Friday, March 07, 2014

Zahid to Tian Chua: Don't push it!

Zero Tolerance against threat of uprising. The thing about Zahid Hamidi is that he hardly hesitates and he doesn't mince words. That has landed the Home Minister and Umno Vice President in the soup on more than a few occasions. But when it really matters, as in when you have an elected Member of Parliament like Tian Chua openly calling for an "uprising" against the Government over a Court decision that did not favour his boss Anwar Ibrahim (the same Court that has ruled in Anwar's favour many times), you need the kind of sound byte that probably only someone like Zahid dares to make. 
At the very least, I feel safer to be out in the streets tonight ...

The Malaysian Digest has the story h e r e.  
Zahid was responding to these tweets by the PKR Member of Parliament:

 YB Tian Chua, who has a history of violence against the police, has changed his Twitter profile to reflect his loyalty and support to Anwar who was found guilty for sodomizing a former aide and sentenced to 5 years jail. Story h e r e.


  1. Anonymous12:25 am

    Just another of amaran from menteri tin kosong..less amaran please and more action against the morons like tian cuak

  2. Anonymous12:58 am

    Masaalahnya Dato,...kami di kampung dah panggil YB Zahid ni MEnteri Tin Kosong...

  3. Anonymous1:34 am

    Go F yourself rocky

  4. Anonymous1:48 am

    Ko nk jnjikan huru hara kt m'sia ye Tian chua.. Jgn cuba nk brmain dgn api la apek..kita tgk sape yg jd huru hara nnti.. -pemerhatisenyap-

  5. Scheiss.Geist3:04 am

    Uprising over water cut, rising cost of living, GST maybe but over this?

    How many people turned up at Kajang Stadium. I've searched Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia-Chronicle and can't find anything about numbers and it's 2.46 am on 8th March, when the rally was at on 7th March.

    What! Shy to show the numbers present?

    Are the people of Kajang/Selangor pre-occupied with finding enough water to drink and wash, the rising cost of teh ais, nasi lemak, kangkung and other staples to bother about issues like this?

  6. Anonymous6:37 am

    Peace Malaysians want peace not demonstrations, riots or uprisings.

    The police should be quick to nail the bud.

  7. Anonymous8:40 am

    I hope lah Tian Chua walks his talk and show us an uprising. Otherwise, up his! All bark and cop bite.

  8. charleskiwi8:43 am

    I predicted this is what will happen when the lusty Anwar was found to be not guilty by the High Court two years ago. The present regime may have achieved what they want and desire, but the final impact on them is far greater than they may realise !

    I reiterateI I am definitely not a supporter of this lusty old man who was prepared to bring along the victim, a good for nothing scumbag abroad just to make him his 'daily coffee' is testimony to convince me and thousand of others than this dirty old man is up to no good. A further proof is that his defense lawyer was trying to get him free, out of technical errors. rather than his innocence,
    just like what his former boss once said the country cannot run by a such a character. I must here that the egregious Mahathir did not do a better job himself either, especially over a period of 22 years. in fact he is responsible for the shamble the nation is going through to day !
    There are a lot more creditable and reliable opposition leaders around. Therefore it is a good time for a new opposition leader to come round to gain from the conviction of Anwar. It may appear to all the Umno warriors that they have got what they have planned and wanted all along. But the final impact of this scenario is far greater than the warriors have bargained for. The Umno warriors and lackeys have in fact made AI an unsung hero as a result of their wish and desire. The ill feeling of the people for the present regime, from this persecution of Anwar , has no doubt grown many folds without any efforts from the opposition.
    Finally please remember no one is indispensable, you can deceit the people of Malaysia since the egregious Mahathir's reign as P.M. but just like everything else it must come to an end and glad to say the end is not very far from now. It must be the reason why Allah is keeping the egregious Mahathir alive for him to witness the breakdown of the damages he has done to Malaysia.
    Only the good dies young !

  9. Anonymous9:10 am

    Anon 1.34am,
    itu sahaja yg you pandai? fuck sana fuck sini...hish.. you all ni takde kerja lain asyik nak melucah sahaja. dari pemimpin anugerah tuhan dan sewaktu dengannya sampailah ke pengikutnya..


    air putih kuantan

  10. Anonymous9:39 am

    8.43 am, I agree with you, Mighty Allah SWT want Mahathir to withess the second episode of the sodomizer. Even the jail term is unexpected short at least justice is answered.

