Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why I won't fly with Singapore Airlines ever again

Updated: This guy is among many who won't fly SIA any more  

Singapore Airlines apologises for 'insensitive' social media posts following MH17 disaster after public backlash 

  • Singapore Airlines wrote on Facebook and Twitter that its planes do not fly across Ukrainian airspace 
  • The posts were made right after reports that MH17 had been shot down 
  • Singapore Airlines' lack of initial condolences led to public cries of outrage 
  • The airliner has since apologised and said the posts were issued as a response to customers' requests 

p.s. Just so we know who are neighbours down south really are. I hope HRH Sultan Johor and TMJ will cut ties with their Singapork friend Peter Lim. Khazanah Nasional should review all contracts with the Singaporeans. This is beyond kiasu; they were lying through their teeth! It was pure malicious. 

A reader sent me the screenshots of the SIA's so-called "response to customers' requests" ..


  1. Anonymous4:46 pm

    This is what you get from a typical KIASU mentalities. They will be nice to you if they want somethings from you.
    Simple examples having buka puasa and sahur with Muslim at surau or muslim house. Are they sincere???? Or wants you vote.... we alway lupa....

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Yup. Me too.
    Not going to fly with Singapore Airlines.

  3. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Our own Malaysian corporations have made so many comments & actions that are far more insensitive than what SIA did. Boycott them too??

  4. Adait Aman6:31 pm

    Despite the huge backlash on their FB page and elsewhere, SQ still refuses to change the word nor delete the posting.

    Ultra kiasu, capitalising on someone else's misfortune.

  5. Anonymous7:00 pm

    SQ is ultra kiasu, insensitive and dishonest. Why can't they just say they aren't going to use the Ukraine route anymore. Why must they lie? No camaraderie feeling from their crew etc ....really disgusting. Money is their GOD.

  6. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Well you should read this bitch by the name of 3iling on twitter describing how she escaped death with her husband when she flew MAS from Paris to KL due to turbulence. She only tweeted about her near death experience after MH17 tragedy. Said she is not going fly MAS. Her statement is basically saying MAS is at fault. This Msian fat auntie that found her meal ticket with an angmoh Husband thinks she is so atas. Please go on and fly SQ. And while you are at it, please consider giving up your Msian citizenship and also please take your whole family with you. Good riddance for Msia. We don't need Msian like that in our beloved country. A tragedy happened to MAS, so fast to point finger and blame MAS. Dumb ass!

  7. Anonymous12:06 am

    Singapork Air Force planes also don't fly into our air space. They just blatantly intrude into it. Singapore citizens also don't drink our water. They just quench their thirst with water that they themselves processed which they obtained through a pipe running into their country from Johore.

  8. Anonymous12:10 am

    Bloody Singapork. Serves you right Davinder Singh of SIA. So called Senior Counsel with Drew & Napier who sits on the board in SIA. Stupid Lawyer in a STUPID AIRLINES

  9. aninymous1:07 am

    Dear Dato.
    What do you expect..
    A pig will remain a pig forever...
    Can a mule be a horse?

  10. Anonymous8:23 am

    "Just so we know who are neighbours down south really are. I hope HRH Sultan Johor and TMJ will cut ties with their Singapork friend Peter Lim."

    -Tough luck. These people are joint at the hips.

    "Khazanah Nasional should review all contracts with the Singaporeans."

    -Wishful thinking. Khianah Nasional doesn't even know where their noses are, kept on bungling with moronic decisions ranging from the MAS-Air Asia share-suap to land buy-back in Iskandar, to chronic asset-stripping and company sell-out. If they're so smart, they don't need Temasek and the other singapork kiasu-companies to develop Iskandar. Tun Dr. M carved Putrajaya out of palm oil plantations without consulting singapork. Why do we need them to develop our own backyard?

    I've not only stop using SQ for years, in fact I'd stop visiting singapork for ages.

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm

    To all the bloggers who threaten never to fly with SIA, how just how many times have you ever flown with SIA ? SIA is not going to miss you all on their flights if you have ever flown with them I wonder ?
    Unlike MAS who are about to go bust, when SIA are still profitable and most of all they are worth a lot more than MAS. How come ?

  12. Anonymous2:41 pm


    Based on your history of telling lies, nobody gives a toot what you are going to say.

  13. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Why are we taking out our frustrations against SIA? Who shot down our plane? Was it SIA?
    If you bunch wanna show some balls, don't la pick on SIA. Go to Russia and take them on. Go whack Putin.

    Typical Malaysian kampong mindset!

    Go la and march down to the Russian consulate and show them your strength and bravery.

  14. Anonymous12:09 am

    Singapork will always remain as Singapork. Even till end times. Singapork. Founded by some Middle Templar who failed badly in legal practice and was much better in politics that old hag was never a Queen Scholar. Malaysia is a country full of natural resources. Luckily Tunku kicked that old hag ou

  15. Anonymous1:17 am

    Anon 8:09 pm - you're an idiot. Yup, you are.


  16. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Anon 12:09 am.....get a life instead of rehashing the same tired old rhetoric.

    As for Sdr Bru, his views with regard to Singapore are well known. Not that they make any difference to people or companies wanting to live in or invest in that city-state.

    As for SIA, I dare say it's doing better than MAS by any metric that is acceptable and verifiable. Like profits, for instance. Or passenger load factors. Or network size or fleet size.

    Of course, one mustn't forget how SIA arose out of the break up of MSA, something that true blue "nationalists" decry even now. It was unacceptable effrontery for SIA to be better run than it's erstwhile sibling MAS, with the whole lot of historical baggage that came with it.

    So, Sdr Bru can go to town calling for the boycott of SIA.

    It's a pity that most travellers would care two hoots for what he is advocating.

  17. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Anon 1:27, Anon 8:09 is not an idiot. You are. Why? Because you are Melayu.

    Garang when intimidating pendatang with 5:13, but against the Russiant, hide behind the keyboard like a faggot.

    Sheesh. Go back to the rice field and suck your thumb.

  18. Anonymous11:34 am

    The truth of the matter is that SQ had been using the Ukrainian airspace prior to the MH17 incident.

    They only avoided this corridor after the incident.

    SQ should categorically say so.


  19. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Anonymous 4:34pm

    Spare me the bollock and jog on toby.

    Go get yourself a hobby. I write and say whats up in my mind and not up in your bottoms. Bloody arse

  20. Anonymous5:58 pm

    It's strictly business acumen. Nothing more than that. Under the circumstances people tend to blow up the issue.
    Really no big deal.

  21. Anonymous10:58 am

    chinese can change their character but mentality remain unchanged
    they got no sincerity except their ''time's up'' mau mampos ,,,this they cannot ''tipu''