Friday, February 25, 2011

Wanted by MACC: Syed Akbar Ali

IN: OutSyed The Box
BLOGGER SITS ON ANTI-GRAFT BODY. I flew out to Alicante* last weekend - the first time I'd gone abroad in over 5 years - and came back this morning to great nasi lemak and equally great news that blogger-author Syed Akbar Ali has been sworn in as a member of one of the 5 committees that govern the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). They couldn't have picked a better guy. Syed Akbar, who is interim president of the Blog House Malaysia, is fiercely critical of the government, including the MACC itself. The good news is: he is not driven by politics. The bad news? Syed is also fiercely critical of the wannabe government led by Anwar Ibrahim. Jadi, depan belakang, kiri kanan pun dia hantam!

IN: Johan Jaafar
Another chap who was sworn in to the MACC committee today is Johan Jaafar, the Media Prima chairman often accused to be an Anwar loyalist. JJ will chair the committee Syed Akbar sits on.

OUT: Phang
Robert Phang has not been called back to serve any of the committees after he had resigned last month over allegations that he had attempted to bribe a ministry's secretary-general. Another big name dropped is Ramon Navaratnam, who suffered a fall-out with Robert Phang over the latter's obsession with the Attorney-General's recent prilgrimage to Mekah.
OUT: Ramon

* Alicante is a coastal tourist destination in Spain. I have no idea how the city looks like - we came after a night in Paris at noon, test drove the Peugeot 508 through mountains and countryside till dark, attended a press briefing-cum-dinner at the hotel in Alicante, and left in a huff after breakfast for Paris (and then straight to Rennes in the southwest of France).


  1. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I happy to see new faces with fire in the belly. Not old crooks or tired civil servants. Well done.

  2. Seolferwulf6:18 pm

    Ok, been there, done that.

    Now, can we get serious about the PKFZ fiasco?

    And what exactly happened in Malaysia Airlines when Tajudin Ramli was in charge?

    Or ask the authorities why private bankers based overseas are possibly helping Malaysians in evading taxes and parking undeclared funds in friendly jurisdictions?

  3. Congratulations to Syed Akbar Ali for being recognized as someone who can contribute.I hope he can speak up fearlessly and impartially like Robert phang and not just "defend government chaps "irregardless of facts!Syed Akbar Ali is a good choice, going by his record of speaking up !

  4. Anonymous10:04 pm


    One way to silence bloggers against criticising MACC

  5. Anonymous6:45 am

    NO wonder he took down his latest article about TBH.

  6. Anonymous10:12 am

    Is this the best that MACC can come up with ? A blogger with a suspect command of English ? A guy with a less than stellar working history ?


  7. Tsai Ming Chong12:30 pm

    All this is good and well.By the way is anyone going to investigate the corruption and malpractices at Prince Court Medical Hospital courtesy of Stuart J.V.Pack its CEO. The private hospital reported a loss of RM203mil in 2009.By the way wasnt there an internal audited report, guess how much more they lost under Stuart J.V.Pack's watch. Currently Stuart Pack is cooking PCMC's books now to show profits by stopping projects,delaying payments and terminating all vendors. Without any expenditure , the hospital cost will be reduced tremendously. Pack is happily sitting in his CEO office laughing at the Petronas Goons he managed to fool and coax inti firing the previous management.

  8. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Congratulations to one and all: I hope to see more issues and financial scandals be addressed transparently.

    What ought to be highlighted is how the CEO of PCMC a trained male nurse by profession;a malignant job hopper of great proportions.Acquired his Malaysian PR on a silver platter by giving free medical services to the top brass of Immigration at the hospitals he served. I am sure receipts can be easily fabricated.

    MACC please investigate Stuart J.V.Pack; apparently Subang Jaya Medical Hospital, Country Heights and even Gleneagles have all exprienced his abuse of power and his cheating ways.Many got done in by this master crafter and conniving scoundrel.These rather sophisticated and savvy hospitals have all been left licking their wounds;but the fact remains that each one of them termninated him due to his scheming malparactices.

