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Utusan Malaysia's front page today

I've been getting calls and alerts on Utusan Malaysia's front page today, as if I was part of the "Umno-controlled" daily. Many thought the editors were either brave or stupid; one even went as far as to label them, "Derhaka". Those who know the journalists at the paper and understand Utusan's philosophy would suggest that the newspaper is actually being protective of the Sultan. By pushing to give himself more executive powers in the running of the State, the Sultan risks exposing himself to dissent and the wrath of the people. Whoever's advising the Sultan apparently have not been truthful to him about public perception towards the Istana. As someone who's been fortunate enough to be up close and personal with him before he ascended to the throne, I would strongly urge the Tuanku to rethink his position with regards to this and some other business at hand ...

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  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Rumours has it that Daeng Malek is taking over Johor Corp.

    The hiring of Singaporean security firm is suspicious. Is the Sultan taking Johor out of Malaysia to merge with Singapore?

    At the rate he is conspiring with Singaporean CHinese to takeover lands and homes in Iskandar, I think he is.

    His majesty would be stupid to trust the chinkies.

    Given time, they will chuck him put just like they did on the remnants of royal family in Istana Kg Gelam.

  2. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Its time that we malays bernaung di bawah payung yang lebih adil dan menjaga kebajikan dan kepentingan kita. Pagar bukan saja nak makan padi tetapi nak makan sayur pucuk ubi sekali.

  3. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Please for goodness sake do not meddle with the agreed constitution.They are just costitutional monarch.No man should hold absolute power.This man has a questionable background.

  4. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Marilah sama2 kita selidik asal usul raja kita. X salah kaji skit

    Ambik sikit iktibar sejarah
    Jatuhnya Melaka ke tangan Portugis

    Dalam Islam pun, x penah ada Daulat.. zaman dah berubah

    Dah sampai masanya kaji balik
    Ke mana perginya wang rakyat
    SPRM susah nak masuk Istana
    Ketirisan wang bukan dlm projek2 saja

  5. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Here is a definition from wikipedia regarding constitutional monarchy:

    "Constitutional monarchy is a form of democratic government in which a monarch acts as nonpolitical head of state within a boundaries of a constitution; whether written or unwritten. While the monarch may hold formal reserve powers and government may officially take place in the monarch's name, they do not set public policy or choose political leaders."

  6. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Utusan editors have got balls. That is the bravest headline I've ever read from local daily. Wasn't a fan of the daily but I have to admit, what a balsy move. I mean wow..

  7. Tell more then we discuss... HM Johor loves his rakyat. Otherwise theres no 'Kembara Johor'. So MB Johor, beforehand, promised a lot of things.

    PM Najib must listen to the 'ting,ting,ting'...

  8. Anonymous10:21 pm

    RE : "The hiring of Singaporean security firm is suspicious. Is the Sultan taking Johor out of Malaysia to merge with Singapore? At the rate he is conspiring with Singaporean CHinese to takeover lands and homes in Iskandar, I think he is. His majesty would be stupid to trust the chinkies. Given time, they will chuck him put just like they did on the remnants of royal family in Istana Kg Gelam."

    Baca lah!

  9. Anonymous10:38 pm

    sultan johor dan anaknya tidak harus bongkak dan sombong kerana Allah jualah tempat kembalinya kita tanpa membawa sebarang alat kebesaran yang di megahlan atas dunia..

  10. tebing tinggi10:42 pm

    No man are perfect in this worlds ,what ever his position is,greed are always one of the humans weakness .

    Reminder and being reminded is needed ,even though from the rakyat when the needs arise .

  11. vinnan11:43 pm

    Oi anon puki bodoh 4:17 pm,

    Keep the Chinese out of your hatred for the Johor Sultan. Motherfucker UMNO cekik Johor dry since your Pukimamak got into power. The Sultan wants to favour Johoreans first regardless of race or political affiliations when it comes to the development of Johor. Somethinh wrong with that? You UMNO fuckers stand to lose the most because the Sultan has had enough of your corrupt incompetence. The Iskandar project was going nowhere for almost ten years under that UMNO hero MB called Ghani. The Sultan sorted out the Iskandar mess in less than three years. The royal town of Muar has never been cleaner since independence. The express bus stand in Muar was left to rot for 20 years until the Sultan got the UMNO DO to actually start working for his pay. Who should Johoreans believe? The Sultan of Johor or you UMNO crooks.

