Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Azan, Salib rapped

Updated: Open Letter to Alvin from Rev Sherman Kuek

It's heartening to see Christians like Rev Kuek taking Alvin Tan to task for his latest antics. By now it's very clear that Muslims in Malaysia are too peace-loving and forgiving to even be able to properly rebuke Alvin. Most of us, anyway. So I hope, for Alvin's sake, that the Muslims in America, his new "home", will be as understanding ...

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Doa untuk si Alvin. Muslims in this country, let's pray that Allah opens Alvin Tan's heart to accept Islam. Stranger things have happened, in syaa Allah. 
We should also pray for those idiots who held that anti-Cross protest in Taman Medan. If they were indeed Muslims and they really thought they were doing Muslims in this country a favour, they have clearly been misled. Give Ahmad Zahid Hamidi our Home Minister the strength to deal swiftly and severely with them and others who try to pit Muslims against Christians. 
And pray, also, that agent provocateurs like this UK-based DJ Jambun don't get to influence our Christian neighbours to turn against us. The majority of Muslims in this country where Islam is the official religion are peaceful folks who are quite happy with whoever or whatever non-Muslims choose to pray to ...

p.s. Time to learn from the Sabahans?
A pic that's going viral on social media. Weren't we Malaysians all like this before?


  1. Mazlan9:15 am

    I really do not know why anyone is paying any attention to Alvin Tan. He is just someone who got famous with a sex video (in Singapore I may add). Since his then 15 minutes of fame he is desperately trying to rekindle that fame by trying to be provocative.
    Best thing for idiots like him is to totally ignore him....

  2. Anonymous10:50 am

    If the Church is there to serve the needs of the community well then fine. But what if this is part of a church planting exercise?

  3. Anonymous10:55 am

    Love the picture.

    Yes, we were like that. Some pockets remain.

    Looka the glass half full, ignore idiots like the attention-seeking little boy Alvin, and hope for better times.

    Keep it sane people.

  4. Anonymous11:52 am


  5. charleskiwi1:28 pm

    Malaysia is, in a nutshell, in a shamble all these are the results started by the repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir during his tenure of 22 years as the PM of Malaysia. He did and implemented policies that are so harmful and irreversible and most of all irreparable at least for another generation to have the tongkat dependents replaced.
    He did all these just because of his greed to become the richest man in Asia and in the record time of 22 years. Not forgetting to mention that his desire for his acumen-less son of his to become a billionaire and also for his other to become the MB of Kedah for now and in due time to become the PM of Malaysia. The fortunate things that came out of all these. First the billionaire son of his has now diminished to become only a millionaire and the other son's position as the MB of Kedah is most precarious.
    The half breed must asks himself why are all these happening to him at this time when he is no longer the PM. But unfortunately he still has the illusion that he is still the PM that his commands are to be obeyed. He tends to forget that during his tenure as PM he had never allowed anyone to question the many atrocious decisions he came up with.
    He cunningly made sure to have some of them fed with crumbs just so they must be forever grateful to him. What are a few millions he allowed some of cronies to filter away as long as the half breed can have their supports and loyalties for ever.
    Worst of the whole issue here is the half breed has mentored all his ill gotten rich cronies to now become just as avaricious as he is.
    He must now realises his position is now in the balance, it is either now or never, to have Najib
    replaced for disobeying him to have the crooked bridge built. For the same reason he got he personal choice successor, AB, replaced. He keeps forgetting he is no longer the PM, especially so when his time left in alive in this world is very very limited. Instead of focussing his final efforts on the crooked bride he should try and do something good for himself to be remembered for years to come instead of trying to have Najib replaced. A final war he will not live to see his wishes win before he leave this good earth !

    1. Anonymous12:48 am

      Just to correct you bro ...
      All this was started by that repugnant and avaricious Ultrakiasu DAPig father n son team of LKS n LGE .
      These repugnant and avaricious Ultrakiasu gang hated anything and everything bumiputra and sultanate.
      They simply cannot stand it to the stage of hiring this Alvin blok to start the shit .

      As for you dear charles , you just loves to play with that shit and smear it to someone else . Havent had enough of your child time dont you !!!

      All for Ayahanda Tun.

  6. Anonymous2:05 pm

    If you go to other countries, the azan sounds sooooo different from Malaysia.

  7. tebing tinggi2:21 pm

    Something like this ,if were to do by the Muslim on other religion ,they would be labelled as extremist ,even by the Muslim.
    Though Islam thought to be tolerance ,human are human if they are being provoke .

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm

    To all muslim in malaysia , come together we recite surah yasin and solat hajat for alvin... if there any !!!!...

  9. Anonymous4:43 pm

    I bet the Speaker of DUN Selangor si Hannah "Soalan Mulut" Yeoh must be so proud of Alvin Tan. The probability that she'll negatively label Alvin Tan as "extremists" via Twitter is ultimately remote. PKR would definitely defend Alvin's human rights and freedom of expression, whereas PAS will remain clueless as always (well they kept quiet about kalimah Allah didn't they?)

