Monday, August 24, 2015

Oops, the TMJ has done it again!

So, the Johor Crown Prince did not let DPM Zahid Hamidi get away with Friday's statement in Kota Tinggi (read my previous posting, here). Well, whether you admire the Tengku Ismail for his outspokenness or you think it's unbecoming, the TMJ has at least been consistent with regards to politicians speaking on behalf of the Johor Istana, so far.

Tengku Ismail tries to stake out central role of influence, says FMT

What's not so consistent are the reports on what he actually said.

Now TMJ puts down Zahid in Johor power play by the online portal Free Malaysia Today and

JOHOR BAHRU: The Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim, has intervened again in Umno politicking with a put-down of deputy prime minister and home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, his second recent criticism of an Umno leader, as he continues to manoeuvre for a central position in the Johor power play. 
In a Facebook posting, he reminded politicians that he was the sultan’s heir and that, blood being thicker than water, his voice would be “the last one heard” after everything had reached his father.

PETALING JAYA: The Johor Crown Prince has warned political leaders against giving "counsel" to the Sultan for personal interests. 
Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (pic) reminded them that he was the heir to the Johor throne and that "his voice will be the last one heard before anything else reaches his majesty".

Big difference, if you ask me. But all the same, just to be safe and to avoid embarrassment  AFTER this Zahid or any of the UMNO politicians, including PM Najib Razak, may want to check with Tunku Ismail BEFORE making any statement on behalf of his father the Sultan of Johor.


  1. Anonymous11:14 am

    Daulat Tuanku...TMJ..your the best...

  2. Anonymous11:15 am

    Bravo....I am Bangsa Johor.....Proud to be.....and will ever be.

  3. Anonymous11:59 am


    Zahid and other UMNO beruk are so desperate to get support from Johoreans by making statement on behalf of our sultan. In the first place, since when Sultan Johor appointed those UMNO dungus to speak on his behalf? What TMJ did was the right thing to do. Otherwise, every politicians in Malaysia will start becoming the "spokesperson" of our sultan too.

  4. Anonymous12:05 pm

    So Rocky,bila you pun mau sanggup MATI for Ah Jib Gor,it seems to be a current for all his UMNO supporters to show loyalty and their FAITH in this Bugis Liar!! Ah Jib Gor, Reverend Jim Jones(1978) in the making!!! hahahahaha


  5. Saya tak berapa berkenan dengan TMJ tetapi saya sokong Baginda yang tak suka Ahli Politik gemar berbohong kepada Rakyat untuk menunjukkan keadaan adalah 'baik' antara mereka, Najib atau kerajaan Pusat dengan Istana.

  6. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Big difference? Really Rocky? In time like this?

    This is like, one is against bad governance all the while and then all of a sudden swtiches side. Really really bad timing - negates all the good in the past.

    I refuse not to like you. Even though you don't care and this does not affect you one way or another.

  7. Anonymous1:16 pm

    The Star are MCA eunuchs, Latuk.

    The TMJ was clearly beating down on Komedi.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  8. Anonymous10:51 pm


    Apahal ni pula - DASYATnya?!! Lihat di - , TMJ: A Drowning Man Will Try To Reach And Hold On To Anything, Even ‘Faeces’, July 29, 2015, by admin-s: dan di, Johor Crown prince posts cryptic message on Facebook, July 29, 2015!

    Ingat tak kisah bekas ASKAR kita, Prebet Adam dan adiknya, yg. sungguh malang itu dan sekarang Adam ini hidup MEREMPAT - lihat di! Buka balik kes ni - kita nak tahu apa KEADILAN dan PAMPASAN keluarga Prebet Adam ni dapat utk. adiknya yg. sungguh MALANG itu! Ingat ada masa, RAKYAT jadi Hang Tuah; ada masa RAKYAT jadi Hang Jebat!

    Politik 'bangsa' Johor memang sebenaqnya adalah legasi MALAYAN UNION-KEPARAT Penjajah British/ZIONIS-FREEMASON-PEROMPAK/PEMBUNUH yg. sebenaqnya mahu MENGHAPUSkan HAK dan IDENTITI BANGSA BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayu - dengan SATU identiti `BANGSA` Malayan (bangsa 'Malaysia' di zaman ini) - lihat di - , Sejarah Perjuangan Kemerdekaan V: Protes Melayu, UMNO & Pembentukan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!

    Jadi baik RAKYAT Johor pikiaq betul-betul dgn. MATANG!!

