Thursday, April 23, 2015

Should the Agong grant Sirul a Royal pardon? 62 per cent say ...

The Poll: Should Sirul get a Royal pardon for killing Altantuya?

NOOOO! I see internet polls as cheap entertainment, something you take with a pinch of salt. Not that they don't provide a representation of a general trend or sentiment, if that's what we are looking for. As probably is the case with the above poll by The Unspinners, the poltical blog that generates probably the highest traffic in Malaysia.

The poll, which ran for a few days this week, asks: Should Sirul be let off for Altantuya's murder? [For context, do read Mahahtir says it again, unfair to hang Sirul].

Because Unspinners has a huge following, the survey drew 883 "respondents". That's a big number by any standard. The Merdeka Survey usually limits its respondents to 1000. Most blogs get fewer than a few dozen respondents. MARAH, a closed Facebook group of Malaysians against crime, which conducted the original survey after Mahathir called on Najib to pardon Sirul, attracted less than 100 respondents [and it has over 4000 members].

In the poll by MARAH, only 13 per cent of the respondents felt Sirul should get a Royal pardon, with  2 per cent reasoning that "so that maybe one day (Sirul) might spill the beans on who ordered him to kill". 51 per cent of MARAH respondents said NO to Royal pardon for Sirul. [Poll shows majority not in favour of royal pardon for Sirul].

Those who said NO in the Unspinners' poll made up 62 per cent of total respondents. 

I am not the least surprised by the outcome of these surveys. Of all the issues raised by Tun Dr Mahathir against PM Najib Razak, the pardon-for-Sirul element in Alantuya's murder is the weakest. Sirul was a policeman convicted of cold-blooded murder. He had his day in court but decided not to speak the truth and under oath when he had the chance to. 

Haivng said that, Sirul still has a shot at redemption: before he goes to the gallows and pay for his crime like all killers must, he should tell us and the whole world WHO actually ordered him to kill Altantuya.

Whether or not people would believe SIrul is another issue altogether, perhaps one for yet another entertaining online poll!

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  1. Anonymous6:34 pm

    That Sirul is guilty of the murder of Altantuya may already be ascertained but the pressing issue now is what was his motive? Did he act out of his own initiative or was he directed by a higher authority to commit the foul act, and again what for?

  2. Anonymous7:33 pm

    it is just about the title and the options provided. if the title of the polls run like should the police re-open the case, i am sure the result will be more interesting.


  3. smoga sgalanya di permudahkn

  4. Bodooo punya locky. ..itu respondann smua pnjilat a jin gor. ..Mna ada org waras mahu baca tu fitnah the unspinner blogger bangang mcam pundek. ..

  5. IT.Scheiss5:29 am

    Dato' Rocky,

    It is obvious from Sirul's cautioned statement that this was a side job in which Azilah wanted Altantuya dead.

    From this report on the court proceedings in The Sun, it is obvious that Razak Baginda dealt with Azilah on this task but did not expect the policemen to go so far as to kill her.

    This account of the court proceedings and judgement in the Malaysian Law Review has the judge coming to the decision that there is no evidence to show that Razak Baginda wanted Altantuya dead so released Razak but found the two policemen guilty and sentenced them to death.

    So was there anyone else who wanted Altantuya killed, which the court does not know about?

    Since Azilah is still on death row in Malaysia, why not get him to reveal anything else about anyone else who wanted her dead, if any?

    Why is the spotlight all on Sirul who is in Australia but none of it is on Azilah who is here?

    However, even if Sirul, Azilah or both reveal more people involved in this case, would they be telling the truth and would there be sufficient evidence to convict those other parties?

  6. charleskiwi9:06 am

    Whatever happen at the end is no longer of any importance, everyone almost everyone knows that Sirul and the other police officer are only scapegoats.
    There is no question that they are guilty for having pulled the trigger.The more important thing is who ordered them to do that, is the real murderer. Just like a soldiers in a war who are ordered to shoot and kill the 'enemies'.
    These soldiers are not killers, they are just following instructions and doing their jobs. They can't be indicted for killing the 'enemies' and especially following orders,
    The only wrong thing they did were that they did not reveal who ordered them to blow the C4 in court. But they must have promised something in return for doing that.
    What was most surprising was the covering up of their faces in court, and who is so powerful enough to do that. Up to now no one has ever got to do that as a consequent they must got the impression they will get away literally from murder.
    Yes many in Malaysia got away from many things, including murder and these murderers must know that.
    As things did not turn out the way they thought it was going to or as promised. As a result Sirul is now just trying to reveal the real murder or the person who ordered them to pull the C4. He is still very reluctant to do that just because he was arranged to take refuse in Australia. Knowing that capital punishment is forbidden in Australia and will not send him back to Malaysia, Australia has been doing everything possible to prevent the two drug convicts from being 'fired by the firing squad'. Australia is even trying to threaten Indonesia from doing that just like the French. They are just big bullies !
    In some states in U.S. they too have capital punishment and what would they have the audacity to be saying the same thing to the U.S. ? They wouldn't dare say anything to the U.S. but even join them to bomb the terrorists in the fight against in the Middle East. The Australian is just trying to show to the world that they are almighty when the truth is they are nothing but 'pussycats' !
    Believe me at the end of all these Australia will find an excuse to have Sirul sent back to Malaysia in exchange for the eventual of having a refugee camp set up in Malaysia . That is all they are trying to do, why do you think they are so involved in the search of MH370 ? MH 370 have nothing to do with Australia but why are they spending millions of dollars to search for the plane ?

