Friday, June 26, 2015

Justo Annoy Zappers by Azmi Arshad

Updates: Belum 30 Jun lagi Najib dah gulung tikar! 

Original article:
There are daily gems in the the social media by people - real people, ie not Anonymous - who are not defending 1MDB or Najib Razak as much as they are defending common sense and the truth. This piece by one Azmi Arshad of Shah Alam (I met the dude in some bike [food] fests a while ago) is one of those. From time to time, I hope to publish these gems, with the hope of sharing their sense of humour, at the very least, and to provide a better perspective for all of us. May we all keep our sanity for a little while longer. - Bru

SHAH ALAM, 26 June: Zappers (Zombies and Pentaksub Personified) are very upset at the arrest of Xavier Justo. They are now defending him like zombies had defended Anwar Ibrahim. 
This is what zappers say: 
1. This “proves" the documents were genuine. Of course zappers ignored the part where PGI said the documents had been tampered. Well, what to do… zappers are used to reading only the headlines or news captions. Remember when zombies said Anwar Ibrahim’s sperm had been tampered when it had not — now zappers can’t believe that Petrosaudi’s documents had been tampered with. 
2. They call the Justo a “whistleblower”. This reminds me of zombies calling Anwar a “political prisoner”. They can’t bear Justo, their tatooed hero (who was sacked by his employer), being called a blackmailer or extortionist. I’ve never heard of a whistleblower asking for millions to not “blow the whistle”. Usually they just want protection. 
3. Suddenly zappers are now claiming Justo's arrest does not make the RM42 billion debt disappear after previously claiming that RM42 billion had disappeared. Well, nobody ever denied that there was debt of RM42 billion (although zappers pretended not to see the corresponding assets of RM51 billion) but the debt is being managed and 1MDB won’t go bust because of it (much to the frustration of zappers). This is kind of like zombies conceding that Anwar did commit sodomy but that it was “consensual". 
3. One zapper even asked something as irrelevant as why then did 1MDB desperately sell the TRX land or who pays for the report that shows that documents were tampered. It reminded me of Anwar Ibrahim claiming there was a government conspiracy to convict him while not changing the fact that it was his sperm in someone’s butt. I wonder if these zappers think that everything is so inter-dependent that this also affects the price of bananas in Africa. 
4. Ada juga yang bodoh kata what’s the point of doing business if the profit is not enough to pay the finance costs. Zappers think 1MDB plans to make losses every year probably because they have no idea what cashflow projections, NPV and IRR are about. Companies like Astro would not exist if the shareholders and management had that kind of zapper mentality. This just confirms zappers dah buntu. Almost like when Anwar’s zombies complained about Tan Sri Shafee’s roadshow. 
5. Zappers are looking at Justo’s arrest very suspiciously, as though the Malaysian government planned it as part of a "cover-up”. Ya ya ya…. just like Anwar’s arrest was also a government conspiracy. 
Quite simply put, Zappers have been floored by Justo’s arrest and other revelations that came about with the arrest. Fortunately many had not yet been fully transformed into zappers and have taken a step back to re-evaluate their position. Hard core zappers will however continue to make fools of themselves trying to defend the indefensible. 
Nonetheless, so how now zappers? When are you going to produce facts and logical arguments that billions of dollars have been siphoned out of 1MDB? When are you going to prove that 1MDB has defaulted on loans? When are you going to prove that 1MDB is not a going concern? When are you going to prove that 1MDB paid US$500m commission to Goldman Sachs? When are you going to prove that Good Star Ltd belongs to Jho Low and not Petrosaudi? When are you going to prove that 1MDB issued a guarantee letter to Jho Low’s company? When are you going to prove that the BSI asset was worthless even if international banks knew otherwise? When? When? 
Like many others, I’m not impressed with rhetoric, drama and meroyan. Just bring out the facts lah … Even if you don’t have facts, bring out logical arguments instead of telling us your wet dreams.


  1. Very funny indeed Datuk. An ap[e]p description of the zappers or zombies or whatever that have been disappointed that their wishes do see 1MDB goes bankrupt or that Ringgit crashes.