    Beware of Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.


  10. Anonymous7:06 pm

    yes Malaysian is like this until idiot like u come to the picture

  11. Two things:Allah is great and I do not feel insulted when a non-Muslim, even like Alvin doing a "repetoire" on Azan. I was expecting some bad expletive, I do not feel insulted at all, but I do feel angry when Azan is being called in a very very bad note like in my area Ampang Jaya/Ukay Heights. No one made a fuss when Freddie Mercury said Bismillah in his rendition of the famous Bohemian Raphsody.
    Anohter, imagine a mosquew being erected or a crescent moon and the star being displayed in a conservstive Jewish majority enclave, what certain Christian sect trying to do is just to provoke as though for fun, if you are sincere be sensitive okay.

  12. Anonymous9:12 pm

    "But what if this is part of a church planting exercise?"

    In Northern Algeria, the American evangelist movements planted their churches in the middle of Muslim areas. In the end they succeeded in getting new converts. It was a slow and long process, but they (the evangelists) were willing to wait. Now if you go to north Algeria, you'll meet a lot of former Muslims. They are mostly from the Kabyle ethnicity. In M'sia, they are trying to be bolder, testing the waters ....same modus operandi. Why am I not surprised? I've read somewhere online that for the evangelist movements, M'sia is the last bastion as it's not easy to convert the Malays.

  13. Anonymous9:00 am

    The Sabah photo means the Christs lead the Moslems. They will tell the Muslims to b moderate u need to drink. Its OK. Its OK to fornificate.Our lord will forgive u.
    U need to understands the surah alkafiruun properly,
    It is in no way about moderation. The surah came about when Muhammad was asked by the jahil qureish to follow the way they pray and they in turn will pray the way Muhammad prays.
    That is why Muhammad recited I pray my way only and u pray the way your way.When he liberated Mecca, all idols were demolished.

  14. Come to think of it (after reading YB Abdul Karim's blog), a church or chapel without the cross is like a mosque without the azan. It's not difficult to digest rite?

  15. .....just say im sorry like namewee and anyone incl in taman medan will be freed from any charges....if...if PDRM wish to charge them make sure you charge namewee too as i stil can watch his video negarakuku in youtube anytime...

  16. Anonymous10:39 am

    On Taman Medan , its not about being extremist or idiots. Yes it is all political. More to it, its like ' you play by the rules , we play by the rules'.
    Muslim - Malays are getting frustrated by the day if not confused. By and large they want to remain liberal and moderate. But even this is not an easy stand to take , whats with HUDUD lingering in their conscience and lately on the side, other religions brazenly enroaching into their space.

  17. Anonymous10:53 am

    Charleswiki! you are a wicked master of calumny this fair country has never before been burdened to bear ...

  18. Anonymous11:51 am

    Religion is like drugs. The more you consume the more you want. Just like marijuana, syabu, amphetamine, heroin, daun ketum etc.

    Politicians and power hungry individuals have known this over the centuries to gain power. It's like thru the backdoor when they can't compete intellectually or thru basic human wants like freedom,and good governance.

    It all boils down to corrupted bankrupt minds.

  19. Anonymous4:10 pm

    I don't have problems with Christians, it's just the evangelists I'm worried about.

    Trying to convert people of other faith for the promise of getting a ticket to heaven.

    Sounds familiar huh?

  20. Anonymous9:36 am

    Maybe Alvin can test the so called American religious freedom by insulting the Jews there.

  21. Anonymous8:07 pm

    They always hu..hah the muslims trying to convert people of other faiths. Always mentela'ah their own words. Mengata org dia yg lebih.

  22. Anonymous11:27 am

    What about the Salib haters? Are they afraid they might become Christians when they are not looking? Malays are just as bad as the others! At least the evangelists do not threaten other religions.

  23. Anonymous9:10 pm

    In my daughters school, a convent school,there is a huge CROSS at the entrance. No problems. No one has decided to convert because of a cross. if you feel that the cross can make you do so , then it's your weak faith that is the problem ,and not the cross.

  24. Anonymous9:14 pm

    And yet Perkasa & ISMA is sponsored by my tax money....

  25. Anonymous10:00 am

    tax money? and who pays the tax. muslims also pay taxes.

  26. Anonymous10:01 am

    muslim taxpayers support isma. we're glad isma uses it for the good of the ummah.

  27. Anonymous10:10 am

    your tax money? how much are you paying/ how much air do you breath? how many facilities do you use. if you are to pay for everything you utilise and consume, your tax comes to naught. be glad you have a soil to step on or you'd be living in boats out of the territorial waters.
    and ohh, why are the clinics and hospitals(gomen's one) are so packed with a certain race, in spite of them making up only a smaller percentage of the citizens. are they all really sick compared to others, or they are making full use of their taxes on naything percuma?