Monday, December 02, 2013

What Dr Mahathir is not happy about....

Get the LATEST on Dr M's quit decision at the Mole H E R E.


  1. Anonymous9:46 pm

    You Can GLOSS as much as you like for that is your Style.

    The TRUTH is out there. Read Syed's Analyses (a word that doesnt exist in your brain)

  2. charleskiwi8:07 am

    So bad and it is for sure bad news for his multi millionaire or billionaire son ! The dream to be the first trillionaire has gone with this piece of news. But no matter you will eventually get to inherit the 44 billion he has stacked up somewhere abroad or at least the major part of the fortune as the eldest in the family. Sad to say at the end of it all the grand children, who has more chinese blood in them will eventually be the owner !
    To the chinese the grand children will always be recognised as Indians no matter however wealthy they are.

  3. Anonymous11:07 am

    Charles Kiwi,

    "To the chinese the grand children will always be recognised as Indians no matter however wealthy they are."

    That's why I told you .... you want Indian marry Chinese and get son be called Chinese instead of Indian, then follow laaa Hannah Yeoh Style. Declare race as "Malaysian" and then when Registrar says no such thing, then act like you are frustrated and then say, "never mind lah. we put race as Chineselah".

    Kah Kah Kah. So much want to insist on Chinese Heritage one. But have no problem in putting Mat Salleh name. Like Kiwi laaa. This time ashamed to put The Chong and the Ching lor...

    Don't marah-marah. Nanti like the P Ramlee skit, "kene jual".

  4. Anonymous11:09 am

    ANon 9.46om

    When Tun resigned from Umno, did he cite old age or health? He did not. He said he had no more trust in Pak Lah and that was it.

    If Tun wanted to let the world know that he was UNhappy with Petronas (that he was Advising) he will tell the whole world exactly that.

    He would NOT tell us something else.

    For Tun does NOT mince words.

    Furthermore, Tun would NOT use his wife the dearest Tun Dr Siti Hasmah's name in vain. If he was resigning because he is made at the people at Petronas, you think he'd drag Hasmah's name in his resignation statement?

    As for Syed's analyses, it is as usual ... anal! Tailor made for people like you.

    Petronas staff

  5. Anonymous12:46 pm

    The Singapore Business Times carried a report on this subject today.

    In it, S Jayasankaran pointed out:

    (1) Dr M didn't step down from his advisory role in Proton

    (2) Dr M is still the pro-chancellor of Universiti Teknoloji Petronas

    (3) He still acts as an advisor to the Langkawi Development Board and the Tioman Development Board

    (4) He is still the patron of the Malay rights group Malay Council for Economic Action that has called for Petronas CEO Shamsul Azhar Abas to be removed from his post as "it feels that the no-nonsense Mr Shamsul hasn't done enough to economically advance Malay companies wanting to enter the oil-and-gas business"

    It seems that Dr M is still keeping himself relatively busy, health concerns notwithstanding.

    Mr Jayasankaran also wrote: "the relations between Mr Najib and his former boss have not been particularly cordial. Dr Mahathir gave a recent interview to Reuters where he said that Mr Najib was staying in power in Umno only because there was no viable replacement" (sorry, lah, Muhyiddin - it seems that you got dissed by Dr M!).

    The report also pointed out that "immediately after his loss (in the recent Umno elections where he contested for one of the three V-P spots), Mr Mukhriz - the current mentri besar of northern Kedah state - publicly expressed his hope that the premier would still appoint him to the party's Supreme Council....The premier has the power to appoint 13 extra party officials to the council.

    "Last week, Mr Najib announced the full line-up of his Supreme Council; it did not include Mr Mukhriz."

    Now, is that a snub or what?

    It's no wonder, therefore, if Dr M is feeling a tad cheesed off.

    And if the PM isn't buying into Dr M's "conservative" pro-Malay rights agenda, then there's trouble a-coming. As sure as God made little green apples.

    Cue in political analysts, fund managers and rating agencies increasing the political risk factor for Malaysia.

  6. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Anon 11.09am

    Are you susceptible to anal? You can share pointers with Liwat.
    Don't compare Syed to the trash Rocky blogs about for brain dead assholes, which you would deem a compliment, like you.

  7. why are you guys so stressful about Tun M resigning or not, billionaire son issue, you guys will have a heart attack! why be like john lennon; let it be, let it be, let it be and let it be, ..... be happy. Stop the nonsense and move on.