    But today the biggest plot of all has to be Prince Court Medical Hospital, and indeed according to local media sources this chap (due respect to to his ability to operate ala MI5 style)has now managed to be the CEO of Malaysia's most prestigious Hospital. Sadly, when really qualified Malaysian are out there trying to earn an honest living,we let hoodlums and reprobates as these run our greatest treasures with a big paycheck to boot,whilst many more deserving Malaysians are struggling to get jobs in the market.

    Hope MACC moves fast.

  9. Anonymous1:31 pm

    NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING WILL COME OUT OF THIS,one wayang after another.

  10. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Is this guy a malay or a indian.

  11. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Also, can these new kids on the block ask Macc to investigate both the Scorpene and Sukhoi corruption scandal. Nearly RM1billion was paid out as corruption in the form of 'commission'. And also the corrupt CMs of East Malaysia.

    Can they ask the Macc to reopen the corruption files of Isa Samad. He was supposed to go on permanent retirement on pains of being hauled up for corruption. Now that he has been given a public post at Felda expenses, it is time to charge Isa Samad for the many corruptions he has committed.

    Otherwise, just close the Macc to save public funds.

  12. Anonymous5:26 pm

    kita tengok dulu jasa dia baru kita puji...puji awal2 nanti menyesal....jangan pisang berbuah 2 kali.....

  13. Congrats to Syed, good to see a blogger in SPRM, he knows his onions and he will be an asset to the Commission.

  14. The appointment of Tuan President Blog House Malaysia Syed Akbar Ali is a brilliant step in the right direction.
    Some hare-brained comments here suggested that this was a move to silence the bloggers - This to me is nothing but malice.
    You can't possibly satisfy the likes of Karpal, Kit Siang and gang... even if you form a Royal Commission of Inquiry.
    So, i guess we should leave lunatics to entertain themselves with their old rhymes.

    Tuan Syed Akbar Ali - CONGRATULATIONS bro!

  15. basree rakijan6:57 pm

    datuk saya rasa rennes is at the northwest of france la! hehehe

  16. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Interesting. But now these new faces will be scrutinised by the usual suspects. Then, they will start the demon machine and play it like an old tape recorder. Things like 'sold their soul', 'bought over', 'rigged lottery winnings' and all that kinda crap will be the order of the day.

    Wanna bet?


  17. basree! northwest it is, then! :-)

    as for those who think syed akbar should be at the MCMC only to please their agenda or/and to bash up the commission, tough luck. syed akbar, like i said in my posting, is fiercely critical of the system. has always been. those who walked together to bring down the pak lah regime would remember him in the long march. he and rpk were like twins. they were charged with SEDITION on the same day, too, but different courts. ada ingat?

    rpk went on to try and bring down najib and install anwar ibrahim. he resides in london now.

    syed akbar is still in kl trying to make this country a livelier place now that the sleepyhead's gone.


  18. Anonymous9:47 am

    Congratulations Tuan Syed..

    Dalam blog ramai sangat yang raised issues corruptions,

    about time these people come forward to Tuan Syed, and start to name names?

    Monsterball lau ren, start giving your TOADS names please (with documented evidence, ie)!

    Otherwise, just go RIP..


  19. Taikotai12:19 pm

    Alloo Latuk Blu,

    Wa ingat aa..itu MACC balu punya member suma gomen punya olang.. Tambah teluk itu Latuk JJ suma olang tau lia manyak kowtaw sama gomen..apa macam mau bikin kelije?

  20. Anonymous1:44 pm

    "he and rpk were like twins. they were charged with SEDITION on the same day, too, but different courts. ada ingat?

    rpk went on to try and bring down najib and install anwar ibrahim. he resides in london now.

    syed akbar is still in kl trying to make this country a livelier place now that the sleepyhead's gone."

    Dato Bru, my sentiments exactly.
    Yes, it is a good start, we have a lot of work and clean up to do.


  21. Seolferwulf1:50 pm

    In India, it's the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who has told the Manmohan Singh govt to get off it's butt and crack down on corruption. Aided and abetted by a free-wheeling media that goes after both politicians and business tycoons.

    Any parallels with other countries is strictly a coincidence put in place by a fortunate alignment of the stars.

  22. Seolferwulf7:45 pm

    Hey, Perwira

    Why u so shy to name names, ah?

    Surely u got plenty plenty names of the taikors, samsengs and rent seekers in your files?

    Scared, izzit?