    1. Anonymous11:06 pm

      Din, Justo ka, justea ka... rakyat hanya tanya ini :

      la ni slogannya apa ?? 1mdb diutamakan atau rakyat diutamakan??

      Cuba jwb dgn jujur, Din

  2. Anonymous10:30 am

    Dato' Ahiruddin Atan,

    Kalau 1MDB ni benar-benar sebuah GLC "strategic investment," ekonomi Malaysia sudah lama kaya dengan hasil-hasil pelaburan 1MDB yang kononnya menjadi.

    1. Kita sudah kaya dengan minyak yang digali dari Laut Caspian di Turkemnistan
    2. Kita sudah kaya dengan hasil keuntungan stesen janakuasa elektrik arang di Mongolia
    3. Kita sudah kaya dengan hasil keuntungan stesen janakuasa tempatan yang dibeli
    4. Kita sudah kaya dengan hasil jualan TRX dan Bandar Malaysia.

    Masalahnya, kalau Xavier Justo dan Sarawak Report didapati bersalah pun, adakah kita dapat menikmati hasil keuntungan 1MDB ini?

  3. Anonymous10:36 am

    Ya ya ya Rocky,

    We understand you have to earn your keeps. So keep publishing funny writeups bla bla to show you and your paid comrade bloggers fighting for the Master.

  4. Anonymous10:42 am

    Why restructuring after Tun M attacks?He did make a point,isn't it?

  5. Anonymous11:13 am

    To you Dato, don't be to exited as yet

  6. Anonymous11:17 am

    all zappers are bodoh and desperate, especially that 'bankrupt botox guy'

  7. Anonymous11:48 am

    Salam Datuk,

    I believe this name calling is very dangerous because many of these people who are questioning 1MDB, are real UMNO supporters, who have been voting for UMNO all their live. Instead of explaining the 1MDB issues, this name calling is doing nothing good for Najib, only opening new battle ground.

    Since Gusto has been arrested, we hope new information will come out. whether this is good or bad, we are still unsure. But still Najib have to answer to all of the question from Tun M.

    I don't think its right for UMNO supporters to fight against each other, but to most of us, it is never about Najib. It is about 1MDB, a government own company that has gone rogue. Someone have to be responsible.

    They are talking about 52 billion assets backing. But remember that this 52 billion is future value that u can't realise now. it won't be a problem if this assets can generate enough money to fund the loan interest but the issues is when you have to borrow to pay interest. Then your loan become bigger and the interest also become bigger. so when will this problem end?

  8. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Rocky you need to realise that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And that the sins of conspiracy through earning non-halal pay will be borne by you as long as you support and defend a liar and a thief.

    Zappers unlike AA (ass appreciator) are concerned citizens who are not earning as prepaid bloggers.

  9. Anonymous12:08 pm

    "I wonder whether Umno ministers like Zahid realise that they are not only making a fool of themselves, but also PM Najib, by declaring the leaked emails as falsified and hence allegations against 1MDB untruthful? If the leaked emails are lies, wouldn’t PetroSaudi and 1MDB, who were the original writers of these emails, have been the first ones to discover these falsification and made instant and categorical denials? Why must they have waited all this time until someone like the NST (an Umno paper) spread the hearsay information that these emails were “tampered” and hence false?"

    "And wouldn’t our Prime Minister have appeared silly for ordering the auditor general and PAC into action, when in fact the entire scandal could have been simply dismissed by revealing instances of such so-called tampering and coming out with the truthful version of events? Why is it not even one shred of such evidence is produced? The way Umno has jumped on this sketchy news from Thailand to launch its counter attacks on critics of 1MDB looks to me like a drowning man grasping his last straw."

    Let's hope Mr Missing has buddies in Singapore as well as Thailand.

    Better yet, just sue the SR and Sunday Times in London.

    That could have been done a full six months ago.

  10. Rocky,

    AA just another Zappers from the other side.

  11. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Selagi belum ditunjukkan di mana keberadaan RM42 billion jangan harap isu 1MDB akan selesai dengan dengan kes di Thailand!

