Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Divine intervention needed to close Guantanamo Bay, says US

Have you read this?
US asks Vatican to help close Guantanamo
Don't say absurd, read the excerpts:

President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba has met heavy resistance from lawmakers in Washington, and now the White House is turning to a higher authority for help: the Vatican.
During an hour-long meeting with Cardinal Pietro Parolin on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry asked the Vatican to help the United States find“adequate humanitarian solutions” for inmates currently being held at Guantanamo.
... There has been no information regarding what the Vatican would do to help.
Now we know why there were so upset with YB Khairy Jamaluddin for telling off US Vice President Joe Biden re the Guantanamo Bay. Because closing that torture facility in the Bay of Pigs is not quite humanly possible. Kena ada divine ntervention.


  1. @VP: Closing your mouth gives you a vital chance to make things right.

    @KJ: Closing your mouth gives you a vital chance to make things right.

    If all politicians can focus their energies in making things right at home, there is no need to open their mouths to make it seems that things at home are alright.

  2. Was that you yesterday evening in Menara M***S around 6.15pm? Nak tegur tapi segan...

  3. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Let's hope that the sovereign nation state of the Vatican accepts the remaining detainees. There is a fine irony here somewhere.

  4. tebing tinggi4:55 pm

    Could divine intervention is needed that all the ho-hah ho-hah that Malaysia is facing now could end .

  5. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Hahaha...I didn't know Pak Biden so interested with what KJ going to say.
    Malaysia ni kan ikan bilis compare with super power, super economy, super duper la dalam banyak segi.

  6. Dear Ketua Kampung,

    It was I, indeed. :-))

    I found the total change in work culture at Maxis very interesting. Did you know they "returned" four office floors back to the landlords just by doing away with the cubicles, rooms and segregation between bosses and employees? Amazing. Our PM should try it out, get his Ministers and Deputy Ministers to sit out there in the working areas with the civil servants ..

    ANyway, hope we'll meet again soon

  7. Insyaallah Dato. The next time I see you, I'll say Hi.
    Yes it is amazing indeed. I was part of this changes as well. I'm very excited about this journey of work changing culture. But as changes goes, not everybody can accept it in the first place. But I'm very glad to see how most of us are inspired to move forward with these changes to become world class performance employees. It's a big change, it's definitely not going to come easy but it was indeed very necessary. It'll be fantastic if our 'gomen' can adopt these model of culture. It'll be difficult, but again it was indeed necessary.