Saturday, July 19, 2014

Save your MAS and Najib-bashing for another time, please

There's a time for everything. This is a time to be united for this nation and for its people and the leaders as we all mourn for the MH17's fallen and their loved ones. This is when we hold hands to condemn the perpetrators and those trying to poke their dirty fingers into our national orifices. It is not the time for your cheap shots at the national carrier or the civil servants and their ministers, and we surely don't need to listen to your whining about how clever you are compared with the Prime Minister.  
I'm not surprised if the likes of Yuki Tan churn out their rotten comment and filth (read other Yuki-like responses at h e r e, courtesy of The Unspinners) or if the CNN twist and turn facts to make their lords look good and us bad, but I expect better from clever bloggers like some of my own good friends.  
They should let the professionals do what they are trained for or just STFU!

Some Malaysians letting their blind
hatred for the PM get the better of them

p.s. Even Jahabar Saddiq and TMI know what kind of time this is ... Read his piece Stop blaming Malaysia Airlines for Downed MH17


  1. Anonymous11:34 pm

    I hope syed akbar ali read your piece..

  2. Anonymous12:28 am

    Bru, dont be so ignorant. MAS problems started with che det 15 yrs ago and until now they could not fix it. Somebody has to be answerable but instead they promoted the proven inept to be advisers, ministers and PMs.

    1. Anonymous7:43 am

      Yes, 12.28, go on blaming everyone. You are the only perfect person.

  3. Anonymous1:37 am

    Just gave Ng Aik Wei a piece of my mind. Told him to migrate since Msia is such a scary place and useless country. Pending his reply. That moron and his wife.


  4. Anonymous9:15 am

    I agree with 11.34 on Outsyed the Box. Shameful coverage and really disrespectful all Malaysians by scoring cheap political points. Goes against all his own so called messages of needing to think before speaking. Thanks Rocky for a sensible posting hopefully people can hold off political points at a time like this. We need to try to get our brothers and sisters on MH17 back home from Ukraine.

  5. Anonymous9:39 am

    In developed countries, peer pressure alone will cause the guilty ones to resign, just like the korean PM. Here they got promoted as chairman, advisers and ministers. Malaysia boleh.

  6. Anonymous10:12 am

    Eh, Bru - do you include blogger Helen Ang among those you have chastised?

    Ms Ang, in her blog, has questioned MAS, the Transport Minister and others under the guise of being a reporter of what others say and a "copypaster" of other people's comments?

  7. Anonymous11:05 am

    Some people still don't get it...Anon 12.28am... are u in tune to the tragedy or is your mind blocked to the years of Tun and still finger pointing. R U replacing the arsehole-loving- desperate-to-be-pm guy blaming everything and anything cos now for once he's on same page with the Govt. Jeeeesssss...goblock!!!

  8. Anonymous11:08 am

    Do you aim this to someone specific?

  9. Anonymous11:20 am

    'MAS problems started with che det 15 yrs ago and until now they could not fix it..'

    really huh?

    MAS lose tonnes of money after 1998 crisis but Perwaja bleeding ringgit since its inception. You fellas didn't assail Perwaja that much but instead training your guns on MAS.
    Oh, wait a minute.I wonder who helm Perwaja during all those lost making years..

  10. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Tell your Mahathir gang members Zam & A Kadir Jasin to stop politicizing the MAS tragedy. Advice them to support Najib's leadership and toe the line like you. Mahathir time is gone and over!

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Thank you Dato'. iIt is sad that some very intelligent Malaysians have lost all decorum and rationality.

    God bless us all!

  12. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Used to like SAA's writings, which are gems sometimes. But now I think he writes ntah apa apa. Sorry.

  13. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Mana la gi Pemuda Umno? Perkasa? Perkida? Mana hilang semua panglima2 perang?! Knape seek or pun tak nampak. Bising sama cina Dap berani betul! Ni pihak Rusia dah tembak jatuh persawat kita knape diam sangat?

    Our plane have been shot down? And our PM and DPM don't even have the guts to issue a strong statement condemning Russia or Putin. Infact the Aussie and Dutch PMs are showing more balls than Najib and Muhiyiddin.

    BN crooks so used to bullying now when they are faced with a bigger bully with a huge stick have all scattered with their tails between their legs.

    Don't la send that pawn, Liow Tiong Lai to Kiev. Muhiyiddin should go!

  14. Anonymous5:04 pm

    9/11 two american airliner being hijack but still the company alive. so does with MAS.