    Allah peliharakan Sultan Johor

    1. Anonymous8:37 pm

      Kick perasuah chinkes out of johor. Brapa ramai cina pemberi rasuah dijohor. Mereka ni pengkianst negara......pukimak and bangsat punya cina.....

  12. 111106438Anon 4.17 pm,

    You are just a true reflection of what you are. Please remember without the Chinese what would Malaysia be ? Just imagine without their skill and without all the taxes, 90% of the taxes collected are from the Chinese and that is according to none other but the former PM egregious Mahathir,
    Or are we going to wait for you to develop this country and wait for another few millenniums for you to bring Malaysia to be what it is to day ?
    You are so fortunate and lucky to have the millions of Chinese here to develop the country. Most of all please remember you are just like the Chinese. You are also the pendatangs, the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli that you are fencing them up. Just so they are out of our sights and also out of our minds.
    The Chinese never have any qualms being called pendatangs, in fact the Chinese must be very proud to have come from a country that your PM is now trying so very hard to kiss their asses and be associated with.
    Unlike your kind trying so hard to forget that your forefathers had come from Indonesia. Trying to erase the memory of how your forefathers had come here. Or may be it was for the real reasons on why they came. No matter what the excuses are still the real sons of the soil are still the Orang Asli. And nobody else not the Chinese, not the Indians or your kind ? The Sakai or the Orang Asli (the Original People ) as your fathers named them. Finally just a reminder you are never not the sons of the soil here in Malaya or in East Malaysia no matter what and how you can twist and rewrite the history of this country. You are truly the intruders of this land !

    1. Anonymous2:07 am

      I say we just got tired of makan the chinese taxes over the fuck off back to china..what say you?

  13. Anonymous9:39 am

    I think this issue has started from UMNO Johor members followed by on9 portals/blogs then Tun M articles and last, Utusan. So neither Utusan or UMNO H.Q triggered this issues. Understood? Please investigate whos the informer or tali barut first before accused. Remember, Iskandar project is awarded by the gov. for the people of Johor.

  14. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Utusan Derhaka!

    Harus disula.

    Mamakutty ketua pengkianat!

    1. Anonymous2:11 am

      Another kaki jilat bontot sultan yg terang2 bersubahat dgn apek2 mata sepet..esok kau akan jdi mcm melayu kat penang baru padan muka kau..dasar melayu bodoh la kau ni..ptuihh

  15. Anonymous4:51 pm

    “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.” [14th Dalai Lama]

  16. Anonymous6:24 pm

    When a certain late MP questioned the actions of a certain late Sultan, the mainstream media (Utusan included) were quick to label him 'derhaka'.

    Now the very same mainstream media is questioning another Sultan. Oh, the irony!

  17. Anonymous9:15 pm

    The shops in JB centre are mostly in dilapidated state. They are mostly two or three storey shops, haven’t been painted for a long time, doing either very small businesses or closed off.

    Office buildings like Tropica Inn, Komtar, Landmark and Pusat Professional are those ‘prime’ locations available to set up office, but also not cleaned or painted for a very long time. The lifts using 70s technology are still being used. Very often you don’t get to use the lifts because they are under ‘maintenance’.

    But none of these commercial buildings are cheap. A double story shop lot previously used for brothel in Taman Pelangi can cost you RM 3 million, that is, if you can find the owner and the owner is willing to sell it.

    No. These properties are not for sale. The owners are mostly Singaporeans or those already migrated to overseas, the rest are owned by underground people doing illegal trade.

    If you get one to rent, for a shit-hole the owner will charge you crazy rental.

    The common people, not only the Malays, are very difficult to cari makan in JB, largely because of very poor business activities.

    Those who survive in Johor are doing illegal businesses, such as ah longs (Tangkak), illegal loggers (Kahang, Kluang) , illegal miners (Batu Pahat, Muar), marine fuel smugglers (Pengerang, Pontian), diesel smugglers (Tanjung Pengelih, etc), human traffickers (Kukup, Teluk Ramunia), illegal 4D collectors (everywhere in Johor), drug sellers (family entertainment centers), sex traders (all kinds of everything), and money launderers (JB money changers).

    So far, there were some arrests made but Johor largely practice the doctrine of “crime pays”.

    And these are the people who pay corruption money, and corruption money don’t have eyes, they cannot identify the hand of an UMNO member. It would go to whoever is able to deliver.

    And right now there’s very little UMNO can offer.

  18. Anonymous9:48 pm

    And very little indeed UMNO can offer for corruption right now.

    JCS don’t listen to UMNO. Their allegiance is not for UMNO.

