Tuesday, December 02, 2014

What's wrong with Apanama lah?

Distributed Denial of Service attack. If you are his reader, you will not be able to access blogger Firdaus Abdullah's Apanama, at least until his domain handlers are able to migrate him to a new site. They were forced to suspend the blog following massive DDoS attacks [What is DDoS attack?] by/from yet unknown sources last night. But since you are a fan, don't despair: Apanama is on Facebook here where he re-posts his blog articles. 
I last wrote about DDoS in 2007 at the height of our blog campaign against Pak Lah, 4th Floor & Co. Kira taktik lama lah beb! : DDoS attacks becomig more commonplace. Back up your blogs, guys! 
p.s. Thanks, Annie, for the midnight alert. 


  1. Datuk...

    Saya dapat baca Apanama Blog melalui link daripada Twitter akaun semalam 1/12 ...kemdian bila malam bila nak masuk melalui blogsot blog Apanama kosong tak de pos.

    Facebook yang Datuk beri link pun "Not Available"..
    Mereka main kasar nampaknye ye??

  2. wanitabukittinggi,

    Sorry my bad, you should get the FB link now.

  3. Anonymous11:04 am

    His post "Siapa bangang Datuk Seri?" tu spot on & hit a nerve.. After Najib used the B word, somehow it gave credibility to Marina for refusing to be ruled by the stupid. Marina is no better though; being an ugly crybaby dragging his dad to an altercation she brought upon herself..

  4. Anonymous11:53 am

    Haiya these cyber stooges don't play fair lah. Shout for freedom of speech, freedom to instigate, to character assassinate lah all sorts of freedom ...

    Then when an intellectual like APANAMA voice his views that hits the nail on the head, they start these childish attacks.

    APANAMA writes very accurate articles. Kudos to APANAMA. Keep writing for your loyal fans ...


  5. JengJeng5:21 pm

    Thanks to the power of Google, what's gone up online cannot be easily removed.

    Here is the cache of the Apanama's posting:


  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    facebook pun da block

  7. Anonymous10:35 am

    Obviously Apanama is not a friendly blogger . He is the Cahketing type .
    The gomen have said they do not want this type in their fold .

  8. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Apanama used to defend rosmah all out on the diamond issue.

    Then he attacked her without any facts presented.

    Inconsistent ...