Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Pakatan leaders are Aliens, according to NST columnist

Opposition leaders with super powers?

Azmi Anshar, the only NST staff columnist worth reading these days, flirts with some of the most litigious people on Earth in his latest political commentary, Pakatan's twisted hypocrisy an Orwellian art formMost zEnglish-driven mainstream media editors are happy playing it safe but you can depend on Azmi to confront issues and politicians head-on. I can name a handful of other editors in the same X-league - Shamsul Akmar, Citizen Nades, P. Gunasegaram, Ho Kay Tat (sometimes), June Wong (lately) - but, except for Shamsul, the others hardly comment on the Opposition leaders.

Some excerpts from Azmi's latest column:

But for the opposition types, especially the spiritual and the evangelistic, they are dying to re-invent the sixth sense, with hypocrisy embedded in the psyche so that it is a routine conviction whenever it is expediently self-serving, manifold criticisms or repercussions be damned.  
There are many examples of this whacked out "entitlement" scheming, but here's a general sampling:
REBUKE a court ruling as biased if they are convicted, but praise the judiciary as fair if their enemies lose or are convicted; 
DECRY government leaders of cronyism and nepotism when they approve of father-son (or wife and daughter) dynasties and install underlings in senior posts; 
CLAIM themselves as champions of free speech, but censure the press who won't play ball, limit dissent and sack dissenting members; 
PORTRAY themselves as champions of democratic principles, but cocoon leadership within a politburo and restrict members from directly deciding on who leads the party;
ACCUSE the government of fraudulent polling when their party elections are replete with deception, discrepancies and disorder; 
CONDEMN the government of financial excess or for raising much-needed taxes, but are unrepentant in rewarding themselves with an exorbitant pay; and, 
ACCUSE government leaders of institutionalized racism when their organisations beguilingly prop up one race to dominantly lead and pompously declare themselves "race free" on the basis of merit.

For the record, in case you think Azmi does only Opposition leaders, he has been sued by BN leaders with super powers for his writing ...


  1. Anonymous1:23 pm

    And I would like add one more to the list,

    When the immigrants robbed the poor natives , they call it meritocracy.
    If the natives react and fight back, they call it racism.

    1. Anonymous9:28 pm

      You mean the Indon that robbed a bank and killed a poor native ? Or the Filipino who robbed a goldsmith shop ?

    2. Anonymous7:17 am

      in both of the event, your natives did not fight back...

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    In Malaysia's Age of Decadence, the opposition have been the proverbial emperors and their hypocritical braindead followers have and always been cocksucklers par excellence.

    But any cocksuckler of any stripe is a hypocrite, anyway.

    Maybe lil boys everywhere can holler out to them emperors to stuff their shriveled filthy cocks up anywhere rather than dangling it out in the public to attract more depraved braindead zombies to a johnjuicing frenzy even as Emperor screams " milk away, piece of shit"

    Warrior 231

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    "Institutionalised racism"? That's rich, and Azmi should have known better.

    After all, didn't Umno, MCA and MIC pre-date the DAP?

    And the last time I checked, Umno is vociferous in "protecting Malay rights" and "calling for Malay unity". Umno is not calling for the "protection of Chinese rights and Indian rights".

    So, if Umno is allowed to get away with it, then why not the DAP?

    Or is it different standards for different folks?

    If Azmi's thesis can be debunked on such a fundamental point, then what more for the rest of his analysis?

  4. sap sap suwey3:41 pm

    azmi ansar is another moron who writes craps!

    never a better journalist!

  5. Anonymous4:13 pm

    CAPITAL letters at the beginning of every sentence can't quite conceal Azmi's snaky logic.

    "DECRY government leaders of cronyism and nepotism when they approve of father-son (or wife and daughter) dynasties and install underlings in senior posts?"

    BUT seriously, nepotism or dynastic politics don't harm the rakyat that directly (experiment, though: remove the "bin Mahathir", "bin Sanusi", "bin Hussein", "bin Tun Razak", "bin Albar" - this could take hours - and see what's left over. Talent? Leadership? OK if you say so.)

    CRONYISM is something different, does not always involve family members, but does often involve less than stellar people getting pretty stellar contracts.

    The MTEM flies buzzing around the Petronas money slick certainly hope this principle holds true.

  6. JebatMustDie4:22 pm

    Just would like to add, for the opposition supporters, they will:

    DENY AND DIVERT - where when the hypocrisy of Pakatan mentioned by Azmi Anshar above are denied and they then proceed to tell themselves that the BN is much worse.


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  8. Anonymous2:04 am

    REBUKE a court ruling as biased if they are convicted, but praise the judiciary as fair if their enemies lose or are convicted;

    and they can also degrade judges and their decisions but are not/cannot be prosecuted

  9. Anonymous5:38 am

    This Pakatan is a concregation of zoo animals. They are freak show. But the motley crew led by a looney guy have guts to take on BN. they are sucks but what choice do the rakyat have..

    There should be a new pakatan as altrnative.

  10. Anonymous3:43 pm

    The warrior (continuum) never fails to amaze.

    If Malaysia is in it's "Age of Decadence", one would logically ask if Dr Mahathir got it wrong, being the longest-serving PM and all.

    Or whether the world moved away from Dr Mahathir's world view.

    One detects in the continuum a bleating of helpless impotent rage that big things are brewing in the region, but that Malaysia is forced to be a bit player on the sidelines of the great game, 21st century style.

    And it's all the forces and policies that the continuum decries that is ruling the roost these days.

    Even the much-vaunted OIC is being pusillanimously quiet when the US pushes it's agenda and lays down the law.

    Maybe it should be "Age of Impotence" or "Age of Irrelevance" instead of "Age of Decadence" (which conjures up images of a debauched Nero and Caligula-style orgies)!

  11. PAS Malays morons3:56 pm

    The problem is that these chinese have been given too much by UMNO leaders and now by PAS Malay Islamic leaders.
    They even appoint a kafir KRistian who is against islam as the speaker for Selangor!
    The simple malays in PAS dont even understand evangelestic means. It means colonialsm morons!
    Well it is up to us to right the situation as it always have been. We must point out hypocrisy, racism and pure robbery by the Chinese and indian migrants who are using the time and tried method of european religion to steal again from the natives.

  12. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Anon @ 1:49

    DAP champions itself as protector of MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA when clearly it advocates and promotes the interests of one race. thats hypocrisy

    UMNO, MIC and MCA tells you upfront that its the guardian of a particular race.

    If you cant get that basic fundamental point.....

    Anon at 4:13

    hangpa suka betui divert when teloq kena baling kat muka kang