  11. Anonymous10:43 am


    Opposition leaders like who? Kit sial? Lim Gua mereng? Kapak Singh? You are a typical chinkie who look down on Malays. Mahathir is 1000% a better leader than all the morons in Pee Arr! And without the Malay supports, Pee Arr will never get Putrajaya.

  12. Anonymous11:32 am

    Anon 10.43
    Idiots like you are blind when you can see the rot your 1000% better Mahashit bled the country dry ...please he is no saint but a corrupt thank your stars the melayus are opening their eyes..and dont be cocksure of 100% support.

  13. Look forward to watch Anwaristas got whacked on tv by PGA while eating popcorn on my couch.
    And don't even think of arresting them and serve them nasi biriyani. Just nasi putih + kicap + taik ikan bilis cukup.

  14. charleskiwi2:00 pm

    Anon 10.43,

    I feel more than sorry for you, true to your innate vulgarity you have not shown that is what you are good at and nothing else.
    I do not, do not look down on anyone which would include Malay. Nevertheless the egregious Mahathir is not a Malay even though he claims to be one. Please remember why didn't Allah make him a Malay if the Almighty wanted him to be a Malay and why wasn't him born a Malay ? Further more don't help him count his loot and hide his ill gotten gains.
    If his ancestor is an Indian royalty for sure he would have hung on to be an Indian royalty and not a Malay.
    How convenient and easy to become a Malay not to mention the easy mean for him to steal and rob the Malays in their names and with their support. I have no qualms, only admiration, for anyone to become a billionaire including Malays but certainly not by stealing and robbing to become the richest man in Asia.
    Which is why I resent and have only contempt for him not because of he calls himself a Malay but more so because all he was doing was to ensure he remained as P.M. by deceitful means. He couldn't have stayed reelected for 22 years if he had used the rightful and legal means.
    Also how come he was able to make one of his sons to become a billionaire and the other a MB and himself the richest man in Asia and still kept so many million Malays as poor peasants ? What has he done for these million of poor Malays except always seen talking about fighting for the Malays ? It is so easy to talk, he had 22 years to do that and what did he do for them ? Actions speak louder than words, have you not heard of that ? Especially when he said everything is possible or he it was impossible for him to turn more Malays into millionaires ? The Malays must have now come to their senses and begin to ignore him and his recent pleas for their
    supports in the by elections prior to and including the recent the recent GE ? The only reason why he is still busy coming up with controversial topics almost daily is to keep everyone busy talking about the topics instead of concentrating on probing on his stolen loots !
    Also you may not be aware that it was because his palace guard grand father could not find an Indian woman to marry in Kedah because of his low class status.
    As a consequent , just to satisfy his lust, he ended up marrying a Malay woman instead and also a chance to severe his low class status as an Indian.
    Therefore join the million of Malays who are now mindful of his deceitful actions and are beginning to reject him for the truth. Malaysia will without a doubt become a better country for all to live in especially for the Malays !

  15. Anonymous3:26 pm

    sorry TC,WE ARE NOT WITH YOU ANYMORE.You maybe joining DSAI when the proceeding of Lahad Datu case ends.

  16. Anonymous7:18 pm

    To all AI supporters, before you write any comments, please read the sodomy case, the stay-town moves and then only you comments.

    Do not show your stupidty and to the DAP/PKR chinese show that you are not a 3rd class race despite claiming to be highly educated etc. Some of the comments show your lack of intelligence.

    Address the issues and do not be too emotional about AI.

    Kapal Singh once told the parliment that AI did sodomised. AI semen was found in the rectum 4cm deep. Kapal singh did not address whether sodomy didn't take place.....they argued on technicality only.

    Lets move on......we have spent too much time on AI, Malaysians have better things to do.

  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    To all AI supporters, before you write any comments, please read the sodomy case, the stay-town moves and then only you comments.

    Do not show your stupidty and to the DAP/PKR chinese show that you are not a 3rd class race despite claiming to be highly educated etc. Some of the comments show your lack of intelligence.

    Address the issues and do not be too emotional about AI.

