Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friendly fire no more?

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Original posting, Sat 13/12/14:
It is starting to look that way.  
For a while, Syed Akbar Ali's OutSyed The Box was the only voice in pro-Umno blogosphere lashing out at Najib Razak's administration. Today, after the police report made by Penang Umno leader Khairuddin Abu Hasan against the 1MDB, Syed is officially not ranting alone. A. Kadir Jasin, Zainuddin Maidin, Firdaus Abdullah and Helen Ang, among others, have joined in the growing blogger discontent against our sixth Prime Minister. Whether they are lashing out in chorus or independently is a matter of speculation but what's definite is this: they (perhaps not so much Helen at this point) seem to have been united in their stand against Najib's 1Malaysia Development Berhad. Something in their conviction about the fund compels you to NOT take them lightly ... 
The Scribe is in his element:

"The sources said 1MDB had requested Bank Negara to extend it non-performing loan (NPL) period from three to six months and was agreed to. It is understandable. No matter how unhappy Zeti might have been with 1MDB borrowing, an extension is needed. If it was not given, there would have been a massive default and Tier 1 banks that extended the loans would have to make huge provisions. This could lead to the downgrading of the local banking system." - AKJ in Umno leader lodges police report against 1MDB

Syed's posting is mostly quoting AKJ's. He makes a point about Mukhriz Mahahtir being "dropped" from the Umno Majlis Tertinggi at the start of his posting. He ends his piece with these jibes:  
"Somebody is going to jail" ?? Who is going to jail? I think if anyone is going to jail it will be the stupid macais. 

Kan saya sudah bilang - macais, you better jump ship now. Go ahead. Be a rat. Be the first to leave the sinking ship.  Jangan nak jadi hero.  No one will give a damn about you.  They have made their pile of moolas.  Do you think they will come and visit you in jail?

Think.  Jangan jadi lembu di cucuk hidung. - Syed Akbar Ali in 1MDB's Lodin offered to resign?

Apanama's Umno leaders lodges police report on 1MDB reproduces a report by the Free Malaysia Today on the police report made by Khairuddin. Interesting comments from one of his readers who called himself Tan Sri Ali, asking all Umno divisions througout the country to lodge police reports against 1MDB in solidarity with Khairuddin.
"YAB Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak hanya penasihat 1MDB. Mungkin YAB PM sendiri tidak tahu cerita sebenar 1MDB. Akar umbi UMNO harus tampil membela kepentingan rakyat dan negara tercinta ini. jangan kerana 1MDB sebahagian negara menjadi milik asing. Jangan nanti kita orang Melayu yang mendokong Umno dilaknati Allah SAW kerana membiarkan tanahair dinodai anasir asing. Kita orang Umno mesti bangkit menyokong sisatan terperinci terhadap 1MDB."

Helen Ang believes the first move to bring down Najib has begun. "(It's) the first strike against Najib ..."
Yes, it does look that way, I suppose. The Opposition is keeping quiet, as they always do when someone within Umno is doing their job for them. But they will resuface soon enough to plant more potent seeds of discontent against Najib and 1MDB. If you notice, the pro-Umno blogs are also very quiet but that's because they basically don't have any information on 1MDB that would have helped them defend their boss. In fact, they are probably alarmed by what they read in Kadir dan Kawan2's blogs.   
Things could get worse for Najib. At least for now the exiled RPK, a major force in the movement to topple Pak Lah back then, doesn't seem to be in the mood to join the fray against 1MDB ... 
"I no longer see any point in the sort of exercise because no one really bothers about corruption, abuse of power and whatnot, unless it serves a political agenda." - RPK, Pergi Mampuslah Pakatan Rakyat!

More to come in the days ahead, that's for certain. Like it or not, the PM must shed more light on the whole 1MDB episode after his return from South Korea. Even pro-Umno blogger Bujai thinks so. "And who will be right person to provide us with the answers and explanations?" (1MDB must provide answers).
p.s. I heard that Najib and Tun Dr M had an unscheduled meeting last Tuesday just before Najib left for Seoul for his official visit to the Republic. The meeting lasted 15 minutes. A lot can be said in a quarter of an hour in a four-eyed meeting ...


 Salim Iskandar's Facebook

A neutral Life of Annie gives both sides now in her latest posting Wassap war on 1MDB.
"The only observation I want to make here is that defenders of the BN government seem to be far less sophisticated in the psychological battle as the pro-Pakatan side utilize their potent cyberwar machinery such as Malaysiakini  to spread information to undermine the BN government. I have repeatedly wrote about this : Umno and its BN allies have no real cyberwar strategy at all to counter those of Pakatan's."
Apanama is piling the pressure on the Najib Administration and the 1MDB management in hi slatest posting in which he throws an advice for the PM's "boys" as his parting words:
"In the meantime I would advise Najib's boys to try to keep their cyberdogs in check because they have been forcing dirty laundry out in the open. This is not a request. TQ" - Apanama1MDB - Don't shoot the messenger and try to politicise the crime (14/12/14)


  1. Anonymous3:57 am

    Ah Jib Gor is steering the Malaysian ship onto the whirlpools of the TPPA where our society will be spinning in the vortex of the multinational corporation chiefs and their vested interests.

