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Why I welcome the Eminent 25

Updated Tuesday: More come forward to support E25 (Rakyat Post) 
11.45pm, Monday: Ah, Life of Annie does not welcome the E-25. But then I don't expect everybody to. Plus there's something so gratifying in being able to agree to disagree. That's why you should read her About being a nice moderate liberal Malay.

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Some of the Emiinent 25
Why we all should.  On the day Najib Razak made one of the most defining decisions in his premiership, when he announced that the Sedition Act will stay and be reinforced to ensure religious and racial harmony will not be challenged, he was made to come to that unilateral decision NOT by his party or coalition members or by Perkasa or those brave lawyers who are against the Bar Council, even though they all contributed to the movement to save the Act, BUT, put simply, by the voice of the silent majority. I know that. You may ask how I know. Well, you have to be deaf not to hear the deafening demands of Malaysians from all walks of life for the Prime Minister to keep his hands off the Sedition Act.  
Kamil: A towering Malay
The arrival of the so-called Eminent 25 Malays (some of them ARE genuinely eminent, that I also know) will provide another great avenue for the silent majority to channel their views and feelings and be heard. Of course the E25 is not representative of all Malays (by their own choice, they want to be associated with the "moderate" Malay-Muslims) but neither is Perkasa or Isma. Or Umno, for that matter.  
Call them names if you have to because that's how you've been  brought up but once you're done, let's hear Ahmad Kamil Jaafar and the 25 out. 
They are Malays, too, you know, and right now what we need is for all the Malays to stand up and speak up.
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  1. I too welcome them into the realm of public discourse. But do have better arguments and not one full of rhetorics and presumptions.

    Yes, no group represent the 12 milliion Malaysians. However, how many Malay Muslims support their "defense" of cross dressing and liberalist-pluralist-feminist SIS?

  2. Anonymous8:21 pm

    He flips and later flops and suddenly he becomes a hero. I don't understand this

  3. tebing tinggi9:20 pm

    This group of 25 are in their own world ,very much different from the rest of Majority Malay world .

  4. Dear A Voice,

    I don't agree with everything the 25 stands for. But that's where the opportunity to sit down and discuss these issues presents itself. In the end, we would have to agree to disagree on some things. BUt we would also have reached consensus on important issues that affect the society, and that is why I welcome the E 25 with open arms. You must admit that some of them are towering Melayus, indeed, who performed well not just locally but internationally.

    p.s. Bab cross-dressing ni I will go with Tun Mahathir's explanation lah

  5. Anon 821pm,

    Who, Najib? Or Ibrahim ALi?

  6. Anonymous12:18 am

    Datuk, you seem so enthralled by these "towering malays". What have they really done for the ummah, the community, the society and the World. Most of these malay towering figures were mere position holders going about their appointed roles like most of us would do. We have not heard of them contributing in any significant way on an individual basis. Except for this stand that they have taken to question Islam's role in our society. They have projected themselves as some kind of stalwarts who we all should be cowed by and we are to allow them to set the agenda for us having held some top positions in their respective arenas. Certain quarters of the media and various groups are using these stalwarts as their tool to succeed in their agenda to alter the structure and makeup of our society and they are doggedly pursuing this whilst there are those of you who are full of awe of these towering personalities.

  7. Anonymous7:32 am

    Why do we have issue with PERKASA......what about DAP,are they not rascist.?
    Let us not be hypocrites.....they are some provisions in the Constitution that is not acceptable to DAP. Is this not dangerous?
    Wonder where are the prominent chinese?

  8. Anonymous7:39 am

    Can't be much more eminent and moderate than Najib, and you see how the other side treated him and how Najib's own side feels about him.

    What would another 25 matter?
    The one thing it adds is more seething resentment towards these elite Malays.

    While at the same time the opposition just never stop doing what they always do. Hell just follow their DAP big meeting.
    Just a big event of them thumping themselves while blaming UMNO for everything. They even got some mentally questionable Malay rambling about God knows what.
    So moderate.

    They are only distractions. We are at the moment where the opposition is strongest after so long. While we add these eminent 25 to the Malay bickering, the opposition has been steadily going through their plans for Sarawak, Sabah and GE14.

    I don't look forward to them gaining power.
    Where are eminent Malays in Penang to defend the interests of those pushed aside by LGE administration?That's just Penang.

  9. There a are a few people that I personally know in that group. People with principle. Some have also been victims of the system. One a lalang.

  10. Anonymous9:18 am

    Dato' Ibrahim Ali does not lead the country. Najib is.

  11. Anonymous9:40 am

    This group of 25 thinks that they are Holier Than Thou..Let me borrow this word 'bangang' from Najib.Actually this group is most Bangang of them all and not represent majority of golongan marhaen dan pertengahan Malay and Muslim specifically.
    Hang pi lah habiskan duit pencen tax payer money kat so called urbanist towering Bangsar,Damansara,London and Pariiih elit coffee house or lounge even golf club.When this group say a stinks like longkang Chow Kit.

  12. Anonymous9:55 am

    "However, how many Malay Muslims support their "defense" of cross dressing and liberalist-pluralist-feminist SIS?"

    They aren't. (What does
    "liberalist" and "pluralist'" mean? No, really? Parrot-like repetition is easy, right?)

    Try and understand what they are saying, there are only 5 things really, and they all make sense.

    Read it through again and note the 5 points.

