Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I'm joining the PROTEST

A New Year's Wish

Parents' Gathering in Protest  
4 Jan 2014 
9 in the morning 
The A.S.P.I.R.E.S protest won't be anywhere near as potentially explosive - pun intended- as tomorrow's proposed rally to topple the government [see the link to the Mole story above] but it will be more definitive for the future of this country. And that's why I will take part in the parent protest. I'm not going to be there to burn down the country or thumb my nose at Abang Din the DPM and Education Minister ... I am there to gently persuade this government that it must resist the pressure from those moronic so-called pejuang bahasa and do right by our children. If we don't do anything, PPSMI will cease to be in 2016. 


  1. ppsmi-er6:31 pm


    isn't soft-landing suppose to be for those who have started continue till they finish at f5?

    you have insider info that most of us are unaware of?

  2. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Have a good time, Tan Sri, and please make sure that someone doesn't circulate a Microsoft Word document with the fake email address '', containing the allegation that you are conspiring to throw cendol at the Education Ministry building.

    Everybody is inventing anarchists nowadays.

    Also, be careful of anyone carrying cendol in the crowd, they may be paid gomen saboteurs.

    Malaysia ada macam-macam nowadays.

  3. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Parents and your goodself should protest in front of Saterawan Negara A Samad Said house since he the root cause for Najib and the lovely Abang Din to disbanded PPSMI.

  4. charleskiwi7:58 am

    Three cheers for joining the protest, which ever one you choose to be with, bravo !

  5. PPSMI is no longer taught in Sjkc n Sk schools since 2011. My son is in std 4 this year. Last batch of PPSMI students are the std 5s. My son's batch is the first batch not using English for Maths n Science.

  6. Anonymous10:36 am

    Rocky ,you must have one too many. GENTLY PERSUADE.....gosh you must have had one too many and it is not even anywhere near midnight yet.then again. I don,t blame you for having lots of it cos the minister will not even care 2hoots about your gentle persuasion.Our education systemic in the pits and yet our minister is clueless and ignorant about what is a happening. Yeah go ahead and try your gentle persuasion and see what it gets you.

  7. Ha ha ha Persatuan Anglophile orang bukit damansara dan damansara utama mahu kerajaan buat sekolah orang putih untuk anak cucu mereka supaya mereka tak lupa keju warna kuning tak merah atau hitam kelabu apas macam budu atau belacan...

  8. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Orang Anglo pungkoq coklat di Bkt Damansara dan Mt Kiara pi masjid pun cakap omputih. Laki bini anak dan cucu pun cakap omputih. Dia orang pandang rendah Bahasa Melayu.

  9. Anonymous6:26 pm


    Mahadey tu "Anglophile" ke? Pakai otak sikit abang, oiiiiii....