Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Super special discount for PG1

Updated: A blogger has described Lim's decision to get the Merc now, at a time Pakatan supporters are hitting the streets to protest higher costs of living, as "morally wrong, politically incorrect". Read  A Tale of Two Cities by Zakhir Mohd. 

p.s. The proposed number plate for the CM's new official car is to illustrate the rakyat's displeasure, I guess, and is not likely to be part of the 1Malaysia franchise.

Original Posting:
I want also. I won't begrudge Lim Guan Eng for swapping the Camry for this silver cool Merc, with special plate number. He is Chief Minister, after all, he is entitled. Plus, Guan Eng reportedly agreed to getting the Merc because it's tax free. But the RM100,000 special discount, I'm envious. I'd like one, too, if there are no strings attached, of course. If that's at all possible, if you know what I mean. 

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  1. Anonymous3:49 pm


    Our local Merc always offer discount and rebate in whateve forms regardless your social statue. Even ah long can get special rebate and discount so long that you wanna pay for that car. Previous years model attract good discount.

    *MataBelalang Guyz

  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    PR - Price Rise
    itu cinabeng cakap mcm sivarasa the ular tedung. cikalang ckp CAT - cialat apek tipu la.

  3. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Hey Rocky, it is the Penang State govt that got the benefit of the discount, not LGE. He just gets to enjoy sitting in it. If we are concerned about who is entitled for discounts how about rich people whose children still get govt scholarships or 7% discount for housing? These discounts go directly to their undeserving pockets....

  4. Anonymous5:08 pm

    aiyohhh dato', tinggal bawah tempurung kaa? even BMW giving disc. up to RM240k for their 7 series. year end promo

  5. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Hoi apek anon 3:4th

    Your comment is typical of red beaner lah the vernacular beng specie.

    The issue is not the discount lah bodoh. ....why in times that the BY government is going into austerity drive to be prudent in spending.....Lim Guan Eng and the chauvinist government of Pulau Pinang led by DAP is spending Rakyat's money as though as it's his father's Lim Kit Siang money.

    When the Rakyat are thinking how to make ends meet and feeling the burden due to increase in basic need costs. .....doesn't Lim Guan Eng knows that earning RM 12,000 a month in Pulau Pinang for a common cinabeng is still not enough. the CM is chauffeur driven in a new Mercedes Benz S300L in style......sure need someone to bear the cost and it's the rakyat of course.

    So be prepared folks for higher local government tax increase.

    Vroom vroom.

  6. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Penang Godfather #1

  7. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Don't lah, Tan Sri.

    Don't get a Benz, even with discount. A semi-governmental official such as your good self cannot be seen to be overindulging.

    This is no time for ostentation. LGE should have just stuck with the Camry. It's a decent enough car, and it was quite new. So I am definitely faulting him for that one.

    If Mrs LGE ever drives the Benz to Qatar for some ribbon-cutting & shopping, I want to see all petrol and toll receipts. And there better not be any of her offspring making semi-porn films and living the high life in America.

    We the rakyat are suffering back here, you know?

  8. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Hey Rocky, you can get a huge discount if you buy a luxury imported car if there were no APs given to certain people.

  9. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Rocky : I want also

    Yo Rocky, go ask UMNO give you AP to import the new 2014 Merc model, yg LGE tu model lama.

  10. Anonymous7:48 pm

    So called socialist foot..dont ever sell equality or those social justice crap irrespective of race n religion..sounded very hollow n hypocritical.

    Recall the chairman pig character in the "Anim al Farm"; exactly the same as the Iguana

  11. Anonymous7:58 pm

    For someone who preach CAT , tell us where the RM100K goes to . Who got the Camry ?
    As usual lah .. who got the commission?
    I smell snake here .
    Latuk want one , i want two lah...


  12. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Hey Locky, before you start insinuating and pointing fingers, just check on the official cars of all the menteris besar in Lululand.


  13. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Hoi apek anon 5:12

    Lu maboo kah?

    Apak itu "BY government" lancau? Lu salar typing kah? Lu maksut itu "BN government" kah? Cakap lah betui betui.

    Dia BN olang bikin ostelity drive macam lancau saja, kawan. Macam olang putik kata: "too little, too late". HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, itu macam wor! Kulangkan kalipap dan air silap pandung siki siki, tapi buang billion-billion sitiap tahun, apak gunak? Lagi, soolah janji tol talak naik, lepas itu genelal erection semua benda telus naik??? Ptui! Maaaaaaaaanyak tipu punyak olang, wor!