  2. Anonymous7:07 am

    Raja Petra Dah Jadi UMNO Blogger yang Tak Bangang Ke?? Heh Heh

  3. Anonymous8:47 am

    It is sad to see you Rocky and Bigdog absent frm this war, i juz wndr why? Is tht bcoz of your hand n feet has been thightly ikat by our Dear leader, or you do not want to be call blogger bangang? Wht ever reason it might be, your guts n struggle 6 years ago will be miss by any online reader..... we will miss your sharp sword and dagger , small but heavy mjolnir tht bring PakLah down.... it is not to late to join the fray Rocky!


  4. Don't cry for me, Joh (Anon 8.47am).

    You should not be sad that I (and Big Dog) are not part of this "war". If they are fighting for a cause I believe in, I will not hesitate to join in. Let's say at this point, perhaps they know something that I don't.

    As for being called blogger bangang, hehe, so what's new? Zam when he was Info Minister zaman Pak Lah called us bloggers "goblok". Abdullah himself called bloggers liars. Ku Nan, too. Some MCA ministers also. Opposition leaders including Kit Siang have called bloggers names as well. Anwar pun.

    Sometimes, you must admit, they are right.

  5. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Relax lah Bro, every 'script; have a beginning, climax and 'THE END' only thing is will it be sad ending or a Happy Ending. Politics, Life, goverments, Oppositions are all part of a Scripts with sub plot and only time will tell they live happily ever after.. will they?

  6. Anonymous2:32 pm

    You mean the fact that a sovereign fund can default on payments to Maybank is mere spin?

    Ask Maybank and Zeti. Is Mahathir stupid?

    This problem is real, and it's there in black & white.

    Our Finance Minister is...missing.

  7. Anonymous5:08 pm

    I think its orchestrated and they are moving in packs. Which is good. Unfortunately, the other orchestra is yapping on protasco, bar council's unclean election. Bigdog even came up with a shitty post about trying to defend "BANGANGATE" which is sad. It seems everyone is a gun for hire. If ur not in this one then the crusade u were on against slumberjack was personal? U refraining from this one also personal?

  8. charleskiwi6:00 pm

    Hi buddy bru,

    Just a reminder that I once said that you or all your Malay supporters have nothing to worry about the Chinese. Stop blaming and bashing them for every woe you or the Malays encounter. The able Chinese that you have to worry have almost all immigrated. Leaving behind the lackeys or shall I call them the running dogs of Umno. What would these running dogs do just for a few pieces of silver
    and the lame posts in the cabinet. They will or shall I say they will endorse any policies their Umno masters will come or propose.
    Records will show these running dogs have never ever objected what their Umno masters are proposing. After so many decades have passed with so many policies that have the Chinese or the Indians marginalised. The GE results from the last GE are proof of what I have said yet they have the audacity to want or pretending to know the reason why the people they are supposed to represent have forsaken them. The same situation will continue and you don't have to worry about the pendatangs, in fact you have to be thankful that because of them Malaysia is able to have the casino, the turf clubs and all the haram activities that are able to trivet and continue to pay the much needed taxes the country so badly need. Especially now that the prices of the black gold is going south and when will the end of that will come. Stop biting the hands that feed you !
    It is the Umno half breeds you guys have to worry about. These half breeds are just beginning to show how crafty they are, first they penetrate into Umno then passed legislations to allow themselves to be called Malays. Now they are beginning to show what their aims are, Already they have taken so much of what belongs to the Malays now they are having you to fight for your rights. Soon most of the Malays have to beg just to survive.
    That is what they truly are, just like your admirer, the repugnant and avaricious Mahthir. He is not a Malay and there is no argument on that and so are the Maricans and the Syeds. The Malays do not have family names so you should be honest enough to have them branded as half breeds. It is better to be late than never !

    Take away the rights and the special privileges meant for the Malays, you will immediately see the true colours of these half breeds. They are now seen to be fighting for the Malays when the truth is they are trying to make sure they are well protected. So crafty they truly are !

    1. Anonymous1:54 am

      Ever notice that this fellow's usage of the terms 'lackeys' and 'running dogs' mimics that of the Communist Party of Malaya' propaganda machinery during its heyday?
      Does that explain, at least partially, why he is so rabidly anti-Malay and anti-UMNO?

  9. Anonymous6:38 pm

    BlogTakes has take on this and shares a news release that is somewhat vague -


  10. Classic!

    Can imagine pressure Zeti must be in.

    PM must shed light but will he? Zamkata's earlier posts casts doubt.

    After four to five decades of Good governance under BN, things have gone awry after Dr Mahathir's retirement.

    Will the Malay dilemma remain a Malay dilemma or will it be warped by the Nazi into Chinese dilemma?

    Only God knows.

    Pray Godly truth will guide our actions.

  11. Anonymous8:40 pm

    ROCKY pun temberang...juga. mana ada the so called 15 minutes meeting between the 2...


  12. Anonymous6:21 am

    Assalamualaikum wrt. Ini beberapa pertanyaan yang saya mahu dijawab oleh pengurusan 1MDB.