi umno pun dah tak percaya sm najib.
    P/s: tak suka sngt pun bersih puak anwar, tp skrng rs benci pd najib lg tinggi. So, GO3 bersih!!!

  31. All avenues for redress have been cunningly an brutally clamped down by Najib. What do you suggest then? Wait out till the next GE? By then it is way too late. Najib has to go now bro. No two ways about it.

  32. Anonymous1:38 pm

    yes a fool is born every minute.....unlike u others tried very hard not to remain a fool for life like u....

  33. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Walaweiii there are a lot of mules and fools in 2007..!

    Why did people demonstrate against Pak Lah back then? Was his sins greater than Najib's? Why are there few people defending this man now when the same people were busy trying to topple his predecessor in 2007?

  34. Anonymous6:56 pm

    The real mules and fools are people like Rocky who supports the crook that stole rakyat's money by billions to enrich their family and friends.

  35. Anonymous7:11 pm

    At least he's got balls...u? Nol!!!!!

  36. The day that Rocky went against Tun


    This is quite a sad day. I have been following your blog for years, maybe even from the start. Even though we are not on the same side, I always thought that you were a man of principle. You tried to show the other side of the coin and I always thought you were right sometimes. But, now, defending the indefensible? Not a single word about the transgressions by the leaders? Can you tell yourself in the mirror every morning "Yes, I am doing the right thing for me, my family, my community and my country". We all now this from history, no empire last forever, not even the mightiest ones . What will you do when this empire falls?

  37. TDM declared, he was not there to support Bersih, He doesn't care about Bersih's demand, he was there to be with the rakyat to demand Najib's resignation.

  38. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Hidup Umno..Hidup umno

  39. Anon 2.29 pm

    Yes, I was a fool in 2007 and I said so in my postings below:

    Got some excerpts for you:

    * (I took part in the Bersih walk of Nov 2007 against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration (also known as the Yellow march because everyone wore yellow in the hope that the Agong would be with us in spirit), which saw 40,000 or so protesters according to some estimates, where we were told no politicians would be involved but at the end, of course, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, among others, appeared out of nowhere to steal all the credit.

    p.s But I allowed myself to be a fool only once. I don't know if you were there in 2007 but if you didn't realize that the "original" Bersih had been hijacked .. then you are not just a fool but also what Dr Mahathir had referred to as a mule.

  40. Anonymous8:46 pm

    So you did take part in Bersih 2007 to fight against a prime minister!!

  41. Sudah lah Rocky, don't try to walk the moral high ground. At least old man gets my respects but you have lost mine when you sold your soul !!

  42. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Its yr blog, Dato. You write what you like. I rarely read it anymore. I just came here for the blog roll on the right. Quite balanced, I think. Tq

  43. Salam Rocky.

    Bukankah Dr.M sudah cakap, beliau bukan sokong Bersih, tapi sokong Rakyat.

    Juga beliau pernah kata 'demo' sebagai 'last resort'.

    Saya pun tak sokong Bersih. Kehadiran Dr.M disana juga buat saya sedikit terkilan. Tapi apa boleh buat, itulah 'last resort' beliau.

    Saya samasekali tidak setuju dengan Kit Siang yang mahu Peliwat dibebaskan untuk di angkat sebagai bakal penganti Najib. Saya sanggup 'go-undergroud' dan menentang kerajaan cadangan Kit Siang itu.

    Bagi saya Najib mesti berhenti segera. Pulangkan WANG Rakyat. Samada diberi immunity atau tidak bergantung kepada bakal penganti dan kabinet baru.

    Hidup Tun Dr.M.

  44. Ah.. Dato Rocky.
    Sorry, I forgot.

    Dr.M is not against UMNO or BN Government. He is against, only Najib. ONLY Najib and his wife, too.
    Me too.

  45. Rocky, kerana rasuah dan pecah amanah itu lebih haram dari daging babi...kita kena Bersihkan.

  46. Anonymous7:24 am

    Dr M has always been my hero. He was wise to do what he did before, keeping order fair and justly.

    Unfortunately, this time round, there is a PM that has disregard towards the institutions of the country. How else can the people have a say. And I have to say, there is solidarity and organisation. There is no serious violence that happened.

    Rocky, u too have changed. I use to follow u a lot, but u have changed. Where is the level head that you had previous. Are you clouded by Najib goodies ? Felt threatened by fear that is untrue ?

    Wake up Rocky, Please wake up, bru, you were right about lastime. I supported Najib, and really, like u defended. But this is when you lose trust. And when trust is broken, its real disappointment.

    Dont disappoint you fellow people, just look at the reality, there is real disgust over Najib. He is a coward that should not lead the country.