  23. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Another mamak bendahara. We tot we have enuf of 23 years under the iron fist ruling of another mamak.


  24. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Rocky, just make macc answerable to parliament. Susah sgt kah?

  25. Anonymous1:35 am

    action - appoint umno dog

    reaction - self gratuity by umno bitches.

    i dare you to publish this rocky

  26. Burung Merbok3:06 am

    1. Anon 2.34 pm : Get your facts right first before making wild and unfounded accusations ! Isa Samad's fault was he simply went against his party's election code. That's all !!! Never was there any element of corruption involving public or government fund or even misuse of power !

    2. Be fair bro. Just don't let brute anger and irrational accusations get the better of you !

  27. Anonymous9:13 am

    Same old shit and nothing new ! Tell me what can a blogger do ? This guy and the rest will be treated like shit and swiped at that's all. So Macc will tremble at this guys! Jibby 's way to neutralize u dick bloggers!

  28. I don't mind Syed Akhbar at all but I think it is a mistake to appoint Johan Johari!! Just my gut instinct saying it!

  29. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Siapa yang tak kena saman, Undilah BN , siapa yang kena saman undilah Pakatan

  30. Richie Rich12:16 am

    Ini semua macam orang Tun Mahathir masuk. Investigate Mokhzani.

  31. Anonymous12:38 am

    @5:00 pm

    Siapa yang tak nak kena halau, Undilah PR, siapa yang nak kena halau undilah BN.

    Ingat kes PR halau wartawan?

  32. Anonymous3:38 pm

    I also think they should check Prince Court. They say, they are now having lots of grey and unnecessary operations. I personally know about one operation for which they promised to give refund but did not.S. Park promised to have a meeting, but turned to be a liar.

  33. katze-ren12:00 pm

    Oh my, I'm totally unaware that Mr. JJ is often accused as an Anwar loyalist! I've always thought that his political inclinations are with the current Government, based on certain articles he wrote for NST. I was wrong? =\

  34. Anonymous9:24 am

    Allo Allo Bruther,

    Whats the dope on this Prince Court Medical Center thingie.A bird whispered that the highly graded con-artist CEO- Stuart J.V Pack is running a total circus with a well camoflaged operation. He basically gets the locals there to do all his filthy laundry- literally speaking (no pun intended).

    Can independent auditors be sent in whether this self acclaimed so called 'turn-around' specialist is really what he claims to be.Sources have indicated that there was a previous audit done, This Stuart fellow has been hookwinking too many people around town.Perhaps some of the so called detractors should come out and come clean by exposing him, just googhle search his name, he has been in an out of too many jobs...not a healthy sign.

    Can we have a show of hands please.

    Apai Betong.

  35. Anonymous3:13 am

    this stuart JV pack guy claim to be ceo of prince court medical centre is a scumbag. he tries to swindle suppliers into a deal which favours him which he will use a voice recorder to record conversation and later try to get i transcribed and blackmail them if they dont pay him in cash. his overpaid staff will coleect cash for him that they are more than willing to do what he says or face the boot! Stuart JV pack was booted out of mines resort for not performing, out of gleneagles as he cheated the company wit renovations and kick back. the reno were not approved by jack tan and/or robert tan.later attending an interview with Vamed on company time. when ask, he blatantly denied but when ask to produce his passport, he could not. Each time he was told to leave , he asked fo huge sum of money and most firms would want to get rid of him more than keeping the amount of money he asked. hope tht petronas is aware not to payout to this scumbag and better use it to buid 1MALAYSIA. all malaysian would wnat to see this guy gone than milking our country resources dry.PETRONAS please wake up to this con no time, stuart pack will get vamed to lose prince court"s contract and he will make himself ceo and milk petronas resouces into his pockets.

  36. Anonymous10:54 am

    aiyo....some disgruntled people on stuart pack. He must have done something right to have all these disgruntled comments. Psychologically the back lash at him may be due one's unmet agenda (say: $$$$$) too right? Both sides of the fence are the same mah....Prince Court is up to another fiasco this time. The only thing is...which consultant is in now? And may be who is the political support behind the consultant? Find out people! Cheese!!!!

  37. Anonymous11:39 am

    Just don't stop at Prince Court... try checking on Pantai and you'll be amazed.

  38. Anonymous12:02 pm

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