    Dan memang puak PENDATANG KAPIRDAJAL TERORIS-TERORIS PKRHOMO/DAPBANGKAI si EJEN/KULI-Barat/ZIONIS-FREEMASON-PEROMPAK/PENJENAYAH/PERASUAH-no-1 sekarang tengah nak bangkitkan sentimen keNEGERIan untuk MEMECAHBELAHkan BANGSA Bumiputera Islam/Melayu serta UMNO; terutamanya di Johor (yg. malangnya ada pemimpin-pemimpin tak SEDAQ DIRI/amat-BIADAP/BONGKAK-PEMUJA BUDAYA LUCAH OMPUTIH - dipengaruhi SingaPORK) dan Kedah!

    Si PENDATANG KAPIRDAJAL TERRORIS-TERRORIS DAPBANGKAI/PKRHOMO ini yang termasuk puak PENGGANAS PEMISAH Sabah/Sarawak, iaitu si KULI/EJEN-rejim-rejim PENGGANAS Barat/NATO-ISrael/Zionis, juga sedg. menggunakan strategi sentimen keNEGERIan MELAMPAU ini utk. MEMISAHkan Sabah/Sarawak yg- kaya minyak/gas, dari Malaysia dan diGABUNGkan dgn. SingaPORK-pusat-CIA-MI6/Mossad/NATO di Asia Tenggara - lihat di -, THE SINGAPORE ISRAEL LOVE AFFAIR, September 2, 2009!

    Nek Tempoyak.

  9. Indeed different is "Warned vs "Put down" ..both contentious fighting words..
    although one wonder what does Johor "power play" and manuevering for central position - according to FMT implies? It is made to sound as if TMJ is asserting royal perogative of Johor over the politicians."Royalty vs Commoner" - Put down in proper class.?
    Whereas with "warned", by The Star , its a fair description ,since DPM Zahid acted presumptiously and went over the Sultan's head saying what he did.

  10. Anonymous5:57 am

    Hidup TMJ...let Najib @ konco2 hanyut, lemas & karam. They will never listen..

    Jln Reko

  11. Seeloknya begitulah. Kita berpolitik tanpa melibatkan Institusi Raja Raja Melayu.

  12. Anonymous1:23 pm


    Sultan Johor has finally spoken. Please tell you paymaster to stop making statement on behalf Sultan Johor. "Outsiders who do not understand Johor's history, please refrain from interfering in Johor's affairs." Ambik sebijik!!!

    1. The term Bangsa Johor is nothing new. My late grandfather, Sultan Ibrahim, in his foresight realized that the Johoreans should be united under Bangsa Johor.
    In fact, long ago, the state anthem was titled "Lagu Bangsa Johor". Therefore, outsiders who do not understand Johor's history, I advise to refrain from interfering in Johor's affairs.
    I hope that Johoreans of all cultures and faiths will stand united and live in harmony for the peace and prosperity of our state, Johor Darul Ta'zim.
    2. I am aware and sensitive to the concerns of my subjects. The unstable political and economic situation the country is in now is a major issue which has to be dealt with immediately.
    Though as a sovereign ruler, I cannot interfere in political matters, but as a ruler I am responsible for the well-being and prosperity of my state and subjects.
    Therefore, I urge the ruling government to deal with the problems we are facing now, among which is the deteriorating value of the ringgit.
    3. I would also like to remind representatives elected by the people to shoulder public responsibilities entrusted to them, and to set aside personal interests.
    The rakyat today are a generation of smart and learned people which can dissect information they receive, so please do not take them as fools by feeding them rosy news and information to hide what is really going on. Deal with the problems at hand immediately.
    -H.M. Sultan Ibrahim Ibn

  13. (Ada Anon tinggalkan komen di bawah yang terpaksa saya sunting. Tak boleh guna perkataan2 nista terhadap Raja2 kita Anon, dan tak boleh tuduh bukan2. Kita kena berhemah. Ikut macam TPJ, Adun Kempas, halus tapi tajam ...)


    Perlu ke layan Kerabat Johor yang masing2 pxxxt bxxxx jual tanah kat johor jdi kaya raya beli rolls royce , jet , jual pulau...xxxx orang..ugut PM yg dilantik rakyat secara sah...mcm2 lagi lah...keluar kan ajer johor dr msia ...see if they can survive.


  14. Anonymous11:31 am

    This TMJ is so full of himself. Ha, probably need another person like TDM to put him in his place like TDM did with his grandfather.Like we don't know how corrupt and "mad " this family is.