    Kapal Singh once told the parliment that AI did sodomised. AI semen was found in the rectum 4cm deep. Kapal singh did not address whether sodomy didn't take place.....they argued on technicality only.

    Lets move on......we have spent too much time on AI, Malaysians have better things to do.

  18. Dato, tak payah cakap banyak. Menyampah asyik kasi warning saja.

    Ambil la tindakan. Show them you have balls. Gambar you dgn Stephen Gan pun dah cukup tunjuk yg you banyak warning tapi last2 macam kawan baik 20 tahun tak jumpa.

  19. Dato, tak payah cakap banyak. Menyampah asyik kasi warning saja.

    Ambil la tindakan. Show them you have balls. Gambar you dgn Stephen Gan pun dah cukup tunjuk yg you banyak warning tapi last2 macam kawan baik 20 tahun tak jumpa.

  20. Dato...
    You kuat Kedah kata...banyak sngat yg rakyat tngok....mada pah hero warning sana sini.....lepaih tu diam...

    You pun lebih kuramg AI j7ga...kuat putaq......

    Nmpak you dengan AI ada screw longgaq kat mana2 atau ada sikit short cicuit.

    Tin kosong....gema kuat tapi hampeh..

  21. Anonymous8:22 am

    To Charleskiwi,

    You laid bare about Dr Mahathir with all its cakes and icings, but really it looked more like its destined for the window-dressing. More cardboard than cake!

    More over, you are sounding extremely sour.

    Asked yourself one thing! JUST ONE THING!

    What have you contribute or made an impact that the World over recognised and ACKNOWLEDGED for the good of Tanah Melayu-Malay-Bumiputera?

    Nearly 30 years of travelling(work) around the globe, the world remembered Dr Mahathir. Not any other PMs including the present one. And, not a single negative word about him.

    The only 'bad' sentiments in most cases I heard personally are from cinabengs living abroad. Call yourselve malaysians but BM all over the place and spoke of all-ill-feelings nothing else about Malaysia!

    The Indonesian-cinabengs are more Indonesian than the Indonesian themselves. Then again cinabengs are cinabengs, they will be cinabeng with deep sentiment amongst themselves with all the baggage of being cunnings, pretentions, deceit, yet not enough words to describe these cinabengs. These species breed faster than maggots that even maggots cannot keep up!

    You want to throw insults, better have a back-up plans. Don't just write from the HEART of YOUR BOTTOM whilst your between the ears are full of airs!

    You may want to look intelligent but your allegations are all motives with no substance!

    Just go and fade away....and feel sorry for yourself rather than for others.

    To Bro RockyBru,

    the groundswelling with anxious malays-muslims from the inaction of menteris' making even more 'warnings'.

  22. Anonymous9:52 am

    AI's conviction means a lot to the Pakatan followers of blind faith.

    The simple fact is that mounting debts are causing the Pakatan fellas a huge embarrasment to their financiers, both local and foreign.

    The only way to repay these billion dollar debts is to push AI to some big public office, the bigger the better.

    Tian Chua is also one of the recipients of AI's empty promises.

    Let's move on and stop crying over spilt milk, and try not to spill any more.

    Let AI and gang go find the money to repay his debts in other ways, not through public office and public funds.

    Charleskiwi may want to take note.

  23. charleskiwi1:30 pm

    Anon 8.22,

    You said that for 30 years the egregious Mahathir
    who has travelled around the globe the world remembered Dr. Mahathir. But you conveniently to mention for what ? For having become the richest man in Asia ? Or for making his half breed son to become a billionaire and for those who are unaware that all the billions are going to be inherited by his children who are and has more Chinese blood in them than Indian and Malay in them ?
    But as far as the Chinese is concerned, fortunately they will always remain as Indians and not Chinese or Malays regardless of his Chinese mother. Only people without someone of substance or intelligence to be accepted or recognised would have to go for a half breed and hang on to a half breed and call the half breed as one of their own.
    Or for having put a bunch of schmucks into the civil services ? Just look at the country it is now in the hands of a bunch of schmucks, everything is in a shamble, especially with millions of skillful, tax paying professionals that have immigrated.
    Malaysia has begun is to disintegrate,struggling in the third world, heavily in debt despite having so many natural resources. Have you ever wonder why ?
    Yet our neighbour, Singapore, who has virtually got nothing at all and got kick out of Malaysia for asking for pendatangs to be treated fairly in parliament got kicked out of Malaysia. They have now become one of the richest countries in the world.
    Again why ? It is managed by a group of dedicated and honest people and most important of all are keeping the hard earned money in their country and not in their private foreign bank accounts. Or becoming the richest man in Asia.
    Therefore, stop living in a world of illusion and self denials because very soon every infrastructure in the country will begin to fall apart ! Starting with MH370 disappearing from the sky and no where to be found even after more than 3 days and still you want to know why ?

    1. firdäuskäder5:41 pm

      Alamak lu apek, dalam senarai 10 orang terkaya kat Malaysia berapa ramai melayu? lu orang mana tau syukur, lepas tu lu nak ckp the malay led gov incompetent, apa benda lu ni?lu punya cakap macam la orang melayu ni duduk depan rumah kau ugut kau,nak bunuh kau, bodoh la, bangang la. Orang macam kau ni patut pindah je dari bumi nusantara ni. And pasal Singapore, lagi satu bangang, memang la richest country in Asia tapi rakyat macam robot, apa kau ingat kitrog takde free will?nak ikut acuan kuan yew, lagi satu, lu pegi buat research sikit pasal singapore air force, setau aku melayu tak boleh join masuk,apsal ah?sebab kuan yew takut dengan bayang2 sendiri ke?jangan nak bercerita pasal equality kalau kau sendiri bermuka2, kimak la orang yang suka tunjuk pandai ni.

  24. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Why is it that a certain group in this country think & feel that they are a special lot who cannot be subjected to this nation's criminal and civil laws?

  25. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Charleskiwi whatever creature you might be - If Tun Mahathir is an Indian than what is Anwar Ibrahim? As for ill gotten gains, where in the world did your AI get all that wealth from??

    1. Anonymous1:53 pm

      More like broken record than a creature this pseudonym called charleskiwi.

      A hallmark of sour and bitter which is why he said what he said. You can accused Mahathir all you like but where is the ounce of evidence? No need to reason anymore with this kiwi just let him be kiwi whom like to call people idiot but really is a reflection of himself.

      Or perhaps he maybe a she or heshe...or?

  26. Anonymous4:50 am

    Charleswiki ni cinabeng bastards ... hidup memeras bumiputera di Tanah Melayu tapi burukkan negara di luar negara.

    Cukup cukupla cinabeng sial semua. Masa korang berpura pura memang dah tamat. Padan Muka korang cina sial .. pegila memekak dengan keluarga keluarga munafik dan kembalilah kepada setan setan kamu tu.

  27. Anonymous2:02 am

    Tian Chua is a wreckless politician. His boss is an old god given gift to mankind. Najib is as lembik as over cooked kangkung. Malaysians are generally wasteful pampered lot who think god owe them something; wasting their time gossiping and politicking. Give the country to the banglas nd they could do wonders. Malays are generally lazy, Chinese are generally selfish and rascist. Indians like to think they are victims. PAS think they go to heaven, DAP think they are clean, UMNO think they are still the only Malay voice. Malays think they are always cheated, the story goes on and on. Money and time are wasted listening to Politicians. But hey; so long as the rakyat want to play along politicking till doomsday and till god given Tian Chua's boss become the PM; a job only nuts want... are so unfortunate to have these Malaysians as your citizens.

  28. Anonymous12:13 am

    Tian Chua is just a retard. Why take him seriously?

  29. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Could tian chua's tweet have influenced some technician in the airport to foul up MH 370's engines, the subequent partial power shutdown for the Incheon flight plus the fire today???

  30. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Charleskiwi...I am of mixed race so FUCK YOU for being a mega racist with your half-breed comments. You TRY to "appear" smart with the overly utilized term" egregious to describe out National Hero Tun Dr. Mahathir. Unlike you, I HAVE traveled the world and TDM is regarded as a world class leader by the international community. Your views are skewered by the few disgruntled and hatred-filled EX-Malaysians. Hidup MAlaysia!!!!!

    P/s: To Charleskiwi and his likes, PLEASE leave this beautiful country. Singapore is not that difficult to get to. Go there or go anywhere that will have you. You'll have happier, we'll be happier, win-win wor!