Saturday, July 12, 2014

Condemning Israeli attack on Gaza: Najib must take it further

With updates on 50 Malaysian doctors for Gaza ...

It's good to listen to Najib Razak condemning the Zionist regime over their latest atrocities in Gaza and their audacity to defend the action as being in the interest of Israeli security. I hope the Prime Minister takes it further and all the way. Just take the cue from his predecessor's predecessor. Together with Dr Mahathir Mohamad (who's known for his uncompromising stance on regimes that support Zionism while he was PM and even after) and politicians linked to Anwar Ibrahim (who isn't known for the same thing, unfortunately, but do read Malaysian leaders unite over Gaza, 10 July 2014, anyway ..), the Malaysian leader can make the voice of Malaysia and human beings in general be heard against the evil that has been blatantly committing crime against humanity in Gaza. 

"... the cruelty of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians in Gaza is not only being opposed by Muslims but also people who hold to the principles of humanitarianism." _ Najib Razak at

p.s. Dr Mahathir's Perdana Global Peace Foundation will be sending volunteers to help the Palestinian victims of Israeli's "war". Malaysians can do their bit by aiding the PGPF. Moral support pun sudah bagus ... 

p.p.s. And say what you like about our honorary envoy to Palestine, Azeeez Rahim, his Kelab Putra 1Malaysia has done it again - they've set up a Ops Room to start despatching aid to the Palestinians. He's trying to get 50 Malaysian doctors for Gaza. Ten specialists have already volunteered to go with Azeez. Again, say what you like ...


  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    All talk. Same situation keeps repeating. No answers. Both sides need a different approach if they really want peace but neither side does. A waste of energy and effort for the rest of the world. Let them carry on at each other for all eternity, if they aren't prepared to seek peace themselves.

  2. PlazaPelangi8:46 pm

    Who in Malaysia has the guts to tell the US government to stop it's blind support of Israel?

    Tun Dr Mahathir? The US will dismiss him contemptuously as a politician of no consequence.

    The OIC? They are split within themselves about Israel.

    Iran is the arch-enemy of Israel. Iran is also a Shi'ite power. Malaysia doesn't do business with Shi'ites.

    See the contradictions?

    In Asia, China, India and Japan have no problems maintaining cordial diplomatic relations with Israel. The plight of the Palestinians is not a major cause celebre in these countries.

    Realpolitik is a b***h, isn't it?

  3. charleskiwi8:18 am

    This talk only egregious Mahathir not only have so much money hidden away as the richest man in Asia. Yet he has not come up even with one cent of his fortune for the Palestine. Please do, after all very soon they would mean nothing to you and you call yourself a muslim.
    You were the PM for 23 years, why didn't you break off relationship with the countries that maintain relationship with Israel ? As usual always talks and no actions, empty ballon makes the most noise !

  4. Anonymous7:39 am

    Nak Jaga Sempadan Sendiri pun Tak Mampu..Tiap Tiap Bulan Ada yang kena bunuh..Kena Colek... Berangan Nak Lawan Israel!!

  5. Salam,

    The NGO I-Medik is already sending a group of 5 specialists over to Gaza. IIRC, they'll be leaving this Friday 18th July, along with 4 reporters and an officer from Aman Palestine. Let's applaud them for their courage, and pray for their safety always. Allah is Great.

  6. Starbuck$3:06 pm

    Syria's Assad killing his own fellow muslim citizens... semua takde bising-bising kecoh-heboh pon!

  7. charleskiwi3:57 pm

    Why are the Shite muslims in Malaysia are being outlawed, just like criminals, and also being persecuted ? Or are these Shite muslims in Malaysia different from the Shite muslims who are Hamas are also known to be Shites and so are their arms and their rockets suppliers from Iran are also known to be Shites. If they are the same why are they being treated so differently in Malaysia ? The Shites and the Sunni muslims in Iraq are killing each other, will someone try to explain to me the differences !

  8. Anonymous3:24 pm

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  9. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Sibuk dengan Israel, Kapalterbang negara sendiri kena tembak mush tak kisah! Bodoh ke?