    Jawapan yang berbeza berbeza tentang keberadaan RM42 billion lebih mencurigakan! Begitu juga bentuk simpanan RM42 billion, sekejap kata dalam bentuk tunai kemudiam dalam bentuk unit dan seterusnya

    Jadi jangan pihak tertentu BERKOKOK dengan peristiwa di Thailand. Kejadian di Thailand belum lagi dapat membebas isu 1MDB!

  12. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Huhh..gems?..zappers?...enough labeling..poor article, not expecting this from Rockys bru blog...

  13. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Azhar Harun
    In relation to 1MDB's contention that its e-mails were tampered with, any litigation lawyer worth his salt would ask the following questions in cross-examinations:

    i) 1MDB should know from the start that its e-mails which were published by Sarawak Report were tampered with. Why didn't 1MDB sue Sarawak Report in the UK (because Sarawak Report is based in the UK and the publication took place there) for conspiracy to injure and fabricating evidence as well as defamation?

    ii) Sarawak Report published all the e-mails in a series of articles and so-called exposes. Why didn't 1MDB obtain an interim injunction prohibiting Sarawak Report from doing so in view of the tampered e-mails?

    iii) Why does 1MDB need a cybersecurity firm, Protection Group International (PGI) to give an opinion that the e-mails had been edited before they appear on Sarawak Report? Wouldn't 1MDB know by itself the contents of its own e-mails and that they were tampered with?

    iv) Why must 1MDB rely on "initial investigations" in Thailand to know that its own e-mails have been tampered with? Don't 1MDB know the contents of its own e-mails and that they were tampered with?

    And the BIG question is this:

    v) It is really very easy for 1MDB to show that its e-mails have been tampered with. NO need to engage cybersecurity firm or what ever. No money is needed. Just take a bit of time and effort. How.

    Answer: by showing to the public its original untampered e-mails.

    Now, demi menjaga maruah agama dan bangsa, would 1MDB do that?

    I rest my case My Lord. The witness may be re-examined or discharged, as the case may be.

    Much obliged.

    *minum air (kalau bukan bulan posa la) and duduk sambil jeling kat opposite Counsel.

  14. Krishna1:21 pm

    Get that so called experienced banker cum good debater to stop providing half baked explanations supported by graphical nonsense. I suppose i have the right to demand much clearer answers cos in that billions which have been few ringgits could be there too. Obviously when u pay thousands in taxes every month...u wud be fuming mad when imbeciles provide idiotic answers to a straight forward questions. Just who are these so called intelligent beings who happen to understand the highly unconvincing business plans of 1MDB. I am not a banker but i am educated eniugh and on top of that do possess common sense that tells me this 1MDB shit is just rotten. Perhaps the supporters of 1aMDB can start by clarifying the high payment to GS and the high interest incurred!!!!

  15. Anonymous1:34 pm

    here is the rebuttal from sarawak report on tampering of the document

    what say you ?

  16. why don't they sue Sarawak Report? You have the 'smoking gun' now. The Minister Zahid Hamidi has said point blank that the documents are false. So why not sue Sarawak Report. Takkan makan roti kosong saja?

  17. Anonymous3:10 pm

    ....jangan risau dan gundah, Najib dah angkat sumpah jawatan waktu dilantik sebagai PM. Kalau dia berbuat khianat dgn jawatan yg dikurniakan, dia hanya mengundang bala pd dirinya sendiri, namun jika dia berlaku jujur...walaupun serangan dari semesta alam yg dtg tdk akan dpt mengalahkannya...maka jadilah saksi yg adil...

    1. Wabak penyakit 'Beri Amaran' Hisaputing dah mula menular pd Home Kitchen Cabinet Minister yg baru bertujuan coverline pm 'Missing In Action:.

  18. Anonymous3:25 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Buy petrosaudi document by justo £2.95

  20. Now everyone is singing 'just sue' them sing. Do you think this 'just sue' thing takes couple of hours?

  21. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sdr Zaharudin Abdullah,

    You want the government to sue Sarawak Report? Buang duit saja. Leaps ni semua orang dah tak percayakan Minah Saleh tu dah ...