    Rather than yelling empty slogans back, engage at their level (if possible).

    "Except for this stand that they have taken to question Islam's role in our society" is an excellent example of not getting it.

  13. Anonymous9:58 am

    Actually this below group is more common sense and more credible than the 25 so called towering Malay..They still working and not afraid to talk not after receive pension money and retired.

    The position of Sharia Law in response to the 25 prominent Malays – Muslim Scholars - The Malaysian Insider -

  14. Anonymous10:04 am

    Top civil servant bila dah pencen, orang dah tak peduli. Kalau tak ada compeni, badan berkanun atau glc yang sanggup ambik, kena lah cari forum untuk bising supaya ada manusia yang masih tak lupa mereka.

    Kalau dah pencen tu buat cara orang pencen. Allah bagi peluang untuk dekat padaNYA. Jenguk lah surau sebelah rumah tu.

  15. Anonymous11:12 am

    An account of Dato' Maalub who is one of the eminent Malays
    Dengan erat, saya menggenggam laras senjata SMG yang kehabisan peluru itu lalu melepaskan satu pukulan ke tengkok Commander Fam Tze Heong. Oleh sebab hayunan saya yang begitu kuat dan tepat megenai sasaranya, maka Commander Fam Tze Heong rebah ke tanah dan senjata SMG yang saya pegang juga lucut dari genggaman saya lalu terpelanting ke dalam semak. Saya terus menerpa kearah Comander Fam Tze Heong sambil dengan pantas memulas tengkoknya beberapa kali. Kemudian secepat kilat saya mengeluarkan pisau yang berada di pinggang serta terus membenamkan hujung mata pisau saya hingga kehulunya ke dada Commander Fam Tze Heong dengan dua tikaman.

  16. Rocky

    Yup, lets talk but start on a right note.

  17. Hishamuddin Mohamed7:39 pm

    What these 25 people signed off on is what I feel is also right...even though I am not eminent.They voiced out a major concern that many of us quietly share but do not loudly say in public. We live in troubled times because the loudest voices are those who are either politicians or small groups of belligerent NGO's.None of these guys speak what I feel for..

    These 25 retirees have nothing to lose...each one is comfortable and yet they chose to speak up for me (at least)...Thank you for that.These 25 retirees are asking for moderation...for dialogue...for understanding...what is so wrong in that.

  18. Anonymous9:53 pm

    I agree woth some of the opinions.
    We should instead focus our mind and energy on how to improve. Lantak la what ultra racist and whatever ultra people want to say.
    People more concern in cari makan, mampu beli rumah, etc.

  19. Anonymous6:30 am

    Brader, bagus la terpedaya dengan permainan mecah belah orang melayu...


  20. What kind of moderation did these 25 towering ex-civil servants do during their time when they were holding their posts at the civil services ?
    If anything they are responsible for some, if not most, of the atrocities they are now trying to address Otherwise how did they get to become Datuks and Tan Sris ?

  21. Anonymous12:14 pm

    A small group that brands itself and/or it's allies brand it as "prominent", "eminent", "distinguished", "illustrious", "prestigious", "influential" and the branding just goes on & on. The American technique of marketing products, ideas, causes, through branding is seriously at play here. Small minority within a community who cannot relate to the masses with their westerinsed lifestyles and who feel comfy with a westernised environment these "prominents" "eminents" seem not to want anything Islamic in manner or form, in the public sphere in Malaysia. Probably for this lot if you are Muslim you only practice your religion within the confines of your own home with all your windows shut tight. If you do not agree with them Pakistan and Afghanistan will come knocking at your door. Could it be because these "prominents" "eminents" view Islam, its jurisprudence, it's values and way of life as backward and not advanced, only fit for the unsophisticated and ingenuous. These "prominents" "eminents" could find homes in very developed places such as the Netherlands, USA, UK, Australia & France etc.- some of these places where all have to practice only one way no halal food, no minarets, no hijabs etc. Malaysia is definitely not suitable for their brilliant and distinguished selves. They could also take with them all those others plus the "nons" who are vociferously supporting them - as can be seen in the newspapers, blogs, news portals etc.

  22. Salam sdr Rockyit was quite sometime that I penned my thought on your column.I well come this eminent Malay thinking who called themselves as moderate Muslim,I dont know about eminent which English dictionary means important,distingushed well everthing is positive.
    My argument is as follows:
    1.What ever your concerned is especially with the idea of putting Islam at the proper place vis a vis our constitution.
    They should not marginalised Islam as the religion of all Malays. Yes it it is complex but we need you to solve this complexity. Pak lah try to solve by forming the commitee to settled the isue og Syariah jurisdiction and Civil jurisdiction especially when non Muslim married couple marriage broke down when one partner converted to Islam.
    2. Islam is not for covenient where you use it when it benefit you and belittle it when the law does not meet your desire.
    3. Islam is the way of life so we need to do the good job to satisfiy the need of such law. Do bunggled thisthis issue.
    4. We need to be progress slowly and need to be smart about it. We ourselves should solve the problem but not be part of the problem.
    5. Like you said some are Eminent while others need to be Eminent first before calling yourselves Eminent.
    6. We welcome you to our difficult journey to do what ever necessary to make Islamic law as reality albeit incremental change.
    Sdr Rocky,as John Lennon said Give peace a chance, Imagine there is no religion..........I rest my case.