Monday, February 10, 2014

The real reason Waytha's resigning

Updated:, quoting PMO sources, reports h e r e that Waytha Moorthy is no more. He was said to have handed in his resignation letter after 5, addressed to the PM but it was not stated if he had given the letter to Najib personally. We also don't know if Waytha had thanked the Prime Minister for the squandered opportunity.

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Money, Money, Money?  Hindraf says its chairman P. Waytha Moorthy is resigning  after 8 months as Deputy Minister because he's convinced that PM Najib Razak isn't going to keep his end of a bargain they made just before PRU13 last May.  
That's what Hindraf said, h e r  e
Someone said Waytha would have to resign because he hasn't been performing at all. "The bugger's report card is all red." But I've checked with Pemandu and they said they don't monitor the peformance of Deputy Ministers. "(We) only have KPI for Ministers with portfolio." That doesn't mean he's been performing, though.
Yesterday someone close to the powers-that-be told me money is the real reason why Waythamoorthy is threatening to quit. "He wanted a Budget, an allocation. The MoF, for example, gets a budget to implement programs and events, money they can dish out, so Waytha thinks he should have his own purse, too, y'know. But Najib says no."  
Is that right? 
The lawyer hasn't uttered a word about the his resignation, to be fair to him. The longer he keeps silent and let Hindraf speaks on his behalf, the more people will speculate. Already, the blogger Helen Ang thinks Waytha has timed his resignation with the Kajang by-election. Maybe, maybe not, but it looks like the same old, tired political game to many.
The lesson for the learning is the Prime Minister's. A lot of people want something out of nothing. You have to tell them to fly kite, Sir. If Waytha doesn't hand in that resignation letter today, you should promptly and unceremoniously sack him! 
After that you can then start looking at several other Ministers and Deputy Ministers who, like Waytha, shouldn't be there in the first place ... 


  1. I like your suggestion in the few last sentences, very much, Dato. Yes just sack him. I too think it has something to do with MONEY. No wonder, even the evangelist DAP does not layan him. The Rear Admiral should know better, how to layan people like Whytha.

  2. If PM sacks Waytha the ex-deputy minister would most probably start another fast-till-death saga. This time fully funded by Pakatan Rakyat and they will make sure Waytha and Hindraf would fast-till-death.

  3. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Good advice rocky. Pm should start sacking the driver minister.

  4. Ternyata Moorthy merupakan sakit di ponggong Najib.Melantik Moorthy bukan satu keputusan yang bijak. Now dia akan hentam 'backfired to Najib'.Puak ini bukan nya tau hormat pemimpin.
    Najib juga flip-flop...

  5. Salamm..

    A well written punch line to end your posting here bro..

    I think there are one or two Ministers, who should have not been given a second chance to lead a Ministry.

    And I hope you can still remember what I told you on the phone recently eh.. :p

  6. Anonymous2:18 pm

    There goes votes from the Indian community for BN in GE14. Najib and Rosmah will be out of the office. Hooray….!!!

    1. Anonymous9:34 am

      "Anwar have created enough trouble to the country"

  7. Greeting sdr Rocky.I just wonder how PM make his decision.
    First ,we were told Hindraft is not a legal entity,yet he appointed this guy as the deputy minister.
    Second,does he know the meaning of collective responsibility,that he must be in the group for what ever decision is made. Remember when the police was acting on this illegal groups,he came out in support of them.
    Third, this country is multi relegious and multi racial,dont he think the cabinet must help the Indian community not just he alone himself.What about other Indian based parties,you mean they really dont care about the Indian Community.
    Fourth, every Malaysian must be helped we have no choice,we dont have to blame the British colonial master who has designed this country.Yes it is rough problem, but the tough must get going.We have to solve it.
    fifth,Our PM will face a lot of problem,but I strongly believe there is certainlybe wise and reasonable Indian leader will one day emerge and help to solve this problem.Let wait and thanks God in advance.

  8. No one gives a rat's ass Way Tha Moorthy goes now or what he does. He and his fair way tha friends have lost all credibility. He can go back to Hindraf or switch to Guinness Draf for all I care.

  9. Anonymous6:51 pm

    What a spin!

    Yee Ha!

    Soon, you'll get the Tan Sri for such splendid artistic work.

  10. Apa guna duri dalam daging.. Najib bukan bodoh.... we can say everything, about anything... senyap beliau berisi.. Kit Siang, LGE dan Anwar pun dah tersepit sekarang... Rafizi dan Azmin main dengan bayang-bayang.

    Jadi, Kajang, cara kebetulan hanya mimpi indah buat waytha's same genome...

    Jadi kenyataan ?

  11. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Hindus Rising: "The God Market"
    An examination of secularization's influence on brahministic religiosity.

  12. Badut Nasional2:48 pm

    "Lu Tolong Gua, Gua Tolong Lu" masuk Tong sampah, wayang tamat!

  13. Don't care two hoots about this Pariah Hindraf fella. No impact on the Cabinet whether he's in or out. I maintain from the start that Najib made a grave mistake in appointing him. Enough of Indians in the Cabinet. Win so few seats but get so many posts. Even Kamalanathan, the newbie, got appointed. And making a big isssue of being slapped. Aiyoyo, Anei.