Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blackout Malaysia - An alarming prospect

One which can be averted ... Had dinner with two senior ministers in a quiet(er) corner of Bangsar, KL last night where we discussed a wide range of topics from including the 11th Malaysia Plan, the future of Malaysia Airlines (yes, there is hope), the state of Proton, Dr Mahathir Mohamad's relationship with the Prime Minister, hanky panky in the award of some mega projects, a certain RM100 million lawsuit against a certain blogger (who may or may not have been at the dinner table last night), GST, CIQ, and why fuel subsidies and property speculators gotta really go ... 
A good blogger engagement must necessarily be founded on some basic hostility with/against the host (be it the PM or the CEO of a PLC). Last night's session was loud and sometimes harsh but the 12 bloggers came away from the dinner with more useful insights - and respect - for those two men from Najib Razak's Cabinet. 
For me, I can now confirm the rumours that some of us have been hearing: that our nation had had to import energy recently.  
Alarming. Malaysia's current energy reserves are coming down fast and they could be decimated by as early as 2017. 
Alarming. Read the Bernama report Urgent need to replace ageing plans citing none other than CIMB Reseach, owned by Nazir Razak's CIMB Bank.

Alarming. Malaysians don't want blackouts and we certainly don't want to be thrown back to the dark ages. Politics aside, Malaysians want to live in peace and security. But if we have had to import energy for the first time in our history (I heard it happened three times so far this year), we should be really concerned. 
Maximus Ongkili, minister concerned
Has our energy security may been compromised? What does our national energy policy say? Do we have one? 
The Energy Minister must address this national security issue immediately.


  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    errr.. I thought Bakun Dam is the solution?? or I though i thaw a cat,, yes i did thaw a cat

  2. nagaman1:24 pm

    Dang Rocky...you beat me to it!
    I was quietly writing my latest story on this theme for my friend's movie , really hoping no one will plunge my story on how power outage will throw an island into civil strive ...and you have to be spoiler la...dang...

    Yes malaysia is facing a serious u powerful blackout , resulting in serious water and food shortage- due to uncontrolled over development concentrated in one area.

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Go for nuclear power.

    ---> Dr Hussein Lee

  4. kineas3:57 pm

    What happened to our much ballyhooed IPPs?

    Another short-term feel-good measure that has outlived it's usefulness and relevance?

    Is the fact that TNB had to buy electricity on an emergency basis from a Singapore genco some time back a harbinger of things to come?

    We have to diversify our own genco fuel sources from coal and natural gas to LNG and sustainable sources.

    And take the matter of power and water security instead of being complacent.

  5. Anonymous9:23 am

    Why is our local newspaper such as sun, star and nstp silent on this. Third I'd very important news. Latter complaint that people don't buy paper. F off laa

  6. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Will those opposing mega ptoject bakun now admit they are wrong?

    Pak Lah wake up