  47. Anonymous7:40 am

    Dah kono alzheimer dah ....
    Den kesian tengok oghang tuo ni ... mulo nyanyok .

    Bersabar lah.

  48. Anonymous11:01 am

    Do not waste your time trying to make the blog understand the greater picture. The middle of the road citizens has been systematically emasculated by the government. Today we only have people who advocate a position based on payment or ideology. Every issue of governance has been turned into an ideology and the citizens have reacted accordingly. We need good governance based on the Rukun Negara which was once again read out during our independence celebrations and the middle ground because in a democracy after you have won the elections by playing the partisan card you can only bring about good governance by ruling from the middle ground and fairness to all.

    If the BN wants to run this country forever remember that Only Good Governance Has No Term Limits.

  49. Anonymous11:11 am

    Podah lah Rocky, bila dah kantul nak pusing2 "i was a fool in 2007".

  50. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Tun M has changed his mindset now looking for a common front to fight Najib. Now he chose Bersih-4 protest as an extention of the fight platform. I think Tun M is very foxy in this latest political game, it is proven now he established a common front with his former enemies (BN opponents) to fight Najib. He is actually using the enemies and their supporters to form a bigger force. Many interesting political games will coming up soon. We cannot estimate what will be the end results. No matter how the consequence is, eventually Mahathir will get his own karma.

  51. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Mahathir kini dah hilang asas pedoman ideologi yang dipegangnya selama ini, dengan sudi membentuk satu pakatan politik dengan Bersih-4 untuk lawan Najib. Dia gunakan Bersih, dan sebaliknya Bersih sebagai front NGO kepada PR juga akan peralatkan Mahathir untuk bantu PR percepatkan proses menawan Putrajaya. Senario ini sakitkan hati para penyokong BN tapi benar dalam realiti yang bakal menjelma nanti.

  52. the rally being organized on the street full of crowded public who don't really care about the once can interfere accountability of state security..the police already advised the organizer to do this rally in the stadium but still they don't bother about it..things going hotter when Tun also joining the rally..this is unacceptable..before this he is the one who doesn't agreed with street rally..but in order to overthrow Najib and achieve his own target, he joined the rally..

  53. Anonymous3:39 pm

    kata-kata tun m suatu ketika dulu telah memakan diri sendiri kerana sanggup jilat ludah sendiri apabila mengatakn bersih macam keldai..sekarang apa sudah jadi dengan tun??tun pun join bersih kononnya turun padang semata-mata untuk rakyat..hmmm...tun...tun...sudah lupakah dengan kata-kata sendiri??nyanyuk mungkin...

  54. Anonymous4:12 pm

    "The real mules and fools are people like Rocky who supports the crook that stole rakyat's money by billions to enrich their family and friends."

    This sums everything up.

  55. Anonymous4:36 pm

    He is a sore loser. Worst thing is he doesn't know when to stop. He will fight and fight and fight until he gets what he wants or he would rather the party die if he didnt get his way. So much for my respect for him in the past.

  56. abg rocky tun m dh lupa apa dia cakap dulu. sbb 2 la tun turun bersih 4.0. dy dh lupa budaya dia dh.

  57. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Tun M was 90..He suppose consistent with his principle to combat street rally which may affected our peace and harmony. Otherwise he has a personal interest that still pending.. Tun M and Bersih should know this proverbs "Matlamat tidak menghalal kan cara".. Bersih rally is illegal.. It is an our obligation as Malaysian citizen to obey our law because the law is created towards peace and harmony.. By joining the Bersih, you are betrayal our country and non-participant right.. Don't think that all Malaysian accept the rally.. We must respect each other and this is our culture for long time ago.. Bersih was given an option to demonstrate in Stadium.. But Bersih prefer to create provocation and tarnish our country.. Think wisely..

  58. Guess Mahathir is a forgetful person. He only knows how to think properly when he is in service as PM but now. Gosh mudah lupa. He is part of the donkey already!

  59. Anonymous7:03 pm

    No worries Rocky...I support you true and true...all oppostition are nothing but troublemakers...

  60. Tun Dr Mahathir is just a 90 year old ordinary retiree, political nor any government post,...hes just like the man on the street....

    Najib Razak, the Malaysian Prime Minister,...Finance Minister,...IMDB supremo,..has a cousin who is the Minister of Defence Hishamuddin,...has a fanatic loyalist as his Deputy Prime Minister Zahid,..not to mention a legion of MPs that sworn allegiance til death,....and lastly all the school children that carried up high the slogan "...I Love PM.."

    That is a pretty powerful side u have there,...
    And not to forget the new IGP and AG,....
    Goodness,...even Anwar's got a helluva team of professionals in every department to defend him,....

    But Tun Dr Mahathir?,....all these arsenal against him and yet still cant finish him off?