  7. Anonymous10:44 am

    To run a poll on Agong's exclusive right or prerogative is totally wrong. What if Pakatan supporters run same online poll for Anwar's pardon. Too biadap to say ..apakah patut Agong bla bla bla....

  8. Ofcos it's Azilah the one who ordered Sirul ti carry out the assassination. Why no one asked who ordered Azilah to order Sirul to kill that model? Why no one ask whether Azilah should get pardon or not?

  9. Nothing scientific about these polls. Playing soothsayer at the most. I'd rather listen to Richard Dawkins argument anytime.

    There's a program with Tun M this Sat, 25th @ 930am

    Details at

  10. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Rockibru, buat kerje la abang you for what?????

  11. charleskiwi4:01 pm

    The ultimate question the people have was why do the two police officers who did not now and still do not know the Mongolian woman from Adam. Why are they taking such a risk to C4 her ?
    Even a retard would conclude that they were only following instructions from someone.
    And I might even add to say with promises, big promises, most of all the unanswered questions in every one's mind are where and how did they manage to get their hands on the C4. Also who was so powerful enough to erase the Mongolian's presence in Malaysia from the records of the immigration ? To date no enquire what so ever on this matter has been conducted nor has the immigration department to date came up with.
    It may have been erased from the records but not from the hard drive any one with a bit of IT knowledge would be able to track the culprit who did that. If the government is tenacious to track the real culprit behind the whole episode. Of course, as usual, is there such an expert in Malaysia ?
    Finally who is the one that recommends to the King to pardon Sirul, at the end you can safely say that one can get away even with murder.

  12. Anonymous9:36 am

  13. Anonymous11:27 am

    Give the PMO a refund, bro.

    Rocky Bru Prostitute Blogging Services Sdn Bhd just ain't earning its keep.

    Sorry bro.

  14. trifling-jester2:36 am

    54 percent of the country wants BN out. and thats despite the vote buying.. lol

  15. charleskiwi9:13 am

    I am repeating this, who is the one that recommends or nominates the pardon, if it came from the government . The Agong is there just to endorse the recommendation ?
    The shamble Malaysia is in it is the results of having Umno as the government since independence 58 years ago.Look around you, what has the government done over this period ? Nothing, not just nothing, instead Umno has brought the country backwards. Especially when its neighbor, Singapore, who has virtually no natural resources at all is now on of the richest nations . Not only ranked so highly internationally in every area, not to mention the trillions of ringgits they have in the reserve and also it has taken the country into the first world.
    Whereas what have the Umno schmucks done for the country ? It is still struggling to become the first world in spite of having all the natural resources plus the black gold. Ask yourself where have all the revenues from these gone to ? Doubtless it has made one Malaysian to become the richest man in Asia and his son to be a billionaire, soon to diminish to become only a multi millionaire. Also his cronies and some of his students in Umno to become millionaires. Sure Malaysia has built quite a few mega projects like the Petronas Towers, the airport, the smart tunnels, the bridges in Penang. Just remember these mega projects were built because they brought with them mega commissions to only a few. These mega projects have not brought the nation into the first world, every time when there is a downfall in K.L there is gridlock in the city, soon after the completion of the airport the luggages of the passengers were in chaos. What have all these mega projects done for the country so soon after they were built ?
    Penang is now looking at building a tunnel so soon after the second bride was built. These are indeed the dilemma of Malaysia especially after 58 years of having the Umno schmucks as the government of Malaysia. Now the entire Malaysia and the administrators are still fighting over the remaining funds or shall I say 50% of the funds from the black gold. Or is it for some one to impede another from becoming the richest man not only in Asia but the world. The fight has just only begun and a lot more is to be revealed

  16. Anonymous4:54 pm


    The gomen needs you spin away Tabung Haji mess, and you are lying in a Syabu & Ganja-induced trance on a motorbike somewhere.

    Latuk, Latuk, Latuk.

  17. lebai kecut3:52 am

    try life imprisonment for Sirul....