    Itu lancau cinabeng Lim Guan Eng talak naikkan local lates dikat Pulau Pinang. Dia punyak state debt soolah kulang 95%. Itu Fedelal debt soolah boleh mati, Malaysia soolah pokai, sibab itu BN punyak pasai.

    Saya tahu u jugak cinabeng, itu sibab lu cimbulu sama itu Lim Guan Eng. Lu mata sipit semuak samak.

    Lu balik tongsan dan naikkan semua halga dikat sana, lah!

  14. Anonymous9:22 pm

    woi red bean pigs.. it is not only about the discount lah.. everyone is asking wtf is the penang gov bought the merc? toyota still ok what.just 2month in will be using the toyota? the rakyat? your father?

    tax exemption...and it fair to the rakyat? the tax can be used for tge benefit of the rakyat..but it was exempted for the sake of politicians? niama...!

  15. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Just 2 term as Chief Minister, this guy already forgot "Umar ibni Abdul Aziz" prudent example.

    U praised him too early when your blog praised him for travelling MAS economic class.Power must made him to forget his ideals.

  16. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Anonymous said...
    aiyohhh dato', tinggal bawah tempurung kaa? even BMW giving disc. up to RM240k for their 7 series. year end promo

    5:08 pm


    For non-Bumis only? Never heard of RM240,000 discount, no sir!

  17. Goatfarter,

    I know Kedah MB is using the same Merc but I'm not quite sure if it was bought by the former state government or the current one, nor do I care. Like I said, these MBs and CMs have their entitlements.

    And like someone said here, the timing for LGE to get his Merc sucks big time, ie about the same time his party supporters invaded Dataran Merdeka to protest price hikes and living conditions ...

    But of course you don't care about these things anymore, Goat .. What the other MBs and CMs get, your CM must also get ..

    1. Anonymous10:47 am

      Bru: you mean all the price hikes announced by your boss, all in the space of one or two months, don't suck big time ? If the federal government is going bankrupt soon, all the states might as well enjoy like the federal ministers plus Rosmah.

  18. Anonymous9:36 pm

    yeah..never heard and never get informed about 240k discount year end promo whatsoever..i believe only those with AP will benefit from it..not the rakyat like us..

  19. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Dskaun ke Rasuah? The plat number is wrong, should be P1G.

  20. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Trying very hard to make out the logic of DAPsters' excuse. They said the Merc belongs to the state therefore the people shouldn't argue about it.

    Then, why do they argue about the government jets used by government officials and even the Honda Accord replacement for cabinet members?

    They too said that LGE does a good job in Penang, thus deserving that luxury. Funnily enough, Penang itself runs a defisit budget and their FDI isn't improving.

    What the State government did was to sell the government land (same like federal gov although the Rafizi guy went crazy about it) and increase assessment rate (same like DBKL) and also increase development charges (thus pushing property price up) and charge additional levy for service industry thus increasing cost of doing business in the state.

    How can a regular Ah Leong make sense of the state's performance to justify the purchase of luxury car? The government is not performing at all.

  21. Anonymous10:13 pm

    How else lah to tempt and court them gold digging cunts dying to be miserable mistresses of these fuck -faces in Msia.Not only horny gilepuki ostats and their Ferraris (whether hard earned by selling their longkang saliva or borrowed from equally horny beruk tua friends)bole lor.

  22. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Anon 9.41pm,

    are you another katak di bawah tempurung? have you ever visit paul tan website? Well if you don't how to well you can follow the link stated below and it clearly stated the disc. for certain model. Btw that promo dah habis & terbuka kepada semua warganegara tidak kira bumi atau non-bumi...don't try to be racist ok..

  23. Anonymous10:58 pm

    what is this compare to when the white hair in Swak is using RR limited edition?

    Latuk please get a life.... u seem not to have one even though now is 2014.

  24. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Who said the timing is not right huh? The timing is just right. He just reelected as CM a couple of month ago, so still has about 4 years ++ to enjoy it. If buy the next few years, probably he could enjoy it for 1 year only.

    So timing is just the perception.

  25. Only "stick and stones may break my bones" remember this idioms!
    You can say or write anything to these chauvinist Chinese they will keep on doing it until the Malays gave up.
    Just like Umno doing the same to LKY PAP before and for a short while after PAP came to power in Singapore!
    China chauvinist ni semua muka tembok and muka tebal. Should stop wasting our breath and start on figuring out on how to win the minds and hearts of middle-Malaysia! I am talking about the Malays
    Happy New Year!

