Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still Wanted by MACC

Still an InSyeder. As a blogger, the year 2013 ends on a cool note knowing that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has re-appointed fellow cyber scribe Syed Akbar Ali as a member of one of its panels. Despite his sometimes harsh criticism of the Prime Minister, the author who runs the popular OutSyed The Box blog has agreed to advise and help our anti-graft men and women as one of the 11 members of the PPPR panel. Syed was first appointed to the panel in 2011 (pls see my posting then Wanted by the MACC: Syed Akbar Ali)
Najib Razak handed the appointment letters to the 25 chosen ones at a closed-door do recently. I was told Syed Akbar could not attend the swearing-in; otherwise, he might have been able to discuss some of the subjects of his criticism with the PM.
I wish Syed and the others all the best, assured in the knowledge that they will serve without fear or favour. 
Members of the three panels (new appointees are in bold):

Complaints Committee
1- Bekas Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, Dato’ Haji Mohd Noor Abdullah (Chairman)
2- Datuk Muhammad Mohd Noor,
3- Dato Wan Abdul Wahab Abdullah,
4-  Ravindran V. Muthu
5- Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot.
6- Datuk Amar Wilson 
Operations Review Panel
1- Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Hadenan Abdul Jalil (Chairman)
2- Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham,
3- Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim,
4- Datuk Zamani Abdul Ghani,
5- Datin Aminah Pit Abdul Rahman,
6- Prof Dr Syed Noh Syed Ahmad,
7- Nik Mohd Hasyudeen Yusoff
8- Walter Doss Sandosam. 
Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel
1- Datuk Johan Jaaffar (Chairman)
2- Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing,
3- Datuk Seri Azman Ujang,
4- Datuk David Chua Kok Tee,
5- Datuk Marimuthu Nadason,
6- Dato’ Dr Ishak Tambi Kechik,
7- Dato’ Professor Dr Engr. Chin Yew  Sin,
8- Dato’ Zuraidah Atan
9- Datin Wan Norhiyati Wan Ibrahim
10- Dr Zainal Abidin Abdul Majeed
11- Syed Akbar Ali.


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Intelligent and well researched pieces I used to read from him are fast dwindling by days. What we have now are emotionally charged articles with bits of his first language thrown in. To give more drama to it I assume. Hopefully more thought provoking pieces worth reading in 2014. By the way, I still frequent his blog. And you as well Bro Rocky:)

  2. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Seriously, this Syed complains so much about the government, but since he is also a Con-Sultan (a term he created) to SPRM, we are yet to see the real achievement of SPRM. So what is he doing actually? Con Sultan?

    Sometimes cakap memang mudah.

  3. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Tis Syed is no diff than the hero of old -MGR. Overdramatizing ! Perhaps he shares the same DNA.

  4. Happy New Year sdr Rocky,I would like to congratulate the goverment for appointing those individuas whom the goverment could contribute to the society at large.By yesterday event where there was a massive demontration (emphasised mine)indicate the unhappiness of the rakyat with the current administration.
    The main caused of such high escalating cost of living,among others are corruption.I think the committee should engage this group of people in the dialogue so as to ascertain the roots of this corruption once for all.
    Example are as follows:
    1.Why only certain people only allow to import good (reads foodstuff,raw material,finished goods etc...)Why not open for competition.
    2. Negotiated tender should be stopped,since this is not competitive and at the end the rakyat has to bear the cost.example toll highway.
    3.Why do our domestic investors go to other countries to step up production center. (reads a lot of red tape,coffee money, under the table request by town council officio.....
    4.When we sit down with the group of business man,we hear a lot of complaint from them regarding the corruption that permeate in our society with hard evidence.emm...how do you explain that.
    5. The sad things are the Muslims also involve in corruption as depicted by the newspaper report and media.(reads does the next world punishment fail to deter them.or I am just too naive.It takes two tango,is it right.
    Please take stern action and not just organising seminar here,seminar there using public money in the pretext of educating the public. The society already know the evil of corruption.Don not be armchair graft fighter.

  5. Orang Sri Menanti9:39 am

    Anon 7.58 pm

    He is only one of the eleven-member Consultation and Prevention Panel. Since we are not privy to what's going on in the Panel don't cast any aspersion on him or simply don't be sarcastic.

  6. Anonymous11:12 am

    Syed always sticks his neck out on the chopping board for being very honest with his thoughts.

    Those who are contented with their lives and disagree with him need not read his blog.

    Syed is actually a caring, unselfish Malaysian citizen who despite being one of the top BN bloggers does not agree with everything our government does.

    Tak suka baca his blog you all can pindah elsewhere ok? Vamus!

  7. Anonymous11:28 am

    Anon 7:58 pm:

    There's a whole and expensive industry of people who are paid to say good things about the government (out of taxpayer money.)

    I can suggest which blogs and papers you can read for that, but I guess you know that already.

    A diet of 100% paid-for pro government propaganda can give you extreme constipation, just be warned ya. Judging by what the government's full of, a little critical laxative is required from time to time.

  8. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Syed always sticks his neck out on the chopping board for being very honest with his thoughts.

    Ha ha. This is really funny. This fella is one snake who is not what you guys think who he is. If you are critical on him, you will find that your comment will be filtered out. He will only show comments which praises or inline with his thought but will filter out any comments that prove his weak argument. He will also release some opposing comment that is weak so he can bombard it with some heavy reply to show how good he is.

    Many people has bad experience with his blog where he bash the Muslim with his bias, anti hadith thought. But when we replied to him, none of our reply actually being released.

    Those who are contented with their lives and disagree with him need not read his blog.

    If he is so scared of people responding to his thought, then just disable comment. It is utterly unethical to use his blog to bash others while filter out responses that does not favor him. If this is done by the hypocrite pakatan leader (like that SakMongkol) I don't mine. But not with a blogger who claimed on the moral high ground and assuming himself as super intelligent.

    Just to prove my point, look at his posting http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/2013/12/umno-bloggers-sekarang-kita-mampus-wall.html

    I have written a response in his blog explaining about the IMDB rating of the movie at 8.9 and the justification of spending 100M to make a movie that pulls in big names. But no where you can see my posting. Probably he released it for a short while and then remove it. But the best thing is that I can see some follow up posting that traced back to my posting which he forgot to remove it.

    mrfourty said...

    Re: 8.9?? This movie has an 8.9??
    image for user TrixieTang
    » 5 hours ago (Sun Dec 29 2013 02:48:12) Flag ▼ | Reply |
    IMDb member since August 2012
    I'm not a Scorsese fanboy and I gave this movie a 10. So.

    See clearly the word Re: as a follow up to my response, but until now, you cannot see my response in the thread. So could mrfourty responding to an imaginary response or someone has indeed removed my response.

    I am one person that dislike YB Khalid Samad very much, but never an iota of instance he ever block my harsh comment on him. I may be disagreeing with Khalid Samad, but at least he is more honorable than this self-proclaimed solution to the world's problem.

    Anon 7:58

  9. Anonymous9:18 pm

    4:34 pm,

    Is the issue an 8.9 rating or the RM110 million property?

    Let's not get the issue confused.

  10. Anonymous3:58 am

    It is clearly stated in his article

    "US100.0 Million has been spent by Rosmah's son and the PM's step son to make a movie that has been rated slightly below 'X' in the US."

    Anon 4:34