Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From RM42 billion to RM42 million

Under Swiss law, authorities say they are looking into "unknown persons" when they are unsure about who was involved. - Swiss 1MDB probe targets two execs and unknowns persons 

Now the Swiss knives are out for 1MDB! We are all against Malaysians running to foreign powers to help deal with our own problems, badmouthing their own country in the process. But the case of our hero Khairuddin Abu Hassan taking the 1MDB issue to the Swiss authorities, just like when Hindraf took the discrimination against Malaysian Hindus' case to Her Majesty the Queen of England, may actually be a blessing in disguise for all os us. 

Maybe the Swiss will be able to shed light on the matter, which has been muddled further by fresh allegations and new developments. Latest is by the Sarawak Report that RM42 million of money from KWAP, the retirement fund, had gone to PM Najib Razak's personal account(s).

RM42 million (see links at the end of posting)? Typo, kot. or that was my first thought, because all along the story was Najib had stolen RM42 billion - not million - from 1MDB! 

In any case, that's how far the 1MDB has been derailed. Good news is Arul Kanda and Co didn't hesitate to say h e r e they are happy to help. I hope the Swiss get in touch with them without hesitation, for the goalposts will surely shift again  ...


I met donor, says Zahid
MalayMail Online Aug 22
Explain how you concluded RM42 million KWAP funds not involved, Tony Pua to Zahid
MalayMail Online, Aug 23

Previous link:
RM2.6 b a donation, not 1MDB funds, says MACC
Malaysiakini, Aug 4


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  3. Anonymous11:52 am

    AS previously exposed by WSJ (till now no dispute from the receiver, no legal action), RM42M allegedly came came from SRC (subsidiary of 1MDB) which took the RM4B loan from KWAP..
    SO, indirectly, the RM42B was alleged to have come from SRC..
    - No typo in the said link..
    - You olny need to do a "little" research or maybe you already knew, but still...(u know what I mean, don't you?)
    - write/comment something truthfully & from the heart, ok brooo..

  4. Anonymous3:26 pm

    That's because people already know he mismanaged 1MDB to the tune of RM42billion which some of it was unaccounted.
    But no action is being taken because PAC has been broken up by this kleptocratic, cowardly, everything to hide government.

    Everyone in the government is trying hard to cover up that's why lah some have to resort to other means. We don't want to see Malaysia downgraded to a pariah nation where transparency is non existent and intimidation is the rule of law.

    When police reports were made by that fella against Petrosaudi last year, the IGP suffered amnesia and claimed nobody made a police report against them!

    Fed up lah.

    While the media is working hard to show that 1MDB is squeaky clean, its stench of losing billions in accumulating spiralling debt interests will not go away. Arul Kanda can smile, because he is paid to portray the 'rationalisation' plan is good. But the culprits that made the decisions to cause 1MDB to beg for other parties to rescue them should pay.

    Where are they now? Hiding in foreign countries? Like a guilty fox who was caught red handed with a hen feathers in its mouth? One of the culprit sacked his slightly vocal deputy and the people who were investigating him!

    RM42 million or RM42 billion or RM5 it doesn't matter. A prime minister stole money and put it in his personal bank account and used it without any supervision and accountability and all of us are expected to listen to the nauseating excuses that this is all utterly okay. Where are the ethics? The hard questions? The check and balance that a media should extol and protect to safeguard the public?

  5. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Whether it is 42 billion or 42 million but the question is who and where the money has gone to ? You don't need a noble prize winning mathematician to work out how much will it cost to print t-shirts for the supporters of BN. Not to mention the deposit by now should have returned to the accounts. Where the hell is the balance of the US$700- million ? Or were they shared by all the BN lawmakers or have they all gone into the private accounts of Najib ?

  6. Anonymous4:10 pm

    What about the accounts that were frozen in Singapore at the instruction of the Singapore authorities?

    Have these accounts been "unfrozen"?

    Who are the ultimate owners of these accounts?

    How much funds are there in these frozen accounts?

    And why were these accounts frozen in the first place?

  7. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    You are so fond of writing articles involving HRH Sultan of Johor. Now the Sultan has spoken "JANGANLAH CUBA MEMPERBODOHKAN RAKYAT dengan memberikan berita dan maklumat yang hanya sedap untuk didengar dengan menutup hal yang sebenar. Selesaikanlah segera masalah-masalah yang timbul sebelum RAKYAT MULA HILANG KEPERCAYAAN DAN MULA MEMBENCI KERAJAAN YANG ADA".

    "...Kerajaan yang ada." Is that not Kerajaan Najib and his Cabinet, Rocky"? Certainly not Kerajaan Switzerland.

    Cant wait your next article on this speech by Sultan of Johor.

  8. Anonymous2:41 am

    "We are all against Malaysians running to foreign powers to help deal with our own problems"

    Saya setuju dengan kenyataan Datuk di atas.

    Sebab itu saya malu PM kita kena minta sedekah dari luar negeri, sebab orang Malaysia tak mahu derma kat dia.

    Macam pengemis kepada kuasa asing

  9. Anonymous7:45 am

    hindraf is about hindus on malaysia government. 1MDB is about mismanagement of money. Umno people against umno leader. Pls rocky, dont try to be racist or try to use your non-intelligence comparison.

  10. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Rocky, you are confused. RM42 billion is the loan of 1MDB. Anyway, the PM is accused of accepting US$681 million into his personal account and then remitting out US$650 million out before closing the account. His fee for doing that is US$31 million. What this means is that he is a money mule. A money mule allows illicit money to be banked in to his bank account and then remitting it out again less his commission. A money mule goes to jail if caught. Please investigate this further. Thanks

  11. I wonder who has said the whole RM42 billion has gone missing? Maybe certain reporters should not have ever been one?

    1. Anonymous12:51 pm

      Rocky said it and he is still missing the train.