    PDRM, Kastam, APMM, Jabatan Laut etc don’t listen to UMNO.

    If you get caught, UMNO cannot help you. If UMNO is so great, why is it that UMNO cannot get your graduate child a place in public service? That’s because UMNO is not great, UMNO don’t run the government.

    In fact, UMNO also don’t run the private sectors. That’s the reason why UMNO finds it so difficult to help the Malays to prosper in their business.

    About illegal activities, there’s this story that Al-Marhum used to travel in helicopter and intercepted smugglers near Taman Iskandar. He was just armed with a revolver. Such bravery!

    And he would stop and talked to his subject whenever he saw them at his stable near the crocodile lake at Pasir Pelangi.

    Inside people’s heart, good deed will always be remembered.

  19. Anonymous2:13 am

    charleskwi...about the history part you too do not have to rewrite history please..

    the malay are among the earliest settler and they're native not just on this land but the whole maritime south east asia..predominantly in eastern coastal area of sumatera, peninsula malaysia and western coastal are of borneo.

    and the one that have a tendency to rewrite malaysian history is you're kiasu clan..and why even you like to make an issues about orang asli and the malay..the malay have no problem with the orang malay fencing any orang asli..but i know a lot of chinese land developer and timber co destroy the ancestral land and cut their hill for making who's destroy the orang aslis home..and FYI malay and the orang asli even intermarried with each other long before your pendatang grandfaher come here...even the johore sultanate have some orang asli lineage..the suku biduanda of negeri sembilan also is an example of intermarried between orang aslis and people of minang and malay descent..and tan sri muyhidin is have an orang asli blood from his mother side.

    and as for our ancestor come from indonesia idea..well guest what there no such country called indonesia before 1945..malay already inhabit this land long before the vast migration of chinese in 19ce and the as for the recent migrant from indonesia..they're easily accepted because of cultural similarity..just like singapore willing to choose PRC or malaysian chinese over singaporean malay.

    i dont expect your kind to except this fact because as usual kiasu minded people like you hate malay history..and try to rewrite it the way you like about the huanna.

  20. Anonymous3:14 am

    And indeed Al-Marhum will always be remembered by Johoreans.

    A Sultan and a gentleman, he shared his wealth with his subjects. He let us use his Pasir Pelangi stable, allow us to exercise every morning in the Istana Besar compound, permit us to visit his muzium, and treated us great food for free at Istana during his birthday celebration. Even Mawar Johor was made available to the wanita Johor.

    Never heard of anyone screaming “investigate informant or tali barut” during Al-Marhum’s time, perhaps that’s because he truly ‘favours Johoreans first regardless of race or political affiliations when it comes to the development of Johor’.

    And indeed he was not one to condemn UMNO, or any political parties for that matter. Al-Marhum was, after all, apolitical and above all these nonsense.

    Of course UMNO members are not all angels. Naturally there are some who are corrupted. Like some who claimed to be ‘orang kuat’ to some ‘orang kuat’, going around demanding or else. Those corrupted ones are consumed by greed. Billions and billions collected and still don’t feel enough. Like a man who keeps feeling hungry, and eat and eat and eat and will not stop until there’s a natural correction.

  21. Anonymous8:43 am


  22. Anonymous9:07 am

    Yo, Charleskiwi,
    It's interesting that everytime you posted your hatred laden views here, you're trying your best to link up to your favourite themes of yours; no matter how remote or how unrelated with the articles posted.
    Why don't you just accept the fact that pork lover immigrant such as you is just a pain in the arse whenever you come up here and posted your mangled and distorted history lessons.

  23. anon 2.13 am,

    Whatever are your arguments and no matter how much earlier your kind came to settle down in Malaya. Even you may want to think because you look like them or marry some of them.
    One simple true fact remains the Orang Asli are the natives of this land and no amount of arguments can alter that. And also no matter how much earlier your forefathers came to settle down in Malaysia.
    No one in disputing your fathers came to settle here earlier than other pendatangs. Again the fact remains the natives if this land are the Orang Asli.
    You are either ignorant of the Orang Asli being fenced up and by who or you just do not want to accept the true fact that your a government official came out openly to apologise for the Orang Asli being fenced up.
    That unfortunate event was even reported in the press and that is an event that only took place in recent times. Or have you conveniently chosen to forget about that incident just like when you claimed that before 1945 there was even a country called Indonesia. No such country called Indonesia ? How can you say such a thing about your forefathers ?