    Tak Suka Clare

  22. Anonymous5:37 pm

    tsk tsk tsk

    Why don't you just give up rocky. Benang dah basah kuyup tak guna nak tegakkan lagi.

    And in your attempts your credibility is going SOUTH fast.

  23. Anonymous5:54 pm

    With 0.001% of $42billion,you can still buy any organization or magician.Yes ..Any. Not in units but in cash.

  24. Anonymous12:24 am

    Rocky , this guy memang bijak , ya la anon mcm kami ni memang zombies. Tapi kalau bijak pun takkan nak suruh rakyat yg bertanya buktikan bayaran kepada Goldman 500m, pelaburan di cayman. Siapa yang manage 1MDB, Najib ke atau rakyat. Bijak memang bijak

  25. Anonymous1:02 am

    Does it take a lawsuit to prove what is right and what is wrong? It means leaving it to the hands of unscrupulous lawyers and judges in their play of the law. Most of the time it is those capable of paying best team of lawyers are the one that come out winners. What happen to the public's moral senses to know what is right and what is wrong? Have they lost it to the spin master among media and social medias????

  26. Anonymous2:41 am

    "You want the government to sue Sarawak Report? Buang duit saja"

    Bukan kah maruah Najib sebagai PM, UMNO dan BN menjadi pertaruhan? Bukankah tindakan mendiamkan diri dan tidak menyaman SR sebagai mengakui beliau memang bersalah? Kenapa mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan serangan bertalu talu? Manchester United boleh menang jika melakukan strategi bertahan tanpa menyerang? Apa yg dilakukan oleh Najib, strategi beliau ialah baling batu sembunyi tangan dengan menyerahkan bloger upahan nya meraikan kemenangan dengan tertangkapnya xavier justo (ini memang bacul la) perang uhud menunjukkan apabila kumpulan pemanah meninggalkan posisi mereka untuk mengaut harta peningalan perang pihak musuh dan meraikan kemenangan apa yg terjadi selepas itu?

    Ohhh jangan lupa penangkapan xavier justo hanya akan menyebabkan skandal 1mdb bertambah panas dan menjadi tidak terkawal.

    Apa yang rakyat ingin sampaikan kepada Najib ialah;

    Rakyat telah muak, menyampah,marah, ignorant, denial kamu Najib yang tidak cekap, tidak bersih, tidak amanah dipayung dengan penyalahgunaan kuasa dan penyelewengan.

    Hanya ada satu penyelesaian jika kamu masih sayangkan UMNO dan Alifbata.

    Dato Seri Najib....sila letak jawatan! Ada ramai lagi yg berkebolehan dan berkelayakan!

  27. Anonymous10:17 am

    Your blog is getting more and more despicable with thoughtless ranting and idiotic story-spinning.

  28. Hang Kasturi6:11 pm

    The Justo arrest opens up a new dimension in the 1MDB saga. Things become more complicated in light of possible evidence that the arrest could be a "sting" operation between Petro Saudi and the Thai Government. There could be suspicion of involvement of our Malaysian intelligence operatives too.

    Already SR has come out with answers that the emails , exposes are all genuine, not tempered with as alleged by supporters of 1MDB.

    The arrest cannot destract the demand for 1MDB to answer all the valid questions concerning investments, transparency, corporate governance , etcg. As long as such answers are not forthcoming, DS Najib is looking up the sword of 'Democles'. It will come down at GE14 at the latest. If that happens, the heads of others in complicity with fraud, CBT committedd by 1MDB will alsso roll down Chow Kit Road.

    Hang Kasturi

  29. Anonymous2:35 am

    soalan mudah pun tak reti nak jawab...hehe

    SIAPA arah SIRUL bunuh ALTANTUYA,,,siapaaaaaaa

  30. Anonymous7:57 am

    Din, apsal lu block wa punya komen psl mof standby ct of 900 juta and 2015 MoH bajet cut ??

  31. Sdr Rocky, his story is certainly amusing and satirical but we want to know the fate of 1MDB. Right.
    This is what the rakyay love to know. The rest we let the professional handle as they see fit.
    Thanks sdr Rocky. Selamat menjalankan ibadat puasa,2nd 10 days