  26. Anonymous1:34 am

    Lim Guan Eng is just stupid lah....He should have bought Mercedes Benz S300L series worth RM1.068 millions before discount. Minus the AP and discounts. .....He could have saved RM0.5 millions and not mere RM0.1 millions.

    His advisors must be stupid in economics lah..furthermore driving in PULAU Pinang demands high powered car so to enable him to reach one end to the other.

    Someone suggested that the registration no should have been P1G instead.

    Vroom vroom.

  27. Anonymous3:09 am

    PGI - pakatan gay institute.

  28. Anonymous6:13 am

    Why given tax exemption. Penang state so ‘rich‘ mo pay tax, why so cibai

  29. Anonymous7:17 am

    aiyo red bean pig 10:24pm..

    the link to paultan website only mentioned about BMW lah..not Merc..are you retarded or what? even BMW and Mercedes Benz also cannot differentiate meh? haiya...

    so..where the hell is the source of discount for the P1G?

  30. Anonymous7:30 am


  31. The RM100k discount is applicable to everyone. In fact I'm sure can squeeze a bit more... I've known some people got RM110k discount.

    If anything we should make noise why they didn't get RM110k discount! Who pocketed the RM10k! Just kidding ;)

  32. Anonymous9:42 am

    Bru, you are being hypocritical.

    No one says a word when our VVIPs swan around in the finest motor cars from Germany, Italy and Britain.

    Do you want me to name names?

    How about a certain Mentri Besar from a well-connected family who goes around in one of Mercedes-Benz's finest?

    No Proton Perdana for this dude!

    Or how about the blue bloods who have stables of exotic cars, with nary a Proton among them?

    Aren't these, in the main, funded from the public purse?

    And yet, there are no expressions of outrage from the bloggerati.

    Grow up, Bru. And get a life.

  33. Anonymous10:38 am

    It is just a timing problem. He deserves better.


  34. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Every first day of a new year, there will be big scandal or bad news. For 2014 it is Guan Eng's stupidity to buy this Mercedes.

    Now everyone can blah!

  35. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Don't put words into my mouth lah, what I wanted you to do is to talk about entitlement, since all your friends in UMNO always talk of entitlement. If LGE is entitled, then we can debate about the timing, just as we should debate the timing of the price hikes, the timing of Rosmah's use of the government jet, the timing of the new Proton Accords being issued to the government officers.

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Tahu tak ?

    Of course your stupid readers all get muddled up as though it is a racial issue.


  36. Anonymous12:41 pm

    What happened to Toyota being "the leading car brand in the world, overtaking even General Motors and are much cheaper than Mercedes Benz.." statement of the year by Lim Guan Eng himself??

    Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin lor!!

  37. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Nombor PG1 diambil daripada kereta resmi kerajaan negeri yang telah berusia 20 tahun iaitu Mercedes Benz dari model S320 juga. Saya tiada masalah jika Mercedes Benz S320 lama ditukar kepada Mercedes Benz S320 baru kerana kereta lama sudah berusia 20 tahun dan nilai semasa kereta tersebut diantara RM16k hingga RM29k manakala kos penyelengaraan kereta lama tersebut adalah tinggi berbanding dengan harga semasanya. Wakil Rakyat PR pakai Mercedes Benz jadi isu manakala Wakil Rakyat BN pakai Mercedes Benz tak jadi isu. Janganlah 'double standard' saudara budiman.

  38. Anonymous1:49 pm

    " expressions of outrage from the bloggerati."

    The bloggerati don't really give a shit how much gomen ministers skim off into their own pockets (a theft that kinds of dwarfs Lim-Pig's Benzing into insignificance.)

    That's because some bloggerati are paid prostitutati who are only after ringgiti because they have sold their integratati.

    Present company excluded, of course.

  39. Don't put words into my mouth lah, what I wanted you to do is to talk about entitlement, since all your friends in UMNO always talk of entitlement. If LGE is entitled, then we can debate about the timing, just as we should debate the timing of the price hikes, the timing of Rosmah's use of the government jet, the timing of the new Proton Accords being issued to the government officers.

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Tahu tak ?

    Of course your stupid readers all get muddled up as though it is a racial issue.


    12:40 pm


    Dear Goatfather,

    Sorry if I put words in your mouth. So let's cut the crap and just tell your CM to return the Merc la bro, habis cerita. No need to resign.

    Close one eye all you like but I know you are not blind.