    Clearly you are trying to rewrite not only the history of this part of the world you are even trying to rewrite the geography of this South East Asia. Please go to the library and read more about this part of the world, especially the history and the geography of South East Asia.
    For your comprehension the Indonesian were Hindu long before Islam was found. The remains of hindu temples that were built thousand of years ago are testimony of this. Plus the Balinese in Indonesia are still practicing hindu ?

    Finally whatever your arguments are, the Orang Asli and however much earlier your forefather had come to settle in this part of the world. The Orang Asli are the natives of this land and sorry to say this is a fact no amount of twisting and distorting of history will alter this fact. Also do you why President Soekarno of Indonesia so violently objected to the formation of Malaysia ? He even have his paratroopers sent down to Johore not to mention the many other actions he took.
    Not only him who objected to the formation of Malaysia, the then President of Philippines was objecting to it too. I can only feel sorry for someone who understand so little on the history of this land trying to twist and distort the history of it.
    One thing for sure the pendatangs have never even try to claim they are the natives of Malaya. To paraphrase , never forget where the water you are drinking came from. What i am suggesting don't forget your root and be proud of whoever you are. We all know that you did not have the choice choose of who you are or who your ancestors are ? The Indonesians have a great culture and a great heritage that your kind should be very proud of. And I am sure if they are rich as the Arabians you will gladly call yourself the descendants of Indonesia. Especially you have adopted their religion and trying so hard to be part of them. You even ignore Bahasa Malaysia which is your own language in favour of Jawi in all the ministries in Putrajaya and all the embassies around the world to depict your presence. Jawi may be a language you learn in the process of your understanding of Islam but it is still a foreign language.
    You have, for now, the political power to come up with any slogans and language to call this land Malaysia just to legitimise whatever claim you are coming up with. But you can't change one simple truth that the real natives of this land are the Orang Asli , period.

    Therefore be proud of what you and who you are !

    1. Anonymous2:19 am

      Oiii diamlah...pendatang is a pendatang no matter how hard you try to sweeten up the word...boloh punya olang..ptuihhh

  24. Anonymous9:36 am

    YB DatukTengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat FOR NEW JOHORE MENTRI BESAR.STUJU?

  25. Nik Tuan Padang11:29 am

    What is sad to us the Malays and Malaysians at large, that HH Tuanku of Johor has been reported to be under the influence of some greedy capitalists; foreigners hailing from the island floating in the vast Nusantara Sea of the Malay Archipelago.

    Already, we have heard horror stories about our various rulers who had “misbehaved” in the past and we have also been saddened by stories about the frequent misuse of "assets" of various state Government-linked corporations by the powers that be.

    We have also been embarrassed by the liberal dishing out of prestigious state medals to people of doubtful and dodgy track records by some State Governments.

    These are rumours circulating around the kopitiams and the Michelin-class restaurants, all around the country. Some of these stories may be true, albeit uncorroborated stories.

    I wish to implore HH Tuanku of Johor, please, for the sake of the Malaysians at large, direct the MB to delay his much publicized intention to legislate a law this coming Monday, an Act that most of us consider as a possible breach of the Federal Constitution .

    HH Tuanku, please be aware of the sycophants, be aware of those with fork tongues and be aware of the “munafiqeens” among the leaders who may be close to Tuanku.

    It is useful to note that there are lot of us out here who have lots of respect to the institution of Royalty and the role of the Royals as the non-political protector of the interests of Malaysians, Malays & Bumiputras and Islam.

  26. Anonymous4:48 pm

    ANON 3:34 screamed:
    Utusan Derhaka!
    Harus disula.
    Mamakutty ketua pengkianat!

    Oi Pengumpat! nanti kita akan bawa Si Anwar Peliwat bersula padamu sebagai balasan dosa.

  27. Mustapha Ong8:11 pm

    Ampun Tuanku..... Please stand up to your principle and don't let those who are against our Johor Sultanate! The opposition and antigovernment are taking this opportunity to wedge a knife between our Sultan Johor and the political power. Why are the other Sultans keeping their mouth shut...say something lah YDP Agong as well as the other Sultans, especially the new crowned Sultan of Perak, Raja Nazrin!

  28. Jgn diikutkan sgt kehendak mereka.mereka jgn rasa mereka special sgt.

  29. Anonymous12:48 am

    dear charleskwi..

    first i have no problem about the orang asli status as the first natives..but they're not the only natives of the land..i totally oppose to the idea of the malay as a pendatang same as the recent pendatang of chinese and indian sub continent origin.

    heck like you say it..they arrive way longer then the other pendatang..they too are natives compared to the bulk majority of pendatang which arrive only during 19ce colonial time you dont like to be called pendatang then you called us pendatang just because we're not the first.

    why people only think the native only apply to the first inhabitant..if the malay already here settling for almost a millenia building various kampung which grow into a pekan port/harbour..with it's much more organize social structure and it's constantly evolving into various kind of administration style adopting from india to china and middle east mold together with the local system..creating a cultural hegemony of it's like saying the english is not the native of england or britain and only the welsh are...because they arrive from mainland europe and push the native Britannia/welsh upland. i dont hear immigrant say to the english people to go back to your anglo saxon homeland in germany.

    hehe and you trying to be smart about indonesia huh..guest what?indonesia is an idea of a republic not an's a post colonial you ever know why sukarno have to make his independent declaration twice?

    the first after the japanese surrender in 1945 and after they manage to hold the dutch from coming back to batavia and other various part of java..then the second one in 1949. the period from 1945- 1949 is the period when indonesia really born and kick start.

    the first declaration is only on java..the rest of the archipelago from sumatera to the moluccas island the elite and freedom fighter of the land have their own idea of sumatera the varoius malay eastern coastal sultanate want to be an independant nation of it's own by the name of negara sumatera timur...aceh too want to be an independent state hence till today they still have active separatist movement in tanah the molucas as well exist a movement by the name of RMS..republik maluku selatan..and of course the best known success sepritist story of timor papua too..

    so as the proof is give indonesia was never really an existing one homogeneous's a force combination of various part of the archipelago under the the centralize gov base in java which was the old capital of dutch east indies.

    the idea of a republic by sukarno is not really a natural pro people's full of genocide and the left mainly socialist and communist supporter which are pro sukarno against all the other indepedant movemant such as the traditionalist adat group, the islamic movement etc..

    with brute sukarno take control all the former dutch east indies territory to become what we know today as indonesia..strategically mobilizing a so called social revolution..killing his opponent in the name of so called freedom from feudalism of the past..when actually his trying to gain power and conquer all of the former dutch east indies territory for his own dream of creating a republic with him as the supreme leader..and since malaya was apart of nusantara and culturally and historically intangible and connected with the other nusantara making it the next target of his expansionist indonesia raya..that's why he opposse independent malaya and later the formation of malaysia as for the philipines they just want north borneo by using the glory of the former sulu sultanante claiming the so called last sultan of sulu give the filipino gov the right over his kingom but even the so called last sultan position is challenge by other royal claimant within the four sulu royal family.


  30. Anonymous12:52 am

    continued post to charkeskwi

    the malay as an ethnic group
    predate the existent of the so called indonesian that the kiasu clan like to point out as malay's actually indonesia that owe the malay a lot in term of culture without denying the other contribution from the other ethnic group..the first so called indonesian empire sriwijaya was a malay buddist kingdom.

    the malay history maybe influence by islam for the last 500 years but it evolve alongside with the other past tradition..which is an amalgamation of animism , hinduism and buddism and since when we ignore BM? is still the national language..although a lot of chinese and indian dont speak it well beside the fact they are born here yet they sound like the first immigrant arrive from china and india and of course jawi should be kept alive..why must we discriminate it..the japanese adopt chinese character..why must we not kept and use jawi..a lot of historical document is written in that form..even the original copy of malaya declaration of indepedant is written in jawi as well as in english..

    the first malay scritp is known as tulisan rencong..but not many people know about the ancient script..even sanskrit not many peole not it iether in india or it's more logical the preserve jawi..havinf said that the pre islamic era heritage to need to be preserve from monument to inscriptions.

    Now i dont want to drag this any longer just remember take a real history and plus anthropological class as well..and as for our past anismistic , hindu buddist culture..i have no problem...i acknowledge it..and plus who said the so called indonesian was hindu sri vijaya was mahayana buddism..the majapahitan are hindus..while the rest practice a combo of animist with hindu and buddhist ritual..ever heard of sunda wiwitan's not hinduism..and please don't pic frame me as an arabize malay person.

    so keep your sarcasm and so called knowledge..because you're sound confusing and misinform..oohw by the way the malaysian definiton of a malay is a result of the situation of the country nationalistic post colonial poltical imply in malaysian bureaucratic and political matter only..historically it's something want to change it, than vote DAP.

    1. Anonymous1:30 am

      I doubt that he (charleskwi) will read this reply and learn. Like most DAP supporters, the've been brainwashed to accept only the DAP's version of the Nusantara's history. Everything else is pure fiction for them even in the face of overwhelming evidence.....