Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello, Mumbai!

Made in Malaysia, by Scomi

I don't understand why those people say Syed Akbar Ali is purveyor of all news dark and dreary. Check out his latest posting Scomi Monorail Done Malaysia Proud in Mumbai. It's probably the best news involving a Malaysian name outside the country for a long time and if not for OutSyed The Box, most of us would have missed the good news.  
For more on Scomi's quiet achievement, go to their Facebook account h e r e


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Wrong! I think you only concern is Malay at oversea, not Malaysian at oversea. You don't consider non malay oversea as Malaysian.

    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      Another red bean army. Go f#/? Urself

  2. Anonymous10:56 am

    BS!! I am sure SCOMI outsourced it.

  3. No. Ded wrong. Scomi built it. They even have a testing rail in their factory for quality test. U are dead wrong. I am proud of Suomi and I am a malaysian Chinese, they even out bid bombardier ...

  4. U are dead wrong. Scomi built it from scratch. They even built a rail on their manufacturing plant for test run. I am a malaysian Chinese and I am proud of scomi. They even out bid bombadier in this case. Well done

  5. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Well, non-Malay Malaysians residing overseas never have anything good to say about Malaysia anyway. So why must they be considered Malaysians? Ever since this country gained independence, those non-Malay Malaysians residing overseas always work hard to damage this country's reputation with their nasty lies. The most recent one is a stupid apek in the UK who wrote to a tabloid about Malaysia being the only apartheid country, after Mandela passed away. Well apek, if Malaysia is the only apartheid country remaining in the world, it must also be the ONLY apartheid country in the universe where "second-class citizens"(a phrase used by Tokong Mercedes Takut Bini) formed 90% of the top 10 billionaires in Malaysia as reported by Forbes (which is not an UMNO-controlled media). Bodo la you apek!

  6. Anonymous7:03 pm

    You are wrong, the correct answer is Lee Ching Wei and Nicol David.

  7. Kanesan11:13 pm

    The trains are built in Rawang and design and systems integration as well as testing and commissioning are done by Scomi team lead by Malaysians . We do have expats on our team and they are part and parcel of the team . I invite you to visit our plant in Rawang and see the capabilities of Malaysians and they products they designed and build for Malaysia , India and Brazil and hopefully with all your support to other parts of the world
    Scomi Engineering

  8. Anonymous11:15 pm

    syed Ali dares to put his thoughts on line and no matter how different from the normal. The issue is our norm today is as if you cant speak your mind off, take out slander and out right lies lah, cant speak of the truth or being honest about how things are. People are afraid to tell things the way they are!. Wrong is wrong no matter what and the same is true if its right, but today we are so afraid to say that there are alot of wrong. Like corruption is rampant, racism on the rise, crime is affecting our families and properties, prices on the rise, the polis are underpaid and their facilities have been there since the 60s(see High Street traffic station), the rich is gettting richer, so are the politicians...and on and on...also people are getting away with crimes like politicians beating up people, people running off red lights, rich threathening to sue the small fellows or make them lose their jobs or place in uni. Wtf la!

    But Syed Ali says it all as he sees it and refers to good articles, most of the times, that talks about the related matters like religion, corruption, and racism.

    Check out how cultures, political parties and even nations dissapears or get eroded when you have arrogance, corruption , and simply not admitting the issues and addressing it. Nature is eco and economy. Fail one of em, maybe can still survive but when you screw both of em! Bro tak lama lagi Selamat tinggal bunga ku...and bungkus...

    So to Syed Ali, I salute you number tak kasi lagi

  9. Anon 10.31 pm

    You are a stupid racist like Teresa Kok. Nowhere did Rocky mention about Malay or non Malay overseas or local. We are oroyd Scomi monorail has gone to India. Of course you don't, slit-eyes.

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Easy why Syed Ali akbar is considered purveyor of the dreary dark and gloomy... coz he just state thing as is without the fructose patina (sugar coating)... Malaysians like their diabetic state...


  11. Scheiss.Zeit12:39 am

    The design of the KL Monorail rolling stick is likened by several observers to be similar to the ALWEG trains used by the Seattle Center Monorail.

    Originally, Hitachi was supposed to build the KL monorail but the project was derailed by the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis and MTrans (now Scomi Rail) revived the project to complete construction of KL monorial.

    Hitachi had been supplying monorial systems based upon rolling stock technology licensed from Swedish company ALWEG, which is no surprise then that the carriages of KL Monorail are described as "ALWEG-type".

    ALWEG ran into financial difficulties and its German operations were acquired by Krupp, whilst its U.S. subsidiary was acquired by Canada's Bombardier.

    So Krupp and Bombardier now own some of ALWEG's technology and Hitachi had licensed it.

    I'm sure some Malaysians who want to make an issue about the design of monorail rolling stock produced by Scomi in Rawang as being an acquired design, which it certainly is, based upon all the evidence presented here and yes, it's based upon a Swedish design.

    After all, it was a technology which was kind of "up for grabs" and why not MTrans and later Scomi Rail adopt it?

    Thus if such Malaysians want to make an issue about the design being adopted from somewhere else, please don't be hypocrites and make sure they condemn Krupp, Bombardier and Hitachi as well for adopting an ALWEG design.

    For me, it matters not that MTrans and later Scomi adopted ALWEG technology and design, provided their engineers, planners and technicians have learned from it and from implementing monorail systems which are a very much bigger endeavour than just the technology and design of the rolling stock.

  12. anonymous7:55 am

    Stop glorying the Syed, it is not a Malay name, just like so many in Umno it signifies the person or his ancestor is from an Arab, period.

    1. Anonymous10:15